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Girls Know Girls

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Only girls know what a girl needs


Before this experience, which was about two weeks ago, I was into guys, and I had been in close physical relationships with guys before, but then I found another side of me which took over.

I will start by describing myself, just in case you want a mental picture. I am about five foot six inches and I have 'icy blonde' hair which comes down to about my shoulders. I am quite thin (about 100lbs) and I have been told I am like Michelles sister on American Pie three. I'm not sure if that helps, I have never seen the movie.

Well anyway, I was on my way to my friends party and it was quite dark and when I got there the party had already started a long time ago. I searched for my friend who was a guy and we were 'sort of' going out, and I looked but I couldnt find him, so I went and looked for anyone else I knew.

I eventualy found a girl in my p.e. class Emily, who was new and she had been getting along really well with everyone including me. She was very pretty, she was a little shorter than me, with brunette hair which came down to her shoulders, and she wore it in special ways all the time, and she was about my size in all the different areas etc.

I went up to her and we started chatting and I asked if she was interested in any guy at our school and she said she is interested in someone. At the time I assumed she meant a guy. As the night went on, and more drinks were consumed we both got very relaxed and we had gotten close, purely as a friend (or so I thought). She suggested we go upstairs so we could talk somewhere more quiet, so we went upstairs into someones room.

We carried on with our conversation and we got to the topic of sex. This is where things got hot. I told her about my previous boyfriends and she asked if I had ever been 'satisfied' by a man. I said no. She then told me that only a girl knows what a girl needs. When she said this I realised what she meant but I wasn't too sure, but then I realised soon enough.

She began to say that she pleasures herself and she has the most incredible time with it, and that she doesn't need a man to do it. I was determined to find out her secret method and so I begged her to show me, and she agreed.

She began to touch her nipples then moved down to her pussy, underneath her mini skirt. She made light moans and I could hear soft squishy noises which started to make me feel funny. I could see her gently poking herself through her panties and I wanted to try. By now I was very wet, and a little confused, as I had never felt this way with a girl before. I told her I wanted to try but I wasn't sure what to do, and with a smile she said she would do it for me.

She slowly undid my jeans and began to unbutton my shirt, as she did this she slowly kissed my lips then slid her tongue across my lips, which I then gave in and french kissed her. Our tongues were all over each other and it felt great.

She then put her finger in my mouth which I gladly sucked and licked like it was a penis, this got the both of us really hot, and before I knew it, she stuck the same finger in my pussy.

Ooooooohh it felt sooo amazing, she was so gentle and caring of my body, unlike the guys who had been in and out of me in a flash. She softly pushed her fingers in and out and she began to use her tongue.

Personaly I liked the tongue so much better, she was an expert and I could see she had done this before. She slowly stuck her tongue in and out, and she felt her way around my pussy, and I began to have a sensation come over me, and for the first time I reached an amazing climax which left the floor soaking wet.

I wasn't done yet though, we were then on top of each other completely naked, kissing and fingering on the floor, I must have come at least three times after that. But then, to my horror, my friend who I was sort of going out with, came in with another girl!

Things got weird and it turned out the girl was Emily's friend and she was also a lesbian. So we kicked out my friend who was now just a friend, and me, Emily, and Emma, had an amazing night full of orgasms and teases and strip shows and sex games until we were all too tired, we all fell asleep naked on the bed.

The next morning we played around for about an hour or so then we went our separate ways.

We still do this sometimes, whenever we can. We even did it during school, we all met at the bush at a certain time and did it in the bush. It got me so hot and excited, doing it in public. I will tell you about that one later.

NOTE-girls if you have ever considerd having sex with another girl, I fully recommend it!!

It will change your life!!, because only a girl knows what a girl needs!




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