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Quiz bowl girls love the buzzers, part I

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My first trip with a high school trivia team...and what happened during. A completely true story.


Quiz bowl girls love the buzzers. 

In high school, to say the least, I was a nerd. I was also involved in lacrosse and track and field, but, really, my passion was with trivia questions, specifically Quiz Bowl. It's the ultimate nerd sport, and I was damned good at it, even the older boys on the team admitted that, and so I made varsity in my freshman year and stayed on the team until I was the first female team captain my junior and senior years. It came with perks, mainly, hotel assignments for overnight competitions. I'll start with Ruth, because I should start somewhere. Ruth Samaitze was a quiet and openly nerdy girl once you got to know her, but it took some getting to know her, first. On reflection and looking in the yearbook, she was a cute but never 'hot' girl. Small but incredibly perky breasts almost always shrouded under a cardigan or pullover, tastefully long skirts that made her seem to already be a schoolmarm, and bobbed mousy brown hair. Brown eyes and a smile that could light up a room when she smiled, which was kind of rare then, honestly, she almost always had a frown of deep concentration. She was a junior when I was a freshmen, the only other girl on varsity (teams had to have at least two of whatever sex was in the majority--almost always girls), and kind of took me under her wing, defending me from the boys, who were, after all, boys, and dicks by nature, even if they were nerdy and awkward as fuck around me, sometimes they would treat practice like it was a boys' club, not that I minded because, hell, talking about chicks was fun, even if I wasn't at all out of the closet then. I just listened while acting like I was completely disinterested in what the gross boys were talking about. And they were kind of gross, but, well, there was one boy I really liked, his name was Jack and we'll game to him later. I had a nominal boyfriend whom I sucked off occasionally and, sure, dick was fine, but pussy was my love, and I also had Noel, a girl I grew up with as a friend with benefits. though we didn't know about this term at the time, our parents just thought we liked to sleep over a lot in my family's guest house, braiding our hair or whatever. We very rarely slept, but we did use hairbrushes to great effect. For my fourteenth birthday, Noel got me a vibrator. It was a rabbit model, lovely little clit stimulating thing that was just marvelous. I still have no idea how she got it for me, since it wasn't like she could walk into a sex shop and get it, since the sex shop in town was an over 21 place for the longest time, and this was before Amazon. Maybe she had one of her sisters buy it. I've never asked, but I probably should. Anyway, it was this pink and purple and utterly delightful thing that I always took with me pretty much everywhere I went. On lacrosse trips it was a big hit, but more about that another time. 

I was worried for my first overnight trip with Quiz Bowl. It was a state away for a big tri-state tournament, and we were staying in a nice place, a Sheraton or something, big place with a lot of conference rooms for the games which would start at ten the next morning, a Saturday, and continue until Sunday at noon for the big game. It was kind of a big deal that we were invited to the tournament, but we were hot shit that year. We had a chaperone along with us, Miss Covington, the Spanish teacher just out of college, an honestly delicious honey-blonde sorority girl who had a mind like a steel trap (it turned out she wasn't in a sorority, but in Phi Beta Kappa, but at the time it sounded like a sorority). She settled into her room across the hall from us. The boys went off into their rooms, and Ruth and I settled into ours, on a different floor for than the boys, because for the tournament the hotel had been basically taken over by the teams, and the hotel had decided to give the girls on the teams their own floor every third one. There were two pools, and the indoor pool was determined to be the girls pool, so we spent a good portion of the evening there surrounded by equally nerdy girls all talking about whatever it was we were reading mostly, because, again, we were nerds among our own kind. Ruth was in a tasteful one piece suit that was so modest it was almost Victorian, but did little to hide her cute butt and lovely cream colored legs. I was in a less-tasteful and almost immodest bikini because it was pretty much the owned at that point that was not an official school emblazoned suit. It did, if I am honest, justice to my tits. 


Going up to our room in an elevator full of shivering, wet swimsuited girls was a treat that had me dripping with desire by the time our floor was reached. Thankfully, nobody noticed because we were all, in one way or another sopping wet. I'd swear I could smell in the elevator car, over the scent of chlorine, at least one other girl who was enjoying this ride as much as I was. The elevator rocked to a stop, and all of us, really packed in there like sardines, rocked with it. Ruth, who had been standing behind me, stuck out her hand and happened to catch a handful of my ass, which, then as now, as a shapely thing that I worked diligently on. Out of reflex with Noel, I flexed my glutes a little before she moved her hand away, whispering an apology almost lost in a sea of nervous giggles and titters. Speaking of titters, I removed my hand from the breast of the blonde next to me, who had blushed to an almost beet red hue. I shrugged apologetically and we went to our room. She insisted that I take the first shower, I insisted right back that she take it, and eventually I won. I spent most of her time in the shower sniffing her panties (which she had left in a pile on top of her jeans because she probably thought I wouldn't do something like that, she was wrong) and rubbing my clit until I came, not worrying about soaking my already wet bikini bottoms. I came more quickly than usual, licked my fingers clean, replaced Ruth's panties exactly as I had found them, and pulled out a book to read. It was something entirely non-girly, George Alec Effinger's When Gravity Fails. Ruth came out in a robe and said "All yours." 

"I hope you saved me some hot water." I said, thinking I was being cheeky. Not noticing my attempt at cheek, Ruth informed me that hotels have massive water heating systems and that even if every guest took a shower at once, it would be difficult to run out of hot water. 'Learn something new every day' I said, walking into the bathroom. I stripped unselfconsciously and ran a hand through my bush while letting out a slight huff as I examined myself in the steam streaked mirror. And I then realized I had left the door open. Ruth had heard my huff and was getting an eyeful of me. I gasped in surprise and covered myself with one hand while I closed the door. "Oh, shit, fuck, crap, I mean, uh, sorry for the free show." I said. Certain the door was now closed, I turned on the shower, got in, and started to soap myself up as the mirror steamed again. Clean, but with a couple minutes of shower time to myself, I reached into my makeup bag and pulled out my trusty vibrator. I was in the middle of giddily fucking myself when, suddenly, I wasn't anymore and I was on the floor of the bathroom with Ruth standing over me, face pale and eyes goggled in shock. 

Very far away, I heard a buzzing sound. My vibe was still on and humming to itself in the bathtub. Jesus fucking christ, what the fuck happened and why am I not cumming right now. Above the throb in my head I realized that, oh, I was cumming, I was just mildly concussed. I'd taken worse whacks in lacrosse, but my head still ached like fuck and I wondered if I was bleeding at all. Then, the worst thing imaginable happened: I squirted.There was water everywhere and I don't think Ruth noticed, but, still. I'd always been a bit of a squirter with the proper stimulation, stimulation which my vibrator and my fingers usually managed to give me whenever I wanted it. And so here I was cumming in front of my quizbowl teammate, stark naked, while she was wrapped only in a towel, her robe open, and then, the towel dropped to the floor. Yep, definitely cumming. Yep, definitely the worst overnight yet. I moaned softly, partly because of the head injury, but mostly because of the orgasm that was ripping through me like a freight train through tissue paper. 




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