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On the Bus

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Late night bus ride home


I just wanted to share something that happened to me a few years ago. It is still one of the hottest moments of my life.

So I had just finished the late shift at work. I had just jumped on the bus at about 11pm. This time of night I was pretty much always the only person on the bus, maybe one or two other people but they always sat at the front in the lit section and I liked to sit at the back. I was sitting in a different seat from usual, as the one I usually sat in had rubbish all over it. This new seat though turned out to be right above the engine, it was one of those seats that faces another seat facing backwards so I had my legs up on the seat. As soon as I sat down I felt the vibrations of the bus run right through my body. Now I probably should mention my bus ride is about an hour long and it gets pretty dark out where I live, not many street lights.

So as the bus is rumbling along I am really starting to enjoy these vibrations running through my body and it started to get me a bit horny, I could already feel my juices around my lips. I was dressed in my work uniform which was just a blue blouse and some black pants and being at the back of the bus by myself I figured 'screw it'. I unbuttoned my pants and slipped my hand into my panties, I had to hold in the moan as my fingers first touched my wet lips, I couldn't believe how wet I was. I still had about 45 minutes left of my bus ride so I figured I would just enjoy it and take my time.

About a minute later the bus stops and this girl gets on. She must have been 17 or 18 and she was stunning. Short and petite with long brown hair, big blue eyes, tight body and a nice set of boobs. She had the whole bus to sit on but she came right to the back and she sat in the seat facing me and just had her headphones in and looked out the window. Obviously as soon as the bus had stopped I had pulled my hand back out of my pants but I was still so horny and having this cute girl sitting opposite me wasn't helping. As the bus kept moving I kept stealing glances at her and noticed how gorgeous she actually was and then I noticed her eyes closed and her breathing had slowed. She was asleep against the window. I tried as hard as I could but I was so horny I had to keep going so I slipped just the tips of my finger back into my pants to tickle my clit (just enough so I could pull them out in a hurry) I mean the vibrations were doing enough.

I was rubbing gently and then I felt it, my orgasm was coming, my panties were soaked I bet even my pants were too, I was doing my best to stay quiet and then as I felt myself past the point of no return she opened her eyes and smiled at me. That was it!! it set my body off and I started convulsing in my chair, my pussy spasming, juices flowing from my pussy and then when I had recovered and realised where I was she kept smiling at me and pushed the stop bus button. About 20 seconds later the bus pulled up to a stop and she got up winked at me and then stepped off the bus into the darkness. I was still in shock, small shock waves still running my body, my pants undone and absolutely soaked for sure now.

I straightened myself up and realised it was one of the strongest orgasms I had ever had, proven by the wet patch on the seat below me.

I have always wondered if that little cutie went home and got off over the thought of what she did to me.

I know I did!!



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