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Reasons Why I Do Myself

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People masturbate because it feels fantastic and because it relieves sexual tensions. Those are reasons that I choke my chicken, but my situation is a little more complicated than that.


The sexual relationships I've had have been sexually satisfying, but not enough. I've always been more sexual than anybody I known. My sexual urges and tensions come often. None of my lovers have ever wanted as much sex as I've wanted. Thus, every day since I began puberty I've felt a sexual urge at least once when nobody around was willing to have sex with me. That is, nobody except for me. Even when in a relationship, I have to make time every day to enjoy sex with myself.

Another reason I masturbate is because my partner may not share a sexual interest I have. I've developed a range of sexual interests and am a little perverted. If I want to do something sexual, but don't have a partner who will do it with me, I can fantasize about it while I play with myself or look at porn of it while I masturbate.

Another reason I need to masturbate is because of my bisexuality and because of the condition of current my relationship. Im a young man and I live with my boyfriend. We began living together after meeting 2 years ago finding that we like each other's company and shared some interests. Last year we spent some time apart because we wanted to have sex with other people. But I was lonely. Wanted more sexual partners, but was left no regular partners and the only infrequent sexual partner I found was another man, not a woman. I wanted my boyfriend back for his sex, his tone body, his smooth and long penis, his company, his fun, etc. I went back to him. We're living together again.

He and I satisfy our homosexual desires every morning and every night, but there are limits to what he can do for me sexually. He cant satisfy my desires for women. I will sometimes play the woman when we have sex or engage in foreplay, sometimes by women's clothing and acting like a woman. But that role isnt exactly the one for him. Also, I sometimes strongly desire a womans body, but although he loves sissy men and is comfortable with the company of women, he doesn't desire sex with women.

I can satisfy my heterosexual desires only by either fantasizing about women as I play with myself or by looking at pictures or videos of women as I masturbate. I have a collection of pornography that my boyfriend allows me to have. Sometimes while I look at pictures of women as I masturbate, I imagine that the woman I lusting for is saying to me, "You can't have me. If I make your penis hard, you had better stroke it."

Another reason I masturbate is satisfy my craving for something I haven't enjoyed in four years: booty. In our relationship, my boyfriend is the dominate and masculine one and I'm the submissive and feminine one. We sometimes enjoy threesomes with other men, but the other man always helps my boyfriend dominate me. Thus, if anybody in our home receives anal sex, it's me. To satisfy my cravings for booty, I look at pictures of them while masturbating, or I have sex with my hands while close my eyes and I pretend those hands are a booty.

I haven't had sex with a woman in four years. That won't change unless and until we find a woman with whom my boyfriend is comfortable and who'll agree to an unconventional threesome in which she touches me but doesn't have to be touched by him. I will only enjoy booty again if we can find a man who'll agree to a threesome with us and who's willing to give his booty to me. Until then, whenever I want a woman or a booty, I have no choice but to spank my monkey.



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