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On the Train

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This is how sex began for me


My daily journey to and from school was by train. The local services we used in those days had 'slam door' individual compartments without a corridor. These provided a few minutes of privacy to a gang of schoolboys, if we were lucky enough to get one to ourselves. We took advantage of them to play some rough-and-tumble physical games, one of which for obvious reasons we called 'cock fighting'. This involved wrestling with an opponent, trying to grab his genitals and inflict a little pain, whilst he struggled to do the same to you, typical schoolboy fooling about. One day my opposite number was a genial, friendly guy about a year older (14), called Martin. We tussled as usual, but when I grabbed between his legs something a little different happened. Instead of struggling violently, he relaxed a little and grinned whilst I groped him, and instead of squeezing his well-formed balls through his trousers, I fondled them. Then I became aware that his cock was stiff and hard. He smiled at me. For the first time I had come into contact with another boy's sexual arousal. We soon had to end our game, but in bed that night I thought about this brief encounter, and found it rather exciting, well, more than rather!

Nothing happened for a while after this, but I often thought about it. I had discovered masturbation a few months before, enjoyed it fairly regularly, and often wondered about other boys' experiences. But it was still a rather taboo subject, and we didn't discuss it a lot. Martin was a good looking, happy-go-lucky chap with fair hair and a jovial smile, and I was very fond of him.

One day a few weeks after the 'cock fight' Martin and I had both been delayed at school and found ourselves the only two of our little group catching the same train home. We managed to get a compartment to ourselves. Well, as soon as the train moved off, he turned to me, grinned, and gesturing to his trousers, told me he 'wanted to have a go'. I felt excited, but a bit scared. I wasn't quite sure how I should react, but I mumbled, 'Well, go on then, you can sit over there and do it'. 'Oh come on', he replied, 'It's much nicer when someone else does it for you', and sat right next to me. I couldn't pluck up the courage to do more than rest my hand on his thigh. Seeing my hesitation, he decided to speed things up, and swiftly undid his flies, revealing a sizeable tent in his underpants, aertex as we often wore in those days. My imagination went into overdrive, wondering what he looked like under the fabric. I didn't need to wait long. He deftly slipped his pants down and I had my first sight of another guy's erection, which seemed enormous, rising out of an impressive bush of brownish pubes. I guess I gasped, but still couldn't find it in me to touch it. He couldn't wait; started to get to work, sliding his foreskin back and forth over the glans, and obviously enjoying the experience.

He didn't last long. Within a very few minutes there was a sharp intake of breath, and three or four jets of clear fluid shot out across the compartment and landed on the seat opposite. The consistency was less creamy than I had expected, but the force of his ejaculation was impressive. Martin gave me a dreamy smile, then swiftly took out a handkerchief, wiped the tip of his penis, mopped up the pool, and then pushed the handkerchief down the back of the seat. Then he quickly forced his package back into his underwear.

I'd been so transfixed by this spectacle that I'd hardly realised what I was doing myself. Glancing down, I became aware that I'd subconsciously undone my own flies, and my dick was also standing proud and throbbing. I was pleased to note that it was of a very similar size to Martin's and that my own, darker, bush was again, much like his. I desperately wanted to copy him, but by then the first houses of our town were coming into view through the carriage window, and there was no time left. With a struggle, I forced my erection back into my trousers, and by the time we got out, except for flushed faces, there was nothing to give our activities away.

As you can imagine, in bed that night I wanked furiously, thinking about the episode on the train, and ended with a really powerful orgasm. You would imagine that we would have gone further, but strange as it may seem, we never did repeat that experience. I think the constant message that boys weren't supposed to do that with each other stopped me at that time from exploring further. I eventually did, but not with Martin. But that very first intimate experience with another boy has stayed in my memory ever since, and influenced my later sexual development.

Ben, I hope you enjoyed that. Let me know what you thought. I'll produce a sequel if you like, about more recent events. All the best, Rob.



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