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Peeing and Sex

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Ok, this is likely to be long and a bit convoluted, but I’ll do my best to make it readable.  It’s  about peeing as a sexual act, so if that’s not your thing, then please, go in peace.  Some of it is my experience, some of it things I’ve been told.


it starts with a school memory, and not a wonderfully happy one at the time. I was 13. That I remember clearly. Someone in my year group had been scribbling graffiti on the girls bathroom stalls, and finally the principal had kept the whole year group back after school. We had no warning of this. It was from class to the hall, where he kept us for an hour telling us that he would put cameras in the sink areas, and threatening all kinds of a shitstorm if it didn’t stop. Fair enough, I guess. 

For me, the problem was I needed to pee real bad by the end of the lesson. I hadn’t banked on being formed up and marched to the hall. Other girls had said they needed the bathrooms, but it fell on deaf ears. 

So, finally we were released and I began the walk home. Each step got more and more painful until finally (when I could actually see my house) I knew I wouldn’t make it. I felt myself drip, then again, then, just as I turned in through the gate, I literally threw myself behind a bush and let it go...into my panties! The relief was immediate and also something else...almost orgasmic. Something clicked in my head. I liked doing this. At that time, that’s all I knew. It felt dirty, naughty, bad, whatever, but I liked it. It would be years before I put the two together (orgasm and peeing), but somehow, I knew this had meaning. It was important. 

Fast forward to a sleepover. Four girls in pjs talking about periods, sex and boys. (In that order). One girl said “I wet myself when I cum”. Another said “Nah, you’re probably squirting.” But the first girl said “No. it’s definitely pee....I know that it is sometimes at least because I make sure I pee when I cum. It feels real good.” 

Fast forward again, to my current group of close friends. Two of them pee as a regular part of their sex lives with their partners. Peeing in front of....peeing on (being peed on)...peeing panties. 

Which led me on to some research. Apparently, watersports is quite popular in Germany. Many couples enjoy it there. In the animal world, animals pee to mark territory, and even mates. 

So, what is it for me? 

For me, it’s an added layer of sexiness. It’s not something I do every time I masturbate or have sex, but now and then, it’s an erotic variant that I enjoy very much. 

Sometimes, I will know I feel naughty. I always seem to automatically dress for the occasion. Maybe I will wear a skirt and panties on a cold day, when normally I’d wear trousers. Maybe I’ll come home from the hospital in scrubs...something I rarely do. (When this happens, I will not be wearing anything underneath.) Whatever. 

All I know is I will have this feeling, this desire. So, let me give you two masturbatory examples.

1) Scrubs.

I will have changed into scrubs, making sure I’m naked underneath. I love the scary feeling that someone might walk into the changing room and catch me naked. It hasn’t happened yet, but a girl can hope, right? I do what I have to do all day, then grab my bag, hit the subway and go home. I know I smell of the dental surgery, but I also know I smell of sex. Back home, I will mooch around for a bit, building the tension, and letting my mind settle on something dirty. Maybe I’m being chased and am scared. Maybe I’m feeling soft and feminine. Who knows? I will go into the garden and find a spot. I may stand, in fact, usually in scrubs, I WILL stand. I will touch myself, my breasts, my pussy...just enough to get close to the orgasm I’ve been wanting all day, then I will pee. I feel the warmth and wetness spread, and I will finish off AS I pee. The combination of standing and peeing when I come will often intensify the orgasm to the point of dizziness. 

2) Sweet and virginal.

This is definitely a white cotton panty day, and maybe pantyhose too. I will want to relive that memory to some extent. So, white cotton panties, skirt, and then variations. Maybe, I’ve got a group of boys from school who want to watch a girl pee, maybe there’s a dirty old man spying on a sweet innocent Virgin from the bushes, or maybe, I’m all alone, and just wanting to push the boundaries. I let it go slowly into my panties, stopping and starting until it burns. Until I just can’t hold it any more. Even then I stop and start. Finally, the tears run from my eyes in exquisite agony, and I let go into my panties. By now my clit will be screaming to be touched, but I resist. I walk, slowly as I can, back indoors, and in front of my mirror, I undress down to the wet panties. Then I will throw a towel on the bed and lie back, my knees up and spread, and I will masturbate, always through the panties, telling myself what a dirty bitch I am. The cum isspectacular. 

Looking back at my sex life, Male partners or female, peeing has come up with most of them. Only two out of the six people I’ve had relationships with found the idea unpleasant. A boyfriend once asked me to pee on him, and I was happy to. Another asked if he could pee on me. Again, I liked that.

Stevie loves me to pee on her. I’m submissive, but Stevie is more so. In fact, sometimes, I have to remind her that I like it too. 

Dont get me wrong, it’s not every time, far from it. Just a variation, now and then. Both of us still masturbate. In fact, we have worked out that we masturbate more now we are together than we did when we were single. We have sex every single day. No exceptions. Even during our times of the month. Not a day goes by without some form of orgasmic encounter with each other, but still we masturbate. 

I will often do it at lunchtime at work, and Stevie tells me she does it at work too, although she tends to like quickies. At the weekend, we may masturbate in front of each other. We seem to know when the other just wants to be watched...or left alone, for that matter. 

So, peeing as a sexual act. 

I'd be interested to know if others like it, and how it started for you. 



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