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Online Fun

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Having some hot online fun


A number of years ago a friend of mine had suggested that I join an adult online community. I was very hesitant to do so, but eventually the idea grew on me and I joined and ever since I've had a tremendous amount of fun on that site without it costing anything. At first I was very timid, but eventually I got bolder and started posting more in forums and eventually posting some pictures of me nude, without showing my face of course and some videos of me jacking off and all of that seemed to be well liked by other members.

I eventually started to chat more with the people there, particularly the women, I'd post messages on peoples walls, or send private message, and I'd get messages back. I even got bold enough to go in to the chat room and chat with the people online, I never thought I'd ever do that. I eventually met a woman in the forum from Texas. She was married and had a kid, her husband didn't give her much attention which is why she joined the site. We chatted back an forth quite a bit, she had several nude pictures of herself posted, she was very attractive. We eventually got comfortable enough with each other to swap personal contact info, we emailed quite a bit, sent a lot of sexy messages to each other, even some pics. We had so much fun turning each other on and telling each other what we'd like to do to one another.

I eventually asked her if she would ever want to have some fun with me on cam and she agreed but due to my work schedule and her husband and kid being around that was tough. We did eventually find a time that we could meet online. We set a date and a time, I could not wait, I was so anxious and so aroused. When the time came to chat, I logged on to my computer, I could see she was online so I sent her a message to let her know I was ready to meet and she responded ok. I was so nervous, but my cock was so hard, I had my clothes stripped off before I even had my computer logged on. I got the message that she was sending me a video message and I responded and there she was on my screen saying hi to me. It was so incredible. She was just sitting there in her living room talking to me with a blanket covering her. We went through the usual pleasantries, the hi, how are you, etc. And then of course she popped the question of what I might be interested in doing.

I of course told her that I wanted to see her get off, so she smiled and said of course. With that the blanket came off to reveal a beautiful set of tits, her nipples were so hard, I could tell she was already very aroused. She leaned back in the chair and spread her legs for me, her puffy pussy was shaved and bright red, I could see her clit peeking out and she was glistening with wetness. She reached down and began to massage her pussy, spreading her wetness around, she asked if that's what I wanted to see and all I could do was nod yes. She rubbed her whole pussy, occassionally slipping a few fingers inside and spreading her wetness around, doing circles around her clit. She began to pant and moan and call my name. I was speechless at what I was watching, but I tried to give her words of encouragement as much as I could. One hand worked her pussy, the other pinched her nipple. Her eyes were closed, I coud tell she was deep in pleasure and it wouldn't be long for her. I could see her pussy turning a deeper shade of red and swelling up more. She started to breath harder and told me she was about to cum, all I could was look on with wide eyes. Her hand was a blur across her pussy. Finally her whole body seized up and she gasped, it was absolutely incredible. Her fingers were inside her trying to ride out the last waves of her orgasm. Her body finally stopped seizing and she pulled her fingers out of her, I could see her body glowing and how much she enjoyed what she just did for me.

She leaned back and laughed and thanked me, but then she said "it's your turn.." She didn't have to ask me twice, so I stood up and showed her my rock hard cock that was already throbbing. As soon as she saw it, she said "mmm, I'd love to have that inside me right now, why don't you stroke it for me.." I knew I wasn't going to last long, I grabbed the bottle of lube that I had and lubed my cock up for her, the precum had been oozing from my tip through her entire show so I really didn't need much. I greased myself up good and began to stroke from the tip to the base. I tried to take it as slow as I could so I could last. I think she could tell I needed it really bad so she said "go ahead and shoot it for me." I asked if she was sure she was ready and she said "oh yes baby, do it." I started pumpin my cock faster, it didn't take long, I felt my balls swell up and then my orgasm took over and I shot several huge ropes of cum, it felt amazing. I think she liked it too because I heard her say "oooh," I was a bit too caught up in my pleasure to pay attention. I stroked my cock a little to try and prolong my climax for as long as I could. I started to soften up a bit and finally fell limp, my whole body felt a little weak, it was definitely one of the better orgasms I has ever had.

I smiled at her and we both laughed. I asked her if she was in the mood to do it again. She said no, but she really enjoyed what we did and wanted to do it again sometime, I agreed. We chatted a few more minutes and we eventually both had to go and get cleaned up. We only did it that one time, we chatted together several more times after that, but could never find a time to get together again. I've met a couple of women online and had one or two more cyber sessions like that, it's rare to find a woman who enjoys that and be able to coordinate a time that's convenient for both, but I still enjoy it and hope I can find someone like that again.



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