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Parking Lot Fun

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I loved it, and hope to do it again sometime.


It was a warm clear summer afternoon here in Texas, and I was parked in a grocery store parking lot while my daughter was shopping. I knew she would be in there for at least two hours looking thru magazines and CD's before actually shopping, LOL Of course I had the windows open on the old Volvo, and like usual I had a Fill-It-In puzzle on a clipboard. The clip board was resting on my chest and steering wheel, and between marking the puzzles I would reach under the clip board and massage my cock thru my clothes with the smooth end of the ball point pen. Like usual I had an 'Oldtime Rock n Roll' CD in the player, and I kind of seat danced to the music too.

Well I'm doing my thing and getting pretty charged up, I had a pretty good boner for an old guy ha ha. I was watching the women walking to and fro, and wow, saw some pretty nice panties from the gals a row in front of me, as they bent over to load up the trunk. Well, I noticed this SUV coming across the parking lot in my rear view mirror, and it looked like a gal alone. Darked out windows, so I could only see her silouette. And surprise surprise, she pulled in right beside me on the right side. Well I'm feeling pretty daring now, so I position the clip board to expose my crotch, my heart was pounding. I'm thinking will she see me, will she be pissed off and move, will she report me! Then her door opens, and I see her beautiful legs, oh my, she must be gorgeous I'm thinking. I'm really going nuts with that pen. She must have seen me, darn she's getting back in the SUV. So I listen for the engine to start up, but no sound, what! Several minutes goes by and she's still there? So, down with the pen and I use my fingers. Oops. I see the SUV moving ever so slightly, dang she's fingering herself watching me. Like I said my windows are open, so being the nice guy I am, LOL, I unzip my pants and pull my cock out for her to see. I start stroking for real and the SUV is now moving a bit more, rocking on it's springs. The clip board is only blocking the view from my left, but this lady can see everything. I unlatched my pants and layed them open so she could see some belly and thigh. I didn't stroke very fast, cause I wanted it to last for a bit. I know women can go much longer than us guys can. And I wanted this woman to fully enjoy it.

This is my first time ever to do such a thing, and I'm enjoying it immensely. Finally I'm about to cum so I move over to the right as far as I can, the center console makes it impossible to move very far though. So I'm stroking only the shaft, bumping the back of the head, so she can see the cum shoot out. And wow, there it goes cumming, I noticed the SUV is really moving fast too. I figure she's going nuts in there. But her windows remained closed, so I couldn't see her. With cum on my hand, I played with it some, stringing it between my fingers, but as usual it turns to a liquid and there isn't much to do but lick it off or wipe it off with a rag. I carried a few paper towels with me just in case I did jack off. So will licking my fingers clean really turn her on more, or turn her off. Well I decided that she probably didn't want to see my gay side so I wiped clean. I sat there with my smooth white thighs and belly showing, dick pretty limp though, but she was still pounding away, so I wanted her to get off good too. I sat there playing with my cock and rubbing my thighs for her until the SUV seemed to stop moving, then I pulled my pants up and zipped up and went back to doing my puzzles. A few seconds later her SUV door opened and she stepped out. My heart was thumping a bit, I was hoping she would talk to me thru my open window, but no, she just walked away to the strip mall to shop. I finally saw her as she walked away. I didn't see her from the front, but she may have been in her 40's, maybe 5'5' tall, brunette, and looking like she was pretty cute too. She never looked back, so she never saw my face. I feared she might report me in the store, but whew, she didn't. This whole scenerio from start to finish may have taken 30 minutes. I didn't time it, I just enjoyed it.

My daughter came out maybe 1/2 hour later, but this isn't the end of the story, which is very true by the way. Several days later we were back in the same parking lot to do some more shopping, and my daughter wanted to check on some new magazines. Take all the time you want dear. So I'm doing my puzzle thing, Fats Domino playing nice and loud, and I'm hoping my SUV lady shows up again. Sadly, I never saw her again, but she must have told her lady friends about that old gray haired guy in the old dull blue Volvo 240. It wasn't long before 3 gals were circling around me in their cars, I was parked kind of out alone. I got lots of smiles and a few waves, but before any could park beside me, a man took the spot. I decided not to stretch my luck, he didn't seem gay or interested in anything but shopping. Well one gal parked right in front of me almost bumper to bumper, but with walking room. She sat there for several minutes smiling, then got out and walked around between our cars, and passed by my drivers window smiling. She didn't say anything, but she did see me rubbing my cock thru my pants with my hand, I had the clip board out of the way. As she walked away to shop she looked back several times and saw me looking, but that was it. She was a slim black haired gal, very cute caucasion as were all of them, this was an upper class primarily white neighborhood. She may have been in her early to mid 30's I was hoping she would come back before my daughter did but, alas no. Kind of a long story, but I hope you enjoyed it, and never under estimate us old guys, I was 68 then, now 71 and still horny LOL.



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