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First Time Phone

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How I met my j/o buddy.

I have a jerk off buddy, Mark, whom I've never met face to face. We met online at a porn video site. He Instant Messaged me and we got to chatting about our masturbation habits, the fact that we both shave our cocks and balls, what we use for lube, what porn we like best and about what turns us on the most. I mentioned that I LOVE to be told to stroke my cock. In person, on the phone, even cyber sexing, I get incredibly aroused when I hear those words. He asked me why and I said that I didn't know the exact psychology of it. But the fact that someone else knew I was jerking off and was encouraging or even instructing me turned my brain into hyper horny mush. Being told how much I love to stroke my cock, how good it feels, how much I need to cum, are the triggers that send me over the edge.

We had already established the fact that we were masturbating as we messaged one another when Mark said that he wanted to try. "Try what"? I sent back. "Try telling you to stroke your cock". He responded. "Go for it"!! I typed as I felt my cock throb with excitement. On the phone he said. "That set me back for a moment. I have had plenty of phone sex sessions; done right it makes me cum geysers. But it had always been with females". Nervously I wrote back "never done it with a dude". "Me neither, wanna try"? he asked. I thought for a minute. I noticed that I felt anxious, a little tingly all over, was breathing a bit raggedly and my cock was as hard as a baseball bat.  

"Still there"? he asked. By way of response I typed my cell number and hit send. "Cool. Give me a few minutes". he replied. I sat there at the computer for a few minutes, stroking my cock and wondering if I had gone too far. Eventually I got up and laid down on my bed, cell phone at the ready. I had slowed my jacking to slow light strokes. I really didn't want to cum yet or even soon, but I couldn't resist the feel of my super engorged shaft in my fist. Anticipation was driving me wild as I willed the phone to ring. Finally I released my cock or I was going to cum. I looked down and I could see my shaft pulse in time with my heartbeat.

Just as I was about to give up, the phone rang. I didn't recognize the area code. "Hello"? I answered, my voice trembling. "Tommy? Is that you"? I was asked. "Yeah. Mark? Sorry to leave you hanging. You didn't cum yet did you"? he asked. "Mmm" I mumbled. "Not yet, but I had to stop jacking off or I would've. You still looking at porn vids"? he asked. "No man, I was laying on my bed waiting for you to call". I said "Are you naked"? "Mmm, yes" I groaned. I was so fucking horny now. "You were laying there naked waiting for me to call and tell you to stroke your hard cock, weren't you? Your bald cock was throbbing just begging to be stroked while you waited, wasnt it"? I responded with a strained garbled voice. I was so nervous but soo horny waiting for the phone to ring. I couldn't hold out any longer.

My hard slippery cock glistened and I groaned when I wrapped my hand around it. "Mmm, that sounds good man" Mark said. "Feels soo good to stroke your hard cock, doesn't it Tom? Stroke your cock, man. Long tight strokes. Feel your slick fist sliding up and down your shaft. Balls to the head, stroke your hard cock". I was groaning as he spoke to me, jerking off with slow strokes, hanging on his every word, he was soo fucking good at this. "Mmmm this feels good doesn't it Tom? I'm jacking off too, right with you as I tell you what you want to hear. My cock is soo hard, I'm stroking just the head right now, precum is pouring out the tip all hot and slippery. Mmm I love jerking off. You do too, don't you Tommy? Mmmm stroke your cock Tommy. Stroke your hard thick cock man. Fuck your slippery shaft up into your tight fist. Feels soo good doesn't it Tom? You make your cock feel soo good don't you? Tell me Tommy. Tell me how good you are at stroking your cock".

I tried to speak but only a groan came out. "Aahhh Mark, I love stroking my hard cock youre making me soo hard. I love jerking off while you talk to me". My breath was coming in gasps. "I'm gonna cum soon man" he told me. "Wanna cum with me? Stroke your cock and cum with me. Pump that load out for me Tom. Stroke your thick bald cock and cum". I couldn't hold back. "Mmmmmmm, yes Mark". I moaned. "Make me cum. Stroke it Tommy. Stroke your hard cock. Pump that load out AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" I moaned as I came, torrents of sperm erupting from my shaft. "Cum for me Tommy! Stroke your cock! Pump every last drop out oh manAAAWWWWWwwwwwww" I heard him gasping as he came. "Damn! That was soo good. Later dude"!

Mark hung up. Since that first time we've jacked off together a few times a week for the last three months or so. Each time I cum huge. A few sessions even included Marks wife. Maybe I'll tell you about that sometime. Thanks for reading!



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