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Prologue: I frequent this site and have submitted under pseudonyms in the past. I rarely have an experience that is note-worthy, but I think this one might be. I play college basketball and needed a physical form completed. I myself attend med school and know the procedures quite well by now, so this was rather unexpected, but I'm not complaining. I guess you could say that individuals within the medical field take care of each other ;)


I sat in the doctor's office for nearly an hour before being called back to see a practitioner. The first doctor I saw was male, and he performed a part of the physical before being called out to see another patient for anaphylactic shock (or an allergic reaction). To finish my physical, a nurse was sent to my room.

I will admit that she wasn't the MOST attractive woman I had ever seen, but she was definitely a solid 8. I was finished with the majority of actual physical activity, but had yet to "have my beanbag squeezed." The nurse asked me to stand, loosen my belt, and drop my shorts. Because I wear boxer briefs (which can be a little tight in the crotch) she asked me to remove them as well. After she did the routine check-up she told me I could sit down but to leave my pants off for a few more minutes. This was common in physicals at the college level because she needed a closer inspection in a few moments.

While she looked over the rest of my forms and med history, I decided to break the ice. "So, you ever get any creeps in here? You know, like the ones that try to hit on you while you're grabbing their balls?"

She gave me a sideways glance over her glasses. "Are you trying to do just that?"

Realizing that my comments actually did sound flirtatious, I retraced my steps. "Uhh, no, actually. I guess it did sound that way. I was just curious is all. Sorry about that."

She gave me another glance. "Well, to answer your question... yes. I get quite a few teenage boys, and occasionally the older weirdo that thinks I'll blow him or something."

"I see. I bet that's a really awkward situation as a female nurse. Pros and cons, I guess." There was a pause as she flipped through a few more pages. "You ever get tempted yourself?"

This question seemed to take her by surprise. She spun around on her stool and faced me now. "Uhh, well, I don't think I can talk about that, now can I? You're a medical man, you know the line."

Although her words sounded harsh, her voice sounded flirty now. "Yeah, I guess. Sorry again, just curious."

Even though she wasn't finished with the visit, she removed her gloves, then her glasses. She told me to lie on my back and spread my legs a little further. Then she proceeded to squirt a type of lubricant into her hands from a bottle on the desk.

"What are you going to do now?" I asked, knowing that this wasn't a part of the routine physical.

"Well, your tests results are a little lower than average... We need to make sure everything, uhh, works okay."

Not understanding what she meant I asked, "And what does that entail?"

"Well, if you want to make sure a machine works, don't you usually give it a test run." With the last word she simultaneously placed a hand underneath my balls and lifted my dick with her other hand. "Just lay still and try to be quick. They'll get suspicious if we're in here for an hour."

She started to stroke my dick, which was slowly growing now, all the while rubbing my balls in little circles with her other hand. She went slow until I was fully hard, then she sped up a little bit, stroking faster and faster.

"Oh, I see. Yeah, it's probably best to test the hardware, huh?"

"Indeed. Plus, I'm a professional, so this probably won't take long."

I was in heaven now. She kept stroking me, but because I wasn't cumming fast enough, she spoke up once more. "Do you need more... motivation?"

I nodded my head and she paused, stood up, unbuttoned her white coat, and lifted the skirt she had on underneath. She had no panties on. I nearly came with just the sight of her shaved pussy, but she didn't stop there, either. She slid off the shoulder straps of the tank she had on and lowered it to expose her breasts, which were also bare underneath. "I usually work without underclothing on. It's more comfortable, and convenient."

She touched her clit, moaning slightly, and then inserted a finger into her pussy. Shortly, she was back at work on my dick. I was elevated high enough that she could stand, so I had a clear view of her pussy and tits. In about five minutes, I felt the urge coming. "I'm about to cum," I said.

She lowered her tits next to my dick, directing the cum onto them. I almost came before she got them close enough, and when I did cum, I came load after load. It had been ages since I last had sex with a woman, and this particular situation made me REALLY horny. I covered her right breast almost completely, and got a few ropes of cum on her left one.

"Well," she said, grabbing paper towels from a spool on the desk, "Everything seems to be in order here." Then she asked me the proper questions, like how many times a week I ejaculated and how often I had sexual intercourse, leaving her white coat open the whole time. She even touched herself a few more times, moaning lightly every now and again. There was a few extra drops of cum rolling from my dick and down my balls. I asked for a towel, but she wiped it off with her finger and said that it had to be disposed of properly, so she licked it from her finger.

On my way out she told me to lock the door and if anybody asked, to tell them that she would be out in a minute or two. As I was leaving, she was laying on her back on the exam table rubbing her clit furiously.



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