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I, as so many others, found out by accident that pole climbing was very satisfying. We used to have timed competitions in my neighborhood, and I practiced harder than anyone! I started soaping up my washcloth and holding one corner in the front and the other behind my back and pulling up, I'd rock on the cloth until I came. That would leave me raw sometimes so I gradually switched to just using my fingers on my clit after I'd gone to bed.

When I was 18 I moved in with a male gay couple. My room was across the hall from theirs, and I guess they were exhibitionists because they never shut their door when they fucked. I would lie in bed hearing every sound they made and frig myself silly. I used to clean that house, and there was always a very clear dick imprint in the industrial size vaseline jar by their bed. Oddly very erotic for me.

I had a couple of lesbian relationships around that time. My first girlfriend was a 'squirter' although we didn't know what that was back then. We thought she just couldn't hold her pee when she came! Subsequently I get really turned on now by videos of other women squirting their juices.

I enjoy porn of almost all types, but watching men jack off really gets me going. My husband has a really strong libido and even though we have sex almost every morning, He masturbates daily. Sometimes I watch him, but usually it's during the day when I'm working at the computer in the kitchen. He'll go up the stairs to 'take a nap' and I immediately log on to a site that features men jacking off and cumming. I leave the sound off, finger myself, watch the videos and listen to my husband go at himself. It's wonderful!

There is a young man who rents a room from us. One day he was at his computer and I at mine and all of a sudden he smiled at me and just left the room. I heard the bathroom door shut, and then soon after, the unmistakable sounds of him going at it right through the wall! He groaned aloud when he came. I of course had started touching myself the minute I realized what he was doing. Hearing his ecstacy put me right over the edge as well!

Once after a party, we returned to our house with our young border and some mutual friends. The only other girl in the group had a crush on both the younger two guys, and to get them riled up she started kissing me in the car on the ride home. (My husband and I have done this sort of thing before, so he didn't think anything about it). He went to bed shortly after arriving home leaving me in the kitchen with the three younger people. She started kissing me again, and before I knew it our hands were under each other's shirts and my pussy was getting soaked. The two young men feigned disinterest and went in another room, and to my surprise, she stayed right where she was. I moved my hand from under her top to under her skirt. I laid my middle finger along her dripping slit and massaged her clit with the palm of my hand. She went wild! Without ever removing her tongue from my mouth she stood there, pussy gyrating on my hand, and had a really noisy, wet explosive orgasm. After, looking sheepish, she retired to the other room for the rest of the evening. I joined my husband in bed and since he was sleeping, fingered my clit until I came.

My favorite toy is a small vibrating egg that can be used almost anywhere. I love using it on myself in public places. The idea of getting caught really turns me on. Our office is in a building that is open to the public and we often have people wander in unexpectedly. I masturbate a lot here, also because of the danger aspect. Peeing outside is also a pleasure. I recently read a 'How to' article on peeing standing up. I can't wait to try it out! Maybe I'll sneak out back and give it a try right now!



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