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Older Roommate 2

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This is a follow up to my earlier post.


That week, things went normal and Mike never gave any indication that he knew I had masturbated him while he slept.

The next Sunday evening after dinner, I was laying across the couch watching tv with my head at the end of the couch where he normally sat.

When he came to sit, I sat up to let him sit down.

Instead of moving to the other end of the couch as I normally do when he sits down, I layed back down with my head on his lap.

You Don't Mind, Do You?, I asked.

Of Course Not, he answered.

He sat there and I could tell he was wondering where to put his right arm.

I reached up, grabbed it and layed it on my stomach, kinda cuddling to it.

After a while, he started gently rubbing my stomach with his hand.

We both had sweatshirts and sweatpants on and after a few minutes, I pulled my sweatshirt up a bit so he would be rubbing my skin instead of the shirt.

He continued rubbing and started just using his fingertips.

Umm, I said, That Feels Good.

After a few minutes he said, You Know, I Never Did Thank You For What You Did Last Sunday.

I froze.

What're You Talking About?, I asked, feigning innocence.

You Know What I'm Talking About, he said.

I turned back to watching the tv and didn't say anything.

I felt his fingertips rubbing in bigger circles and soon he was gently rubbing along the bottom of one of my tits through my bra.

He rubbed higher and higher and started lightly rubbing across my nipple with the palm of his hand.

My nipple got hard and and I let out a big moan when he pinched it through the material.

Neither of us said a word but I know my ever hardening nipple and deep breaths were letting him know how much I liked what he was doing.

I remembered that I had a front fasten bra on and when I reached up under my sweatshirt to undo it he stopped rubbing and pulled his hand away as if I was trying to stop him.

After I freed my tits, I took his hand and put it on the now bare tit that he hadn't touched yet.

Mike continued rubbing and pinching my tits, first one then the other, for at least a half hour.

My whole body was tingling and I specially felt it in my pussy.

Whenever he would pinch and rub my nipples between his fingers, my pussy would spasm and I could feel my juices running out.

I wanted to come soooo bad, so I reached up under my shirt, grabbed his hand and pulled it down under my sweatpants to my pussy.

I still had ahold of his hand and was helping him push his finger tight into me with my finger.

I came almost immediately.

I was bucking up and down and literally screaming in pleasure.

I felt my juices gush out as he continued pumping his fingers in me.

When my orgasm was over I could hardly move.

Mike finally pulled his hand out and it looked like it was covered with syrup.

He put it too his mouth and started licking and sucking it from his fingers.

After I had rested a few minutes, I turned sideways on the couch and reached along his sweatpants until I found his dick and gave it a squeeze through them.

He pulled my hand away and said, Not Yet.

Once again, he put his hand inside my sweatpants and started fingering my clitty.

Like he had done to my nipples, his fingers were circling it and giving it light pinches.

It didn't take long for my juices to start running again.

He'd rub and pinch then work his finger up inside and around and then back out to work on my clitty again.

My body was out of my control and my legs would spasm when he pinched it.

He seemed to know when I was ready to come and would ease off for a bit but he never stopped playing around with my pussy.

After 15 or 20 minutes I couldn't take any more and was almost begging him to let me come.

My body was jerking around out of control as he kept teasing my pussy.

Finally I felt a couple of his fingers up in me making a running motion and I came again.

I gushed more than the first time and it even made a goosh sound as I came.

My body was bouncing around and my legs were pushing me up and down.

I came and came, it was one of the best orgasms I've ever had.

After it was over, I just layed there in a daze.

When I finally realized all that had happened to me, I also realized how wet and sticky I was.

I looked down and the crotch and inner thigh area of my sweatpants were soaked through.

Looking up at Mike I said, Made A Mess, Didn't I?

My Fault, he answered.

I stood and pulled the sweatpants and panties off, then grabbed his hand and pulled him up.

I Gotta Get Cleaned Up, I said as I led him toward the shower.

You Can Help, I added.

Because of the Solo Touch rules, I can't tell you what I did to him in the shower but I bet you can guess.



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