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Pool Time With My J/O Bud

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A beautiful day led to some unexpected fun in the pool...


So my long-time friend is able to get away for a couple of days, and comes up to visit. Kind of a long drive for him, he gets off work in the late afternoon and arrives that evening, just in time for dinner. My wife and I greet him at the door, and I started to make some drinks as she peeled some corn to place on the BBQ.

With a couple of drinks in our hands, we head off to the patio to get the grill started for dinner. The sun had only just started to duck behind the treeline behind the house, we still had 3 good hours before it would start getting dark, it was a perfect evening to sit on the patio, enjoy a meal and catch up on things. Our wives were also good friends, his was working this weekend, and mine was about to take off to see relatives the following day. This meant some quality alone time for both of us, we had beautiful weather, lots of beer and booze, ribs and lots of extras to grill, as well as a nice big pool to relax in. It was gonna be a great weekend!

With my wife still around there wasn't too much we could do, besides the long drive, drinks and a huge meal had my bud exhausted. We sat around the rest of the evening watching a baseball game on TV and reminiscing... My wife decided to go off to bed, and that in and of itself got us talking about her and if she might like company or not.

No way, I said, she has not been interested in sex for quite some time, I have to wine and dine her plenty just to be able to get close to her I explained. 'Maybe she is interested in a REAL cock' my friend said, and with that pulled down the waistband of his shorts and waved his monster schlong at me. 'Something like that would kill her' I said, and continued to explain that years ago a vibrator smaller than his cock made her writhe in pain. I wasn't because her pussy was small, I continued, it is just that sex for anything other than making babies was long since gone. Needless to say, I was starting to get really horny with all this talk of sex and women.

We finished our drinks as the game ended, and we both decided it was time to retire. He took the spare room down the hall and I climbed into bed with my wife in the master bedroom. 'What were you guys talking about?' my wife asked, half-awake. 'We were talking about guy stuff, like women and sex and sports. He remarked that you might be interested in something different...' 'Like what?' she asked, and I went on to explain that he might have a crush on her. 'Well that is all he is gonna get from me,' she barked. I knew it was the end of THAT discussion.

Breakfast was uneventful, I was the last to get up, my bud had already gotten up and was in the kitchen with my wife making coffee as she was preparing a cooler for her ride to her relatives house. I could see she was not responding to his flirting, all that effort was being wasted. If she knew about the cock-monster he was hiding in his shorts she might think differently. Anyway, they both had plenty of time to show off for each other, as he was in some skimpy shorts and she was in a loose robe. One of my fantasies would be to have him enter her from behind while I was underneath to lick them both...

This thought ran thru my head as I poured some coffee and started to wake up. They were laughing and joking, and I was just an ornament in the kitchen so it would seem. I was glad my wife wasn't as cold and sexless as she had seemed to me. Too bad she had to leave soon, I was certain I could have talked her into a 3-way... I guess that will have to remain a fantasy.

She finished up packing, and we helped her load a couple things into the car and she took off. Now it was time for some male bonding, and I immediately started to mix a pitcher of some fruity sangria to get our motors running. It was turning out to be a pretty nice day, and with the morning half over there was still a bit to do to get the pool ready and set for some lounging. I got into my short square-cut swim trunks, and as I walked out of the bedroom back into the kitchen to grab a big mug of sangria, my bud came out of the spare room with this sheer, see-thru thong that had a huge pouch for his cock and balls. Just a thin strip up the but-crack and it did not leave anything to the imagination.

'You are gonna wear that?' I asked. 'Yup. How does it look?' he replied. I explained that he was a bit hairy for something like that, and at least he should man-scape before wearing it out in public. It did kinda get my semi throbbing, and when he pulled down the front to show me how hairy he actually was, I laughed at first, but then tried to be serious. I told him I could never wear anything like that, as my nuts would be hanging out each side, and then like him, I pulled down the front of my trunks and showed him I was still shaved and that my nuts barely fit inside my trunks.

'That's why your cock looks so small' he said, 'because your nuts are so big!' I agreed with him and explained a few of the tasks we had to complete before we could lounge in the pool for a while. Things like cleaning the filter, checking the chemicals and turning a few valves were all required, then we needed to blow up the floating lounge floats. For this we needed the compressor, so we grabbed the floats and headed out to the shed where we could save on some lung power and let the compressor do all the work.

After the preliminary chores were complete, we threw the floats in the pool and loaded up a floating cooler with some beers, as the sangria pitcher ad long since been emptied. It was nearing noon, and I knew if we spent a lot of time in the sun we would be burnt, and would pay for the mistake later. Sun block only works for so long and generally washes off pretty easy, so we spent a lot of time in the water and not so much in the direct sun. The beers went down easy and after 4 or so I was feeling a bit woozy. My bud had long since removed his thong and was swimming about naked and I didn't even realize it until he hopped up on the edge of the deck with only his feet in the pool.

I swam over, and when I stopped I looked around to see if any neighbors were spying on us, and reached out and grabbed his cock. It started to grow in my hand, and if any neighbors HAD been watching they would have seen that monster for sure. I felt for his nuts, but they were gone. I jerked him a couple times, and he groaned. I was eye-level with his cock, and just as I went to put it in my mouth - SPLAT! He started cumming right in my face. I couldn't believe it, I was being blinded by a squirting monster cock. But yet I couldn't let go...

'Sorry' he said, 'I was gonna say something, but it came so fast I couldn't' I explained that I was just as surprised as he was, and that I wondered if the beers had anything to do with it. He hopped back into the pool, and we swam around a bit before we packed it in to get out of the sun and back into the shade. I tried to wipe the cum out of my eyes, but it just kept spreading, no matter how much I swam around. We finally got things picked up and headed back to the house for dinner, and more drinks.

All these good times led to more good times later that evening...



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