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Bangkok...Ins and Outs

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Bangkok is just what everyone thinks....the sex capital of the world. The only people who don't like this seems to be the Bangkok government. As for the people, they are making money, happy, outgoing, and don't seem to mind their country's reputation at all. As with most places, there are two definite sides to it. There is the classy side, and the seedy side. The seedy side is cheap and comes with free hepatitis or AIDS, and the classy side is well run, hygienic, and well....sexy.


I went to a bathhouse. These places specialise in a personal service bath, massage, nails, hair, hot stones, whatever ou want. You can have one person or more pampering you, and it can have a sexual element or not. It's your call. The thing is, the people who work in these places are telepathic!

The one I went to is located in a very well known five star hotel. I chose a pretty girl about 22, 5'0 and whomspoke perfect English, hardly surprising since I was to learn she went to Cambridge! Now, read this slowly I DID NOT GO THERE FOR SEX. All I wanted was a couple of hours pampering. Once more NOT....FOR...SEX.

I had the hot towels treatment followed by a shower where you lie on a sheet and get showered, soaked, rinsed, showered soaped and rinsed again. The girl offered a full body wash (meaning she would get naked and use her fully body to wash mine) but as I said I wasn't there for sex.

Then came a most slow and sensual massage. Really gentle, and using fragrant oils. When she put hot stones on my back and bum cheeks, I thought to myself "bugger....maybe I should have asked for the sexual elements" I swear to God, I only thought it. I wasn't getting wet between my legs, I was lying on my tummy so she couldn't see my nipples, and it was only a fleeting thought, she came round in front of me and undidmthe little wrap around she was wearing to reveal a totally smooth body beneath. Sometimes, you get a ladyboy without realising, but she was all girl. How the fuck did she know?

She moved in close and I could smell her. A sweet, almond scent mixed with jasmine, and of course, her sex. She instructed me to flip,over after removing the stones, and climbed up on the bed so her cunt was inches from my face. Fuck, these girls are brilliant at what they do. You can't grab them you see. That's considered bad manners and an insult. They pride themselves on getting your needs totally right. She massaged my thighs, moving that fragrant pussy around over my face. I wanted to lift my head and kiss it, but I know better. Her hands pressed my tummy, and circled my mound. That puts pressure on my womb and makes me super horny. Want to really turn me on? Then press my lower belly! I lay there, my breathing deepening, feeling her tiny, rock hard tits against my body as she used her body to massage me. Then I felt her put both her lands on the inside of my legs and apply the gentlest pressure. I let my legs part under her unspoken instruction, and her hands traced up to my pussy.

By this time, I was almost panting with lust. I could smell her and desperately wanted to taste her. Again, as if by magic, she knew and lowered herself,to my waiting lips and tongue. Almost as soon as my mouth touched her, she plunged two fingers inside me in one swift movement. It was precisely what I needed, and a couple of,thrusts later I came long and hard. I was even rewarded by feeling her cum on my tongue. That's one nice thing about Thai sexual massages, they don't mind cumming either!

She lay with me for a while,aftwerwards gently stroking my body,

Afterwards, I just couldn't help asking how she knew I'd changed my mind about sex. She giggled a little and said that it was a change in my breathing. "You went from being relaxed to being aroused". And knowing when to let me lick her and push her fingers in? "Oh, I felt your pulse in your clit with my tongue. It suddenly became erratic.....that's when I knew you were about there."

I've had several,experiences like this in Thailand. Some of the girls even know when you're feeling erotic rather than romantic. Some of the men know if you want them to cum in you rather than on you....or for,them not to cum at all.

Sex IS an industry there, they seem to grow into it from a young age. My girl said she started her periods at 11, was a regular masturbator by 12, lost her virginity at 14 to someone her mum set up for her. "He was a much older man, who knew the art of love. I stayed with him for a month and he taught me a man's desires, his pleasure points, how to stimulate, how to tease.." she was 15 when she had her first woman. Again it was an older woman "I wanted to know from someone who knew." How logical.

She said she found Cambridge "a disappointment. People in the U.K. Think they are so liberated....so knowledgable, yet sex there was rushed, dull, unimaginative. I found one man who understood, and he was my tutor. After my first term, I stopped having sex with other students and just had sex with him. He knew and understood what good sex is."

Well, you live and learn. As I dressed, I asked her about her most unusual experience in the UK. She laughed...a lovely laugh, like a mountain stream...." it was a boy who took six weeks to tell me that he would like me to,finger his bum, I knew there was something he wanted but he would,not tell me. I'd guessed, of course, but every time I went to do it, he stopped me becuase he thought it was bad that he wanted it. So one day, I told him to lie down and I would massage him. I relaxed him almost to the point of sleep. I was singing softly, we had incense burning, and I was trying tomhypnotize him. Then I just slipped my finger into his bum and found his lotus....his prostate. He erupted everywhere. I've only ever seen a hermaphrodite cum like that. Have you had an hermaphrodite yet? Oh, you must. A true hermaphrodite is amazing. They cum so extensively, and so freely."

A hermpahrodite eh? Hmmmm....well, I've got another day here......and she had offered to arrange an introduction....



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