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New Experience

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I am so glad I found this site. I hope this post doesn't offend anyone. I hope I'm not weird and I would really love to find out whether any other women have had a similar experience to me, and what their reactions were.

I'm in my late 30's and have been divorced for just over 3 years - without a serious relationship since. The men whom I've met from time to time haven't motivated me to allow things to be taken to a sexual union, and I have no regrets.

Maybe it's because of the lack of physical intimacy, but I've been experiencing quite the most intense sexual arousal lately. Sometimes it's in my sleep and other times I become so aroused at work that I can't concentrate. Most times when this happens, I wait till I get home before relieving myself. But there have been times when I've had to take matters into my own hands - so to speak - in the loos. Sorry -rambling. I'm still new to this.

My most intense periods of arousal are during ovulation and menstruation. I guess it's the hormones doing their thing as well as being constantly damp down there. I should also mention that until Saturday, I had never experienced multiple orgasms.

Last Saturday, however, I awoke with a pleasant realisation that spring is finally here (I live in the Southern Hemisphere) and I had no commitments. I was also feeling more than a little aroused from some vivid and sexy dreams I'd been having prior to waking. It seemed as if all my nerve endings were screaming for attention. All the areas I normally touch (buttocks, breasts and nipples, inner thighs etc) to excite myself, felt super-sensitive.

Rising, I went to the loo but didn't completely empty my bladder (one of my little quirks - I love dribbling a little into my panties when I masturbate. I feel so deliciously naughty). I took off my t-shirt and old cotton panties in which I normally sleep and went back into the bedroom. I wanted to wear something that would enhance the sensuality of my intimate time with myself. I chose a pair of full-cut satiny panties and a waltz length (comes down to just below my knees) nightie. The sensual touch of the fabric and lace was very exciting!!

I lay back on the bed and for a while luxuriated in the cool breeze coming through the window, caressing my body. I took time to build the mood and sensuality of the situation. My lace curtains also gently moved and stroked my legs and tummy. I imagined it to be a fantasy lover feather-touching my body - making me even more excited. All this makes me pretty normal, I suppose. But wait...

As my arousal increased so did my attentions to my erogenous zones. The soft stroking of my breasts changed to urgent tweaking of my nipples. My right hand had also invaded my panties and I was alternately rubbing my clitoris and thrusting one then two fingers into my vagina. It seemed as if my body just couldn't get enough attention.

I got up onto my knees and, changing from my nipples, I lubricated my fingers and put my left hand into my panties from behind. When I am so aroused like this - I absolutely love coming into my bottom as far as my fingers will go. During this time I would remove my 'front hand' from my panties, dribble small amounts of wee (being grateful for the plastic protector under the sheet) stroke my wet panties and then return to attending to my vagina, massaging my G-spot with two fingers and occasionally flicking my clitoris with my thumb

Now here's where it gets weird... After some minutes of this, I started to feel the tingling of an approaching orgasm somewhere down at my toes and feet. I had been bouncing on my knees and trying to scoot my bottom backward and forward to increase the penetration of my fingers. I had to remove my fingers from my bottom and use my left hand to steady myself. I increased the tempo and pressure on my G'spot surrendering to the incredibly intense sensations it provided. As my orgasm neared, I had an overwhelming urge to let everything go. It didn't matter if I completely wet my bed I just had to push. A moment prior to my orgasmic rush, I suddenly felt poo come out of my bottom and into my panties. I couldn't control it - nor did I want to.

I put my left had to my panty bottom and felt the warm bulge as the orgasmic wave surged and crashed over me. I fell over onto my side and continued masturbating with my right hand and holding my panties with my left. Another - more intense orgasm released a shower of sparks through my system. I cannot describe the profoundly intense mixture of feelings. I turned onto my back and began furiously rubbing my clitoris. I was oblivious to the mess and the smell, I returned to pinching and flicking my nipples. I could feel the warm poo push against my buttocks - giving me sensations and intensity of experience I'd never experienced before. Yet another orgasm exploded inside of me - this one was so intense, I suddenly started crying - I guess from emotional overload - I certainly wasn't unhappy!

I must have fallen asleep, because when I came to, my sheets were all wet and cold and the realisation of what I'd done suddenly hit me. After a thorough clean-up, I ended up sitting in the lounge allowing my mind to go over and over the happenings. My upbringing has been pretty strict and I've never experimented in this way before. I work in a mostly male environment and I wouldn't dare mention this to any of my friends. So I'm glad I've been able to share this - and hope there's someone else out there who might have had a similar experience, and if you're as worried as me - take heart - you're not alone.



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