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Performing for My Sister

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This is a true story. It's vivid, because I remember each detail so clearly, because there were so many 'firsts.' Over the years, I've remembered it numerous times, as I masturbated to it. I'd love to figure out a way to reenact it, 25 years later.

Once I was into my teen years, I routinely jacked off three times a day or more. Back in the early '80's, when there was no such thing as video, the only stimuli I could get my hands on were Playboy and Penthouse magazines. Practically every guy my age had a stash somewhere. The holy grail was, of course, seeing a real naked woman. Those chances, usually an inadvertent opening of a door, or someone changing without paying attention, were rare indeed (deliberate peeps... those were just as rare, but less inadvertent). Being horribly insecure, I didn't have a girlfriend.

My frequent jacking off was a fairly furtive thing, I would lock the door to my room, use a sock like a condom, and hump my pillow, looking at pictures of Playmates like Monique St. Pierre and Patty Maguire. I remember the sense of pressure, and then pulsing rush, as cum would gush from my cock, soaking the sock. I'd quickly disengage from the pillow, so as not to soak it, and pull the cum-soaked sock off. Unlike many of the submissions in Solo Touch, I would have been mortified if someone in my home had caught me in the act, or (in my mind), even suspected that I was fucking my pillow multiple times every 24 hours. The accusation that someone 'jacked off' was a typical insult at school, which each of us vehemently denied.

I lived at home with my sister, Jane, who was three years younger. Neither of us had really started dating, and as far as I knew, she'd never even kissed a guy. Both our parents worked, and each of us was active in a variety of after-school activities, and the gulf between us, in terms of age and interaction, seemed large. We each did our own thing, had our own friends, and went our own ways. I didn't bother her; she didn't bother me. I was aware that she was a female, but I hadn't seen her naked since we were kids. Skinny, she had brown hair, and a perfectly ordinary build. While I would have liked to check out 'the goods,' there simply was no opportunity, and no real impetus to do so. I just kept getting myself off, between letters to 'Forum,' and various centerfolds.

One December afternoon, I got home, and locked my bedroom door. But that day, I apparently had forgotten to push the door all the way shut, so that strike 'clicked.' A short time later, wearing only a t-shirt and socks, I was thrusting away, my cock (in a tube sock), inside the pillow case, as I ground it against the pillow, my ass pistoning away. All of a sudden, I heard a gasp.

I whirled around, yanking the covers up, and saw Jane standing there, a shocked look on her face. 'What are you doing? Get the fuck out!!' I yelled, flushing. 'Get out! Get the fuck out of here!'

She backed up, stammering, 'I was just looking for the scissors. I uh, didn't know you were here, and your door just opened.' She practically ran out of the room. Fuck. Oh my god. Fuck me! I thought. I could picture her telling her friends; teasing me, making snotty innuendos in front of our parents. I had given her some ammunition, and as far as I was concerned, my life was over. Dinner that night was in silence, our parents oblivious to neither of us daring to look at one another.

Within a few days, it seemed to have been forgotten. Jane didn't mention it, and I sure wasn't going to bring it up. I was soon back to my old tricks, but with an occasional addition of lying on my back, cock-in-a-sock, stroking away. Since I did all my own laundry, I was free of discovery by Mom.

A few weeks later, we were up at the family ski cabin. The main level was downstairs, with an unfinished upstairs area where 'the kids' stayed. There were a few beds in the upstairs room, dormitory style. There was a small single bathroom, seldom used, with only a toilet and sink. The bathroom, while fully enclosed, had never been finished, so there were a few tiny gaps in the boards, and around the electrical fittings. My sister always used the downstairs bathroom. Since she and I had to share the room, I hadn't cum in days. Mom and Dad had run into South Shore, and Jane was downstairs, and I realized I had a chance to go into the bathroom and jack off. I grabbed a tube sock, and ran into the bathroom. Even though I didn't have anything to look at, I was hard in seconds. Within a few minutes, I was busy standing at the sink, watching myself in the mirror, jeans unzipped and open, as I frantically jacked myself, squeezing my cock hard, and feeling my body about to reach the point of no return.

I happened to glance to my left, near the light switch, and nearly had a heart attack. There was an eye, peering through the quarter inch gap above the light switch, looking toward my cock. I quickly turned, pulling my briefs and jeans up, and yanked the sliding door open. My sister was still there, face up against the wall.

'What are you doing?' I demanded, totally pissed, and once again mortified. She looked stricken.

'I uh, was um, uh, not sure if anyone was in there.'

'I was in there. You knew I was in there. If you wanted to find out if I was in there, you would have knocked. Leave me alone.' I stomped downstairs, put on my jacket, and went outside. I was embarrassed and angry. It never occurred to me that by peeping at me, she hadn't exactly put herself in a position where she could use it against me. That evening, once again, we had a silent dinner.

That night, we both lay in our beds in the dark. I was still horny, and my balls ached. But I couldn't do anything about it. Jane was there, and there was no way I could go into the bathroom and jack off. So I lay there, uncomfortable and angry.

'Matt?' I could hear her voice in a whisper.

'What?' I responded, my annoyance clear.

'I know what you were doing.'

'I wasn't doing anything. I was uh, trying to make it go down so I could pee.' I could feel my face reddening in the dark. That had to be the lamest excuse ever. But what else could I say?

'Can I ask you a question?' she responded.

'No.' I didn't want to talk about it. I felt nauseous.

'Seriously. I want to know something.' She whispered across the room.

'What?' I wished she would drop it.

'Why do you use a sock when you do that?' I wanted to die. I couldn't believe that, not only did she know what I was doing, but that she was asking me about the sock. I wanted the conversation to end. So I decided to shock her.

'So I don't get a friction burn from the rubbing. The sock is soft.' I rolled over, thinking the conversation was done. There was a long silence.

'You could use lotion,' my sister finally responded. That was a surprise to me. I hadn't considered lotion. I ignored her. A few minutes went by. Then she said 'if you want to do it now, I don't mind. You didn't get to finish earlier.' Finish? I thought. How did she know about me 'finishing?' I lay there a few more minutes.

'What are you talking about?' I finally asked, afraid of the answer.

'After I walked in on you that time, I wanted to see what you did' Jane answered. 'I hid in your closet on two different afternoons. ' I felt sick. She knew what I did. I heard her giggle, and I started to get mad.

'So I've seen you and your Playboys. You can go ahead and use a sock now. It's nothing I haven't heard.' I felt my cock stirring. 'I won't mind' she said. I could feel my cock slowly engorging, as I thought about being able to stroke myself, and empty my balls.

'No way' I said. But I was already reaching off the bed, groping in the dark for a sock. I then unrolled it onto my hard cock. We lay there in silence for what seemed like an eternity. I thought I heard her breath slow, so I thought she must be asleep. Rather than stroking, I simply lay on my back, squeezing the head of my cock, not wanting to make a noise. Within minutes, I felt the familiar feeling, then the spasms. I could feel the cum shooting through my cock, feeling each pulse, as I dumped a load into the sock. I stifled a grunt. Then I heard Jane giggle again.

'I knew you'd do it' she said. 'Now you have to hide your soaking wet sock.' My soaking wet sock? How did she know about that? But somehow, It wasn't really bothering me that I had just jacked off, that my sister was in the same room, and she knew what I had done. We went home the next day.

For the next two weeks, we didn't talk about it. It almost seemed unreal. Then our cousin Karen arrived. Karen was a bit younger than my sister. I could tell she had bigger boobs than Jane, but always seemed very innocent and quiet. She and my sister were close, and had always spent inordinate amount of time whispering over the years. Within a day of Karen's arrival, I thought they were looking at me, as part of the whispers. Jane wouldn't say anything, I thought. But I still had that nauseous feeling.

That Saturday, our parents got up early, and left for a day in San Francisco. It was pouring rain, so I got up, and ate breakfast. As I was finishing, Jane and Karen came into the kitchen. Both were wearing t-shirts, obviously without bras, and shorts. Karen said 'hi,' and Jane gave me a nonchalant flip of her hair. They went over to the television, and turned it on. I shrugged, and started to pick up the dishes. I glanced up, and I could see Karen whispering something to Jane, while they both looked at me. I must have been getting paranoid. They went back to watching the television.

I went to my room, and closed the door. I really wanted to jack off, but wasn't sure whether I could get away with it with Karen around. I figured I could always go lock the door if I decided to go for it. I climbed into bed, leaned up against the pillow, and pulled a Playboy out from between my mattress and boxspring. I started glancing through it, when I heard a knock at the door. Since I still had all my pajamas on, I just shoved the Playboy under my pillow, and yelled 'come in!'

Both Jane and Karen walked it. Jane looked at me and asked 'what are you doing?'

'Nothing.' I responded. Karen looked at Jane. Jane looked at me, and crinkled her forehead.

'Seriously?' she asked, taking a step forward, until she was standing right next to my bed. Karen kind of followed her, standing about a half step back.

'Just hanging out. I'm tired' I said. This was strange. Suddenly Jane reached forward, and swept her hand under my pillows. I grabbed at her arm, but missed. She pulled out the Playboy, and grinned at Karen. I wanted to sink through the floor. Karen blushed. Oh my god! She told Karen!

'We know what you were going to do' Jane said. I shook my head.

'I wasn't going to do anything. And why don't you just get out?' I blurted. Now Jane looked sheepish.

'Because' Jane finally said. Karen was blushing, looking down, her face halfway concealed by her strawberry-blond hair. 'We want to watch you do it.'

'WHAT?' I couldn't have heard it.

'We want to watch you do it.' Now Jane was blushing too, looking down. 'I told Karen what you did, and she wants to see it.' For some reason, the idea was turning me on. I could feel my cock twitching underneath my pajamas. These two girls wanted to look at me naked. I thought about it.

'You can't tell anyone.' I looked at them

'We won't.' It hadn't occurred to me that it would be difficult to explain how they stood around and watched me jack off. I closed my eyes.

'Okay. I'll do it.' I quickly took my pajama top off, leaving the bottoms on. I pulled the covers down to my knees, and started squeezing the head of my rapidly hardening cock through the pajamas. I reached over and grabbed a sock. Karen grinned. Clearly, Jane had told her everything. I rolled so my back was to them, and slid my cock into the sock, under my pajamas. I then rolled back onto my back, and started squeezing my cock again with my right hand, looking at the Playboy with my left. Jane and Karen looked at my right hand. Jane frowned.

'We can't see anything' she said. I pondered that.

'Okay, then.' I raised my knees, and slid the pajama pants off, now I was just lying there, my cock jutting into the air, covered in a tube sock. Both of the girls stared at my cock and balls. I nervously started stroking again, staring at the 'Sex in the Cinema' pictorial, trying to ignore that my sister and cousin were both standing there, watching me in an intensely personal act. It was hard to stay focused, and I kept stroking.

'Just a minute' Jane interrupted. She walked out of the room. Karen just stood there, blushing and gaping. I half-covered my cock, as I had stopped stroking.

'This is pretty cool' she said. The silence was deafening. Jane came back in. She was carrying a bottle of Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion. She handed it to me. I looked at the bottle, dumbly.

'We can't see it. Use this,' she said. I nodded, and for some reason, rolled so I was facing away again. I pulled the sock off, the squirted some of the lotion into my hand. It was cold. I rubbed it onto my rapidly softening cock. I don't know about this, I thought. I rolled onto my back, and noticed both girls were now staring intently at my cock. I started stroking, and at least it was getting harder again. I picked up the Playboy with my other hand, but it was awkward to lie on my back, and try and hold it open.

So I rolled onto my right side, so the girls could watch, but now I was on my right arm. As I struggled to get comfortable, I knocked the Playboy off the bed. I finally gave up on the magazine, and lay on my back, slowly stroking away, enjoying the smooth, velvety sensation, as my hand slid up and down. Briefly, I closed my eyes, trying to form an image in my mind, but without much success. I could feel myself getting more and more excited. I looked down at my cock, and saw a glistening drop forming at the tip. I looked up at the girls, who both were staring unabashedly. Suddenly, Jane looked at my face, and whispered loudly 'is that your cum?' Karen leaned in slightly to look.

'No,' I said. 'I'm just getting started. It lets some out at the beginning.' Jane nodded.

'Okay' she said. 'We want to see you shoot it out.' I grunted and kept stroking. Both girls just stood there, watching my clenched fist move up and down on my lubed cock. It felt good. Karen looked at me. I noticed her nipples poking hard through the t-shirt. I'd never noticed she had nipples before.

'Why were you trying to look at the Playboy?' she asked softly. I didn't care.

'It helps me finish. The naked girls and stuff.' She nodded. I noticed that she almost absent-mindedly brushed her fingers up and down over her hard left nipple, as she leaned in. For the first time, I saw a red flush on her neck. I wonder what that is? Then I had an inspiration.

'Pull your shirt up' I asked, 'It will help me get there.' Karen looked at Jane. Jane sort of tilted her head, a doubtful look on her face. Karen looked back at me, then lifted the front of her t-shirt up to her collarbone. I gasped. Her tits seemed huge, with only a hint of sag. The skin was impossibly pale, with a smattering of freckles up high. The areolas, a light pink, only slightly darker that pale skin, were small, only slightly larger around than the small, hard nipples that seemed the same size and color as a pencil eraser. They were the first tits I'd ever seen up close, and they were gorgeous. I began pounding my cock faster, feeling my hand slide over the hard ridge of the head, and I moaned. Karen leaned forward, to get a closer look. I watched as her tits swung as she moved, lengthening and hanging downward, swaying with her every breath as she intently watched me jack my cock. I glanced at Jane. She stood there, watching both Karen and me, a doubtful look on her face. Karen looked over at her.

'Come on Jane. He's doing what we want.' Jane shrugged, resignedly, but then abruptly pulled her t-shirt off over her head. I saw my sister's naked tits for the first time. Smaller than Karen's, they were firm, with small dark areolas, but bigger nipples than Karen's. The nipples were hard, jutting outward. I noticed for the first time that she had a pink flush on her chest, as she stood there. She seemed to be looking me up and down. I kept looking from one to the other, taking in the two pairs of tits.

'Are you going to shoot soon?' Jane asked, still watching my hand sliding up and down, encircling my cock. Karen nodded, and I noticed her brushing one nipple with her fingertips, as the same pink flush, almost like a rash, seemed to erupt around her neck, spreading from under the scant coverage of her t-shirt. I was struggling, trying to keep my breathing regular. I didn't want to cum yet. I wanted to keep looking at my sister's and cousin's tits, while they stood there, mesmerized by my jacking session.

'What does it feel like?' Karen asked. She was squeezing her nipple now, almost absent-mindedly.

'Really good,' was all I could say. 'You guys are helping.' Karen nodded. I was aware of a smell in the air, a sharp smell that I'd never encountered before. I knew I could cum any time, but I slowed down, loosening the grip. I didn't want it to end, not as I watched them, excitedly gazing at me.

'Push your shorts down' I said, figuring I had nothing to lose. Jane shook her head. Karen looked at Jane, then pinning the sides of her t-shirt to her sides with her upper arms, so her tits staying exposed, shoved her shorts and panties down to her knees. As she stood up, I got my first look at a pussy. It was sparsely covered in the same soft-looking strawberry blond hair as on her head. I could see the cleft; I kept looking at my cousin, standing there, her tits jutting out, and that beautiful pussy, not more than two feet from my head. My sister stared at Karen, looking back and forth between my slapping cock, and my half naked cousin.

Karen looked back at Jane. 'Jane, this was your idea. Come on.' Karen's voice was strangely husky, and she kept playing with her tits. Jane looked down, but then pushed her shorts and panties all the way down around her ankles. My sister's pussy was lightly covered in light brown hair, and she ran her fingers up and down. Both Karen and Jane were breathing heavily. I looked at Karen, taking in her beautiful body, then back to my naked sister, who had a strange glazed look. Both of them had that red flush, and I could smell that scent,

Suddenly, I could feel my legs going weak. I stared at Karen's heaving tits, and the hard nipples then at my sister, and her beautiful tits and pussy. I started pounding my cock harder and faster. I could hear myself grunting.

'Uhh. Here it comes. I'm gonna shoot it!' I could feel myself reaching the point of no return. Jane suddenly sprang forward onto the bed, leaning over my cock, her face only a foot or so above it, leaning sideways, so I saw her whole body. Her right knee was up, so I could distinctly see her pussy lips, which I distinctly noticed were wet and glistening. 'Uh, Uh,' I moaned, I was so close.

Karen leaned in, now kneeling on one knee, her face next to Jane's, her tits dangling a few inches from my ribcage. Both their faces were only a foot above my cock. I could see my hand moving on my cock, their faces, and tits, all at once.

'Unngggg!' I felt the first pounding pulsation, and felt the spunk land well up on my chest. It was a big cum, each spurt with a sensation of volume, as it shot out of my cock, splattering my lower chest, and stomach. I heard Karen gasp, and saw each of them staring at my cock as it pulsed, eventually pushing out the last few dribbles. Cum was everywhere.

'Wow' said Jane. Karen was just breathing hard. 'Wow.' She said again. Karen looked at me, 'that was awesome,' she said. I could distinctly smell their pussies. I took my sock, and started wiping up the cum, suddenly self conscious. Karen let her shirt drop back down, covering both her tits and pussy. Then she pulled up her shorts. Jane turned, bending over to pick up her shirt. I could see her pussy slit from behind, and her small dangling tits. Putting her shirt back on, she smiled. 'I'm glad I got to see you shoot it.' Then they both walked on out.

And that was the time I performed.



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