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Overwhelmed By My Teacher

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It was the late 60's when I was in the fourth grade. My teacher was a tall, young beautiful brunette who always dressed in a flamboyant blouse, knee high skirt and the best part was her silky nylons and shiny black patent leather pointed toe slings with 3 inch heels. She wore the heels almost every day. I have had a thing for women's shoes since I can remember. I would stare at her legs and shoes as she walked around the classroom. The smell of her sweet perfume was so intoxicating that I had trouble concentrating on my lessons. My boners would last what seemed like forever. I would sneak into the boys restroom to jack off during lunch & recess thinking about Mrs. Beaubien's legs and shoes. I guess you could say that she was my first crush. I would intentionally ask her questions about my lessons just to see her lean over my desk and get a whiff of her perfume and a look at her big breasts, legs & shoes up close.
One afternoon after the last bell, class dismissed she asked me if I could stay in the classroom for a bit as she had to run some papers to the office. I immediately said yes! She removed her sexy heels, placed them under her desk, reached into her desk drawer and pulled out a pair of sandals and quickly put them on. 'My feet hurt so after a long day ' she said. I was ecstatic as I watched her leave the classroom. As soon as the coast was clear, I grabbed her shoes and thrust one to my face inhaling her sweet perfume and sexy foot odor. With the other, I massaged my crotch, dick and balls. Then, I took both of her shoes, pressed them against my dick, leaned over her desk and humped wildly on them. I came for what seemed to be an eternity, loosing track of all time. I quickly replaced them under her desk as I peeked out the blinds seeing her coming down the hall. I started to clap the erasers and clean the chalk board to look busy. When she came in the door she said, 'My you are such a good boy' 'Thanks for cleaning up for me'. After that, I spent many afternoons after class just to get the opportunity to 'Play' with her shoes. This went on for weeks until the day I got caught. I had gotten braver and decided to pull down my pants and shorts to massage my bare genitals with her soft, shiny shoes. My little 3 inch saliva lubed peter was sandwiched between them as I stroked hard. I was in the throes of a massive orgasm when the door flew open. 'Stop that!' she said. I became very embarrassed and started to shake. Mrs. B. had a kind of smirk on her reddened face as she said, ' You Mustn't' do that! 'Ssssooorry M'am' I said. 'It's just that well I Ua...' She stopped me in my words and said, ' I know you're a young man, but you'd better quit that or I will have to tell your parents'. She never told on me and I continued to stay after school to help my teacher while she went to the office in her sandals to turn in the day's paperwork!



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