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I Knew I Was Being Watched

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Hi, I've been a reader for a long time now and I decided it's about time I share a story of mine.

I was staying the night at my friends house and had already made it a tradition that when I stayed over there I would jackoff into his little sisters dirty panties. She was 14 at the time and had developed very nicely and I loved the smell of her pussy juices on her panties. Little did I know when I decided to stay over this night was going to be a whole new experience.

I knew it was going to be fun at first cause when we were hanging out she was laying down under a blanket and I could tell she was playing with herself. She had her legs bent up and spread. At first I could see her hand moving a little but didn't think much of it but then it continued and she kept giving faces like something felt really good. At that point I was determined to find those panties for that nights session. After a while she went into the bathroom and came out wearing a different pair of pants. I quickly went in there after she came out and there on the floor was the pants she was wearing and her panties inside them. I snatched the panties and they were soaked and the smell and taste was AMAZING.

I decided to wait until everyone was asleep. As soon as I 'thought' everyone was sleeping I went into the bathroom and grabbed the panties and made my way into the basement. I found a different pair to wrap around my rock hard cock while I sniffed and licked the ones she pleasured herself in. I got so into it I didn't even hear anyone moving around upstairs. All of a sudden I hear someone gasp. I opened my eyes but didn't see anyone.I just kept going because I figured I was just hearing things. I opened my eyes and was looking for another pair of panties when I spotted a pair of eyes coming from a gap between the stairs and the wall. I got really turned on by this because I had fantasized many times about being caught in the act by her and her joining. But this was more of her voyeuring me but I knew she was there.

I knew it was his sister because I heard his mom coughing as she left the bathroom upstairs. I decided to give her a real show and just slowly stroked myself. I would go through many positions before I finally blew my load into the ass of a clean pair of her panties. It seemed to last forever and to be the strongest cum of my life. I made a poor attempt of cleaning it up because I wanted her to have something to play with and I knew she would after I left.

I made my way upstairs as quietly as I could acting like I knew nothing and got to sleep. The next day I woke up went looking for my friend and she told me that he went to their uncles house and would be back in a few hours and that I could hang out there if I wanted. Then I noticed she was wearing a very skimpy top, no bra, and a pair of pants that were low enough on her backside I could see she was wearing the panties I went off in.

It was at that time I confronted her and said I knew she watched me last night and that I got really turned on by it. She then admitted to it and confessed that she fingered herself standing in the same spot I was shortly after I left. We had another three hours before anyone would be home. That's for another time.

Hope you enjoyed

Happy jackin and jillin everyone



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