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Oriental Massage

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I read somewhere on the Web that places that advertise as 'Oriental Massage' almost always will be willing to provide 'extras'. Over the past 15 years or so I've tried this out in a number of places and have found it to be true. The women who work in these massage parlors, though they may at first act coy, are almost always willing to give you a 'happy ending.'

My favorite places are those who have a separate room to provide a body shampoo. They ask you to get undressed in the massage room and then invite you to put on a robe and follow them down to the shower room. A plastic covered padded table with a pillow on it is provided and a bucket of warm water is poured over it. After disrobing, I am asked to lie naked face down on the table. Already, with my cock pressed down on the surface, I begin to feel a bit aroused, just anticipating what is to come.

My Oriental attendant now fills the bucket again with warm water and gently pours it down my body from my neck to my toes and takes a sponge with soap on it and begins scrubbing my back and butt and legs. I am completed covered with suds which she then washes away with yet another bucket of warm water.

'Turn over,' she urges and I turn over totally exposed to her gaze, but clearly she has seen it all and my large girth and shrivelled penis don't faze her. Again a bucket of water is poured all over the front of my body and she soaps up the front. I make sure she doesn't miss any parts and she goes along and washes my cock and balls too, spending a little extra time there just to please me, but not enough to really make me happy.

She finishes off the rinsing and then has me stand up in front of her while she pats me down with a towel. More or less dry, I put the robe back on and head down the hall to the massage room.

Again I lie down naked face down on the table and she begins her work, massaging my tight muscles in the neck and shoulders and back, working down to my legs and feet and back to my butt. All of a sudden I'm aware that she is paying a lot of attention to my buttocks area and in fact is now between the cheeks and massaging my anus. Wow! My old penis begins to get interested in this. She tickles me a bit more in that nether region and finds the back of my scrotum and rubs it as well. Now I can't wait to turn over.

In a few minutes, she indeed lets me turn over and my dick is starting to stand at attention. Some of the girls at this point go right for my cock while others do what I really prefer and tease me a bit, by continuing their regular massage particularly paying attention to my nipples and running their hands through my pubic hair and coming close to the penis, but avoiding it scrupulously.

Of course, once I'm on my back I begin to reciprocate a bit to my masseuse. I touch her legs and work up to her butt and if she is wearing a skirt or shorts, my hand is up under her panties in no time, touching her behind. Most of the girls don't seem to object and they continue their efforts now seriously stroking my cock. At my age, I find it takes a while for me to come and some of these girls never complete the task and leave it to me to climax on my own. However, most of them work diligently to bring me off. The most successful ones are the ones who prime me with the teasing first and then allow me free access to their bodies while they are working. Most all of them will let me reach under their shirts and push up their bras and play with their breasts and nipples. They let me roam down their bellies and backs. There is usually some resistance though when I try to put my hand down the front of their pants, but if I am persistent most will go along with it and let me feel their pubic hair which I find is a real turn-on and a few have even allowed me to get between their legs and insert my finger between their labia and into their vaginas.

I continuing playing with them, getting more and more excited and finally, if I'm lucky enough to get a girl who knows what she's doing, I will come all over my belly. The girl then pulls herself together, goes out for a hot towel and washes me off. Sometimes when there is still time on the clock she'll continue my massage.

I must admit that any girl's hand on my body feels great and I enjoy exploring their bodies as well, but the most exciting massage was not by an Asian girl but by a red-headed young American girl down in North Carolina at a place I found listed in the phone book. It was a private house with licensed massage offered. The masseuse who was assigned to me was absolutely gorgeous with long straight red hair and light freckles on her face, very trim and shapely. She did a full regulation massage and though I was totally naked in front of her, I had no idea if she was going to give me a happy ending. She was so thorough, I thought maybe this was going to be just a massage. But indeed she did finally begin rubbing my cock. I asked if she would take off her shirt and she said she would but it would cost me an extra $25. It certainly was worth every penny to see those magnificently shaped breasts and to play with them as she stroked my penis to a wonderful climax. I tried to find her once again a year later, but the place was no longer in operation. I still remember her fondly.



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