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One Of The Wildest Adventures Of My Youth

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Remember those kids that once in a while pop up with videos sleeping in the supermarket? Well, I did that in a sports club.

In the months following the events of my first time swimming naked, I simply couldn't get over it. I masturbated a few times just remembering that day and honestly, the faint smell of chlorine could also get me going. It was a wonderful experience that I could rarely repeat during my youth, but when I did, well... It deserves a story on its own.


There was a failing sports club (or recreational center, I'll just call it club) in town that declared bankruptcy. Still, it was allowed to maintain its activities in a deal of judicial reorganization, admitting guilt of tax fraud. Needless to say, it didn't work because in the months following the deal, the dwindling members never showed up because, after all, the whole "sports club" thing was a failing business overall since then. They had to maintain the structure as part of the deal, and that was essential for my little adventure.



It was just before I went to college, a few weeks after the events of "A Weekend To Never Forget". Most of my things were already prepped for moving, and luckily again, my parents traveled together, leaving me alone in the house for about three days during the week. For one of those days, I told them I'd be staying in with a friend and they agreed. But this particular friend collaborated and I said I wouldn't be staying there for the night, as "I had a mission". No questions asked, he had my back and I was free.



I left the house after lunch, took a bus, and arrived at the club around mid-afternoon. It had to be a not-so-late time so I could disguise myself as a regular visitor. And since I wasn't a member, I paid around 20$ to get in and could enjoy everything they had to offer for a single day. In that sense, I actually did because I went to the pool, jogged on their tracks and later used the gym. It was a weekday, mid-afternoon, in a failing place, so everywhere I went, I saw around 5 seniors and maybe 3 staff members.



Observing and paying attention to every detail, the staff didn't care much for any inspection. As the afternoon was ending at around 6pm, they were closing, and I knew that there was one single entrance and exit, poorly supervised by one dude at the time. My fear was that the first guy saw me getting inside and didn't see me get out. But as I was surveilling the place, I noticed that the first guy's shift was over and there was another one guarding the entrance.



As a side note, all this happened in an old place, and before, surveillance cameras were really a thing everyone must have. We are also talking about a relatively small city with absolutely nothing to worry about regarding violent crimes. I remember shoplifting starting to be a thing after the housing crisis, and only then did companies start with electronic monitoring.



Perfect! All I had to do was get to the farthest and safest place from that entrance and hide. I went to the kids' pool area and hid myself in one of the stalls. This was completely unnecessary because nobody would ever go there to check. I remember staying in the stall in the dark for almost an hour, eating the snacks I had brought before I realized I could at least sit down in the dressing area. There I stayed for another hour and actually dozed off while laying down in the benches.



When I spontaneously woke up, it was after 8 pm. I remember getting shocked seeing the time in that green Nokia display. Alright, time to finally put my plan into action! It was pitch dark. Not even a street light was near because the place was somewhat far from the city. The sky was clean, typical summer night and a bright full moon was the only thing that allowed me to see anything.



Damn, it was a mix of adrenaline and tranquility because I knew that I was far enough from the only entrance, and there were no guards or anybody around the premises. All I had to do was stay in an area I drew in my mind in which the only guy at the entrance wouldn't see or hear me. And that was absolutely provoking me!



As my body was rushing with anticipation, I felt my penis reacting. I left that bathroom only wearing my Speedo and slowly but surely went into the kid's pool. It was a test for what I really came in here to do so, as it was too shallow, I moved into a nearby Olympic pool. It was huge and although I was far enough away, I kept silent while getting in and while swimming as well. The pool was at a perfect temperature, and I didn't feel cold at all. Then, I knew it was time for the action to begin.



I remember trying to improvise a scene, to get me going. I stepped outside the pool surroundings completely and entered back in, but this time, after the cold shower area, I removed my Speedos and left them hanging in the shower pipe itself. As I walked around 10 steps to get to the border of the pool, my body filled with absolute horniness and I got hard almost that fast. By then I had trimmed my pubes so I had barely any left from two days ago.



From that moment on, all my movements were steady and slow. I entered the pool gently sliding my butt on the border and then on the walls. It was a very deep pool and I had to keep moving my legs all the time to stay up and that water movement on my dick got me really really hard. So much that I didn't even need to touch it but my foreskin got completely pulled back, exposing the whole head of my penis to the cold water.



I tried to dive in and swim, but my mind was solely focused on my dick. As I always mention, I wasn't much of a masturbator back then, only doing it once or twice a week. So when the lust kicks in, it's something different and unlike anything at that time. At a certain time, around 10 min, moving randomly in the pool, I felt I needed to take care of that raging hard-on. It was something crazy because it felt like the water around me was already jerking my dick off, like it had hands grabbing onto it.



My horniness got the best of me and I exited the pool, laid down on the floor and simply masturbated. Always holding the head of my penis with my thumb and two fingers, I moved up and down the foreskin for really not longer than 30 seconds until cum started flying around. As I was taking it slow, most of it dripped down my belly onto the floor and to "clean" it I simply rolled around it and mushed with my hands and butt. Satisfied, it was relaxation time now. I found a large plastic/rubber board lying around the place and got myself into the pool again with it so I could lie down and float. 



The scene in my memories was really beautiful: I was saying goodbye to this city and to a life I was used to have. I was completely naked, soaked wet, penis swollen and dripping cum, clandestinely in a pool miles from a friend's home where I was supposed to be. Still, the moon's bright light was shining and reflecting on the water and on the droplets in me. The slight breeze was hitting my groin, feeling it, especially in my balls. I remember staying in that random board for quite some time before deciding to leave and return to my base.



I retrieved my swimsuit and before putting it back on, shook off a persistent cum string hanging on the head of my dick. Returning to my things in the bathroom, it was already 10:30 pm. That single "swim" session took me around two hours, and I didn't even realize it! So yeah, my plan was to eat the sandwich I had, explore a little longer, and sleep in the bathroom until morning so I could somehow leave the place.



When it was about 11 pm, I started strolling around the place, getting to know the huge area they had. A real size football field was the most amazing thing I ever saw. They had a somewhat large grandstand; maybe in the past, they had a team, but I never heard any stories. Then I found myself around the 50-yard marking and again had a feeling of "me smaller than the world", standing and looking at where people used to cheer for their team and share great moments. I was so small and so singular compared to that giant field and... to the world ahead of me!



My teenage mind could only respond in actions that would create more unforgettable moments, trying to balance all that grandeur pressing me. So, in an impulse, "Fuck it", I immediately removed my Speedos and threw them away as far as I could on the field. With that I didn't even look back and started running on the opposite side, metaphorically leaving that "me" behind.



I honestly just wanted the risk and the adventure of exploring the place completely naked. It felt like being in a pitch-dark sports club in the middle of the night wasn't enough. I spent hours in that motto: I had to sit where people used to sit, I had to try to get in the cafeterias, I had to be by the lake and appreciate the reflection of the moon. All that while simply being naked and absolutely vulnerable, all my belongings were really far and I even had no idea what time it was. And that exact feeling was already activating me... I knew I was feeling horny again.



That got boosted when I came across the indoor pool area. I was slightly disappointed when the main gate was closed but realized: what about the staff room? Damn those underpaid but slacking individuals, they left it right open! And then I entered, without making any sound, without a single light to guide me I sneaked into the main pools. The ceiling had some acrylic tiles, so a little moonlight was getting inside, and I could better see the marvelous ahead of me.



Since it was a concealed space, I needed to worry less about making sounds so I risked myself and jumped in the pool. I was still a little concerned but I got confident and really enjoyed myself. The water was still really warm, like a giant bathtub! I was all alone!! Damn how I enjoyed the warmth and that feeling, all around me.



By that time, I allowed myself to just feel whatever came, and obviously, the horniness was first on the line. From one of the pools to another, to the big one to the small jacuzzi, I felt my dick bouncing and getting harder each time. Then I playfully enjoyed every part of that place, trying to get myself absolutely hard and horny. I grabbed those giant balls and bounced on them; I ground myself on any given surface, even sliding on my back, with my dick absolutely hard pointing up.



What really messed me up was grinding my butt against those stainless steel pool ladders. Pressing my gooch against that made me wanna cum in that exact same spot, but I refused to do so. I had to make it special. So I went to one of the jacuzzis and started to get it going. I knew I was on the peak of my horniness but I was unable to cum for some reason and I loved it!



As I was jerking off, harder and faster each time, it felt like time was running slow. I could wank my dick off as fast as I could and I would feel the exact same "itch" to repeat the movement every single time. It was absolutely crazy because, for me, I could stay wanking in that exact same spot forever, as my perception of time was simply gone. My hand was going up and down and I could feel my foreskin open and close, and as I wasn't with my dick completely submerged, that act was pushing water inside the movement area, sorta lubricating it. From the outside view, one could only hear splashing noises from afar and only closely looking, would see a teenager stroking his dick faster and faster each time.



Then I suddenly felt that urge to cum, uncontrollably. As I was nearing my orgasm, I let go of soft moans, as I was being hit with that masturbation itch on the tip of my dick. When I finally squirted copious amounts of cum, I made an unintended mess, with white stuff going all around and mixing with the splashing water as I simply could not stop jerking. 



At one time, I did, but I couldn't even look at what happened. All that horniness was making me forget where I was and that I wasn't supposed to be there in the first place! Cock dripping cum, body wet and desperately, I ran away from that place only hoping that my vicious masturbatory speed would break off some of the cum strings and by the morning, they would be gone.



I didn't even want to retrieve my Speedo. I activated my "emergency mode" and ran back to the bathroom to grab my things. There, I locked the door from the inside and let the adrenaline fall off. When that happened, I noticed how tired I was. Looking at my phone, it was almost 3 a.m. I remember almost passing out on the floor after sorting a towel for me to lay down and put my head on my backpack to rest.



When my alarm went off at 6:30 am, I quickly put a new set of clothes and ventured outside. I still had around 90 minutes to escape before the place opened for good if no staff came by early to do whatever. And I simply couldn't go through the main entrance, as nobody saw me get in! I tried to climb the walls but they were too tall. Luckily, the football field had a chain link fence linking to an outside area, the visitors' entrance when they used to have real games there.



I used that to my advantage and crawled under it since it wasn't properly fixed on the ground. It was a close call because I had to throw my bag over the fence and squeeze in. Now I found myself in the far corner of the place, having to walk from the outside all the way to the front to get my bus. I saw some people around looking at me because I simply came out of nowhere and I just ignored them and kept walking.



When my bus arrived, I was still feeling like like some sort of outlaw. But the closer I got to home, the safer I felt.



Needless to say, a sore dick always brings me excellent memories.




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