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Move over Broke Back Mountain

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Adventures with a cowboy... A true story
Let me begin by saying that I, by nature, am somewhat shy and reserved. I had worked very hard through hug school, college and grad school, all the while working as a book keeper, while I diligently worked toward becoming a CPA. When I finally achieved this, I decided to treat myself (all by myself, sadly) to a week long vacation at a dude ranch in Wyoming. I hadn't made very many friends in Boston, where I started my career, so I didn't have anyone to ask to go with me. My childhood friends in Texas had started families and I had kind of outgrown them... Or should I say, we were in different paths in our lives. I decided on a dude ranch as it was something I had always wanted to do, and it would be a challenge to keep it with real cowboys. Having grown up in Texas. I knew my way around a horse. I had never really taken a horse out for a cattle run, nor had I ever slept out under the stars with a chuck wagon for our meals and a campfire and guitar singing cowboy for entertainment. I decided on a pretty easy ranch, as I wasn't sure how much roughing I could take. The ranch was a resort with spa and fine dining attached. The ride was an option and one could go out for the day, go two days and/or take classes to be a ranch hand. The group I had signed up with were older folks with their teenage grandchildren. There was an over weight couple from Chicago, and me. Right away, I had a sinking feeling I would have a lot of alone time! The host rounded us up and drove us by wagon to our luxurious rooms. The resort was quite nice with barns and horse stables converted into rooms. The others were already planning their spa visit and pool time, while all I could think of was getting up on a horse and seeing the countryside. It was on this ride that I caught a peek at Chad. Chad was in his mid to late twenties. He is, what most people say, strapping. 6 foot and taller, muscular, and incredibly man-looking. He had a square jawline that could cut bread and healthy frosting for chest hair to keep h anyone with him warm at night. His brows were thick and yet perfectly manicured and his eyes, intense and bluer than a mid morning sky (funny how my description spuds like an old cowboy poem)... He was busy wrangling on some horses (I know, stop with the manliness, already!) when I spotted him. Now I wouldn't even consider myself gay at this point of life! I had girlfriends and even had a girl 'friend' with benefits that I only considered, really an acquaintance. But the moment I saw Chad I felt such strong lust that I knew given any chance, I would go all out gay for him! I spent a couple of days soaking up the spa and amenities before deciding to throw myself into the real cowboy experience. I was rewarded for being so patient, as bug the time I signed up for a day with a cowboy, everyone else in the ranch had already tried it and had given up. Along for the ride that day were two teenaged brothers. We were asked if we wanted to come back or stay out, have dinner by the chuck wagon and sleep under the stars. We all agreed that we would sleep out there. The ranch hand warned it would be hard, and a jeep would come out and check on us after dinner, just in case. It was then that Chad came in and with a crooked smile and deep piercing eyes, came in and introduced himself. He held out his hand and said 'howdy,' and I just stared back in awe. It was an awkward moment and I die just reliving it everytime I tell this story. The two boys, Patrick and Nathan were both gung hi and ready to go. 'what, are you like an Abercrombie and Fitch model on your off time?' kidded one of the boys. 'I don't know what that exactly means.' drawled back Chad. And we were off. The day was brutal. We all had moderate experience with horses, so Chad worked us harder than most. The day got hotter and the ride more dusty. When we finally took a break and walked the horses to a river for water, Chad and I started to talk. He had grown up a little bit of a loner and followed his cousin to the ranch. He had been there almost seven years and enjoyed his work, but found it a little lonely. There was a lot of comraderie at the ranch but he didn't quite connect with all the ranch hands. I shared my own lonely life in Boston and how I had been working non stop for the past decade. We found each other seeing ourselves in each of our lives but with different backdrops. The day started to cool off and blue sky broke out into an orange mist that blended into a crimson horizon. We sat with the two boys in an area smoothed out and prepared for tourist pretending to be cowboys. We feasted on the fine American cowboy chuck wagon food of meat with a side of bread and chili. The boys could hardly move at this point and the thought of having to sleep in a tent on hard earth was not appealing to them. The ranch jeep slowly pulled up to our campsite right as Chad broke out his guitar. I think the boys literally jumped for joy and ran to meet the car. 'we're going back to civilization,' one the boys yelled back at us. 'see ya!'. Was all I could yell back. The jeep pulled away and all that was left was Chad and I. The sky was dark and the Horizon just as faint a red as the embers of our fire. 'So tell me more about your life, Roman'. He asked. He strummed the guitar as I spoke about my life and where I was professionally... He chimed in with his point of view and related it to his own life on the ranch.... I hadn't noticed that it had grown colder and we had gotten closer. We laughed and talked into the wee hours of the night. I finally called it a night and started to move to my tent. We had pitched tents right next to each other (pun intended) and I climbed into mine to sleep... He said he would clean up the wagon and sleep later. I slept uneasily that night, perhaps it was the hard ground or the aching muscles, but I do remember fantasizing about Chad before dozing off. Sometime later, I think I awoke and heard a faint moaning sound. I turned over to see what looked like a silhouette of him pleasuring himself in his tent. His manhood large and curved and his thighs bucking wildly under his pelvis. I turned away for a second, in shock but when I turned around again, all I saw was his sleeping shadow. Perhaps I was in between sleep and wakefulness and just imagined the figure. I lay quiet for a few minutes and the decided I must have been dreaming. The next morning I woke up with all kinds of aches and pains all over my body. I peeked out of my tent and was surprised with the most gorgeous view of Chad naked in the river. There was a steady steam of urine jetting out of his long penis into the river .... 'good morning!' said lamely looking right at him. 'come on down and wash up.' he yelled to me. 'breakfast is on the fire... And we still have at least 30 minutes before it's done.'. I wearily climbed out of the tent and started to undress to join him in the river. 'sorry, usually I wash up in the camp ground showers, but since just us out here, and you were still asleep, I wanted to enjoy the old' swimming hole like I used to.'. He said. 'that's fine... I should take in the 'ole swimming hole' the way I imagined cowboys do... In the buff'. It was a little unnerving undressing in front of Chad as he was watching me intently. I removed my shirt and belt, then dropped my jeans on the ground. As I grabbed the waistband of my underwear, I looked up to see Chad eyeing me. He neither flinched nor did he turn away as I dropped my underwear... He simply kept his eye on me the whole time, while I walked down to the river. I got down to the rocky river side and started to push the briskly cold water up onto my body... I felt the need to pee and turned away to do so. 'go down stream to do that,' he said as he lead me forward and a little behind him. I started to urinate, all the while Chad watched me talking small talk about how the morning was unusually clear and warm. As I finished, I turned toward Chad and was unexpectedly tackled into the water. We wrestled in the water for about fifteen minutes when he said he had to pull the dutch ovens from the fire. We walked up the hill to the camp and I told him how my body was aching. He said he had an old cowboy trick to take care of that. When we got to the camp he pulled two smooth stones from around the camp that were similar to the smooth stones found in the river. He then spread a blanket and asked me to lay down. The river rocks were just warm from sitting out in the morning sun and felt good on my aching back. I was very conscious of the fact that neither of us had gotten dressed and now he was massaging me with hot rocks. He worked my neck, and shoulders and finally my glutes. My cock started to grow almost from the start of the massage... ' OMG!!! What if he asks me to turn over?'. He worked methodically over every inch and I dared not turn to look at him or turn over. 'come on, let's eat and I will finish later,' he said. I lay there on the blanket afraid to stand up, so I lifted my head to tell him I would follow. When I looked up, there was Chad in front of me, sitting on a log with the biggest monster hard on I had ever seen. I looked him square in the face and he blushed... 'Sorry I don't get much bodily contact up here.' he said with a half grin. I knelt up on the blanket and my erection sprang forward in all it's glory. 'looks like we both enjoyed the massage' I said. I then walked right up to him on the log and straddled one of his out stretched legs. He looked up at me, then I did something I never thought I would be doing, I kissed him deeply on the mouth. Our tongues searched for each other and started dancing in our mouths like two eels caught in a cave. I felt his rigid manhood on the back of my thigh and his strong hairy torso and chest pressed my hard nipples he pulled me down onto part of his knee, so I was half squating in front of me, when I felt the hard surface of his knee swaying between each cheek of my ass and tickling my low hanging testicles. I grabbed his head and ran my fingers through his danp hair as I continued to kiss him hard and strong. He pitched forward and a second later I was lifted off the ground and back onto the blanket. I felt the strong, firm grasp of his hand onto my engorged manhood. A moan escaped my lips and I bucked my hips wildly as he started to move my foreskin up and down my hard shaft. His scent was strong and clean, very manly. I hugged him strongly as we began to grind our hard cocks together while we passionately kissed. We took turns edging each other with our hands. He would lay me down working me with his hands, then stop short of having me cum, then I would sit up and work his tool until he warned me of his impending orgasm. We finally set ourselves straddling the log facing each other while we mutually masturbated each other. I started to feel the most powerful orgasm take hold in the very center of my body. I was wildly and loudly moaning, and grunting. I let go of him and leaning back as he pitched me forward onto his knee, lifting my ass off the log. He slid one finger deep into my ass and started to grip more firmly on my cock. My whole body seemed to pulsate from cock and the rhythm of his finger deep inside me and the hand wrapped around my cock was the most exquisite feeling I had ever experienced. The little ripple of an orgasm that started in my center began to ache and grow more intense. I was thrusting my ass back with every push of his finger, but also pushing my hips forward to meet every pump of his fist. The ripple became a wave and the wave a tsunami as I experienced my first prostate orgasm. Milliseconds later, my cock let loose a continuous stream of semen that seemed to rocket from cock and onto his thigh. Thick ropes of semen jet from my dick hole for what felt like two minutes... I could hardly stand and my body started to spasm slightly between each pump of his fist. I collapsesd on the log covered in sweat and semen. After a few seconds, it was Chads turn. I got up off the log and positioned myself kneeling in front of Chad. He lifted his body off the log and rested his upper shoulder on the log and his lower torso and hips partly on my hips and thighs. I started working his massive, red, throbbing cock. I inched my finger toward his exit hole, he clinched up and pushed my hand away. After a few times of this, I starter to tickle him on that sweet spot between his ass and his balls. He groaned loudly... I started to nibble his nipples alternating a little nibble with a soft pinch or a warm exhale at the base of his penis. He was lost in another world, head pitched back groaning and rocking his hips to my every movement. His breathing started to get heavy and what was once a pant, became long and purposefully labored. I felt a quiver go through his body, as he drew a quick breath and let a deep resounding moan... It was at this moment I felt the first spasm go through his cock and the whole side of my face covered in hot sticky, slimy cum. 'oh my ... Yes, YES, YES!!!!!' he yelled, as another geyser of salty protein erupted from his purple head. It seemed like bucket loads of cum was coming from everywhere. His body stiffened and his voice deep and yearning....'don't stop, please don't stop'. He said. He finally sank onto the ground completely spent. We laughed hysterically as we discovered our breakfast was completely ruined. We ran back to the river to wash all the sweat, dirt and cum from our body. The rest of the vacation was a series of late night visits (staff were not allowed to romance guests). We both discovered other means to pleasure ourselves, but that is another story .. I left the ranch with a heavy heart. I slipped him a note saying thank you and tipping him generously for his time and service. I gave him my address and told him, I would be out on my first accounting assignment for the rest of the month, but welcome a call or visit after that. I slipped the note into his saddlebag and left without saying goodbye. I spend three weeks in Italy on assignment for my work. I waited anxiously for a call from Chad. I returned to Boston and still received neither call, nor text, or even mail. I had never been in a gay relationship and wouldn't consider it with anyone but Chad. Two months passed after my ranch vacation. Fall had firmly planted itself in Boston and I hadn't made any new friends and my 'girl friend' had found greener pastures, so found myself especially lonely and sad. I walked into my condo to find an envelope on the floor in front of my door, as if someone slid it under the door. It was the note I had written Chad! I flipped the envelope over and there in red bold capital letter 'I AM NOT A WHORE!'. The tip money I had left him was neatly untouched inside the envelope. I dropped the envelope and ran out the door. Across the street, there he stood in a Stetson and boots. Tears were running down my face. Tears of sadness and loneliness.. Tears of joy to see him. His face at first was angry, his brow tight, his jaw clenched. Once he saw me sobbing in the middle of the street, his face softened and his eyes began to glisten. He ran to me, we hugged and kissed passionately on the sidewalk for all to see. It's been three years now and we are packing our bags for Montana. Chad and I are headed for our new life at our very own ranch in Montana...Who knew?



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