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A Day at the Beach

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I debated putting this under male-male, but since nobody else was there when the actual masturbation took place...

Yesterday, my buddy P and I went to the beach about an hour away. We waited until afternoon, so that we could hang out late, and hang out with our other buddy K who works out there after he got off work. The three of us, along with another friend who didn't come along, enjoy casual non-sexual nudity. We hang out naked together and play videogames, or go streaking whenever we get a chance. K is uncut, about four and a half inches soft (no clue how big hard) and pretty thick. P is a bit smaller, maybe four inches, also uncut. Mine is the longest, about five inches soft (a touch over seven hard), but not quite as thick as K's. I am the only one of us that is circumsised (and glad to be...I think it looks so much better). If it sounds like I've looked at their dicks a lot, its cuz I have. I am a straight guy, no attraction to other guys whatsoever...but I love looking at cocks. They're just really cool to look at, and the way they move is hillarious. Not arousing, just cool. We have never done anything sexual together, doubt we ever would. Anyway...

I knew heading out that I wanted to have some outdoor naked time, and jokingly discussed it with K when we met up with him on his break. While we waited for him to get off work, P and I swam in the lake, taking off our shorts in the water (but far out, as this was a crowded beach) and playing 'Pickle on a Platter' (popping out of the water so your penis lays on your stomach)

By the time K got off work, the sun was going down, and the crowds had thinned considerably. The weather was still beautiful, and the water was warm. We drove down to the far end of the beach, and then walked further along, past the actual park boundry, where hardly anyone goes, looking for a place to skinnydip that wouldn't get us arrested. When we got there, we weren't alone....there was a couple about 50 feet further down the beach. We are pretty sure we interrupted plans for some beach sex...the girl had no top on, and the guy was taking pictures.

Since we were not alone, we kept our trunks on when we went into the water, and waited for the couple to leave while the couple waited for us to leave. While we were waiting, we talked about the various places we had masturbated...turns out K and I had both done it in the lake with friends around at different times. At the same time, we kept an eye on the couple. The guy seemed to be trying to covince her to let him screw her anyway, even though we were there, but finally they gave up and went away.

By this time, all three of us had our trunks off, but were still submerged in the warm water. As soon as they rounded the bend, K jumped up and ran out of the water, threw his trunks on the sand, and ran back, his uncut cock flapping. P immediately followed suit, his slightly smaller penis jumping as he ran. I did the same a few seconds later, and by the time I got back in the water, the bouncing had made me half-stiff. I decided to jerk off in the water, but for some reason as soon as I started, my erection went away, so I gave up and swam over to the other guys. When I told them, K said 'yeah, I'd be jerking off right now if I was hard.'

We swam around a bit more, then ran back to the beach to get our stuff. As we got there, P tackled K, and they tumbled naked to the ground...K looked so shocked, it was hilarious.

We walked back to the empty parking lot and dried off. P and K put on their shorts and shirts, while I just wrapped my towel around my waist. I drove K back to his cabin, and P and I headed for home.

Once we got on the road, I said 'Naked time!' and threw my towel open. P looked at me for a moment, then pulled off all his clothes, and we drove home like that. Driving naked down the highway with a buddy is an awesome feeling. Its also nerve-wracking...we passed a large pickup truck as we crossed a lighted overpass, and from his reaction, we are farely certain he could see right down into the car. He pulled up alongside us again, and was leaning over the steering wheel, trying to get another look, when we passed out of the lights and he dropped back.

That's probably what set me off. Knowing that a stranger had just seen us naked in the car, I started getting hard...not a full-blown erection, but getting there. I decided I wanted to jerk off.

I stole a few glances at P's cock as we drove under lights, hoping he also was getting a boner. I've never jerked off with anyone, and if P had been hard, I would have suggested that we both do it. But apparently being seen hadn't had the same effect on him...his dick lay soft against his thigh. I decided to wait until after I dropped him off, then jerk off at home. (P lives in a small town just outside my city...from his house, I have to drive about 20 minutes around a bypass, then another five down another highway before I am in the city).

As we pulled into his town, I closed my towel around my waist (I actually had to remind him to get dressed before we got to his house). It was dark, and there was nobody around, so as soon as I drove away from his house, I had my towel open and was rubbing it gently. In the two minutes it took to reach the highway again, I was hard as a rock. I needed to cum now.

I pulled over into a store car park and continued to rub myself gently. By this time I was leaking a steady stream of pre-cum onto the towel I was sitting on. Realizing that I was sitting off a fully-lit freeway, stark naked and jerking my meat, and that anyone who passed would be able to see what I was doing, made me so horny I was throbbing. I knew I wouldn't last long. I kept pounding away, feeling a hugely intense orgasm building in my balls. I lifted the towel just in time to catch blast after blast of cum. The orgasm was so powerful, I felt it all the way to the top of my head and the tips of my toes.

I folded the towel over to soak up the cum, then pulled it from under me, balled it up and dropped it on the floor. I pulled off onto the highway home, then quickly slid my shorts back on, still thrumming slightly from my orgasm.

Hopefully we'll have another beach day this summer. If we do, and I get hard in the water while skinnydipping, I'm gonna stand up and just jerk it right in plain view. Maybe my friends will join me...



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