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A Webcam Chat While on Business

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I was staying at my friends Jackie and Steve's house, for the week while I took my course. It was Thursday night and they had to work the next day so they had gone to bed. My course was done and I wasn't tired, so I got into my PJ's, got a glass of red wine and settled in front of the computer to do some surfing.

When I signed on, I saw a friend was online. I said hi to him, and he answered back.

We started a video chat, and he told me he was just about to sign off but would love to chat now. I'm a single mom, and he loves to tease me about not getting any, and sure enough, he asked if I had got lucky while I was out of town. I laughed and said, no, still flying solo.

We kept chatting, and the talk revolved around about flying solo. It had been a while for me and I was enjoying the discussion. It was getting warm in the room. I turned to make sure the door was closed. It was pushed shut but not latched, and Jackie and Steve had been in bed for about an hour by now.

He seemed to be enjoying it, too, especially when I undid a couple of buttons on my top. Since I wasn't wearing a bra, I had quite a bit of cleavage showing.

He asked, Have you flown lately?, and while I was answering, he was watching his screen.

He took his time replying. I could tell he was watching something else. Sure enough, soon his arm was slowly moving just out of sight under the desk.

I waited for a while, watching him speed up and slow down, and then asked him what he was doing?

He stopped, and said nothing, and I laughed.

What are you watching, I asked.

Just stuff, he said.

I said Come on, I know you've been playing. I can see you tugging it.

Sorry, he said and stopped, putting both hands on the desk.

I laughed again. It's ok, I said, just tell me what is so interesting to you.

You, he said. And those boobs.

These ones? I slipped a hand under my top, cupped one breast and lifted it towards the camera. He couldn't see my nipples, but they were getting hard.

He groaned, smiled, and one hand slid below the keyboard.

I started rolling my nipple between my fingers as he, out of my sight, began to tug again. His eyes were flipping between my screen and something else.

Come on, what else is so interesting? I undid all the buttons of my top. My nipples were still covered, but he could see all my cleavage. I cupped my tit again, playing with the nipple. It was so hard, and I was getting so aroused.

I kept bugging him to tell me what he had been watching. I had his full attention now!

Finally, When you told me you masturbated, I started searching porn for women masturbating. I kinda got turned on.

I noticed. What did you find?

I'll send you a link, but remember, you asked.

All the while, he was slowly jerking, and I was staring at his arm, imagining what was going on just out of sight.

I opened the link, and it was entitled Sybian. I had heard of it but never seen one. As the video started, I became mesmorized.

My god, I have to get one of those, I muttered to myself.

He pushed his chair back as I leaned forward, my top opening and my breasts swinging out.

As I watched, he was slowly jerking off, and she was squirming on her machine.

Suddenly, a noise from behind me. I spun, covering my breasts.

Oh, just their stupid cat, I told him when he asked what was happening.

It pushed the door half open to see what was going on. When I turned, I startled it and it took off. Now where were we?

By this time, she was gasping and shaking as the sybian was bringing her to a huge climax. He had his cock in full view and was cupping his balls in one hand and stroking his shaft with his other.

I leaned back in my chair. My breasts fell aside as I spread my legs. I slid one hand down my bottoms and grabbed a tit with the other. My lips were hot and slippery as I slipped my fingers between them. I jumped a little as I slid past my swollen clit.

The woman fell off the machine, the huge dildo still vibrating. As it shook, pointing straight up, I imagined her juices being flung off it. She shivered on the ground beside it. Lifting my ass of the chair, I pushed my bottoms down past my knees. He caught a glimpse of my fingers playing with my hairy pussy before I sat back down.

The video ended, but I didn't notice as I began rubbing hard. I let my breast fall to once side as I reached down and spread my lips so I could massage my clit.

With eyes half shut, I saw him pumping his hard prick. He was staring at the screen, stroking it harder and faster. He leaned way back in his chair, thrusting his hips up.

My swollen breasts bounced on my chest as I rubbed furiously. The feeling started to build in my belly. He let out a grunt as he shot his cum over his shirt. Three long ropes landed on his chest. As I watched him pump himself dry, I heard the cat behind me again. But I didn't care. I felt juices run down between my ass cheeks as I rubbed. Two fingers in my vagina, searching for my g-spot and two frantically rubbed my clit. He was staring at me as I felt the climax build. He kept playing with his slowly softening penis, flicking and tugging it.

I was barely aware of it, though, as I stroked my pussy, harder and faster. My thighs started to quiver as I began to cum. I gasped for breath, short, sharp gasps. I could smell my musk as the juices dripped. He tucked his cock back into his jeans as I arched my back, thrusting my hips in the air. My tits hung to each side of my body, bouncing. Pulling my fingers out, a string of juice swung from them. I spread my lips, pounding my clit as I let out a long gasp. My orgasm started in my belly and in waves, attacked my pussy. I clenched my legs tightly, squeezing my hand hard against my clit. I jerked each time a wave passed through it.

As I opened my eyes, I heard the cat sneak down the hall and saw him smile.

Wow, he said, intense. I had a great view. I could see everything!

Very, I said, it's been a while. Good thing it was just you and the cat that saw!

I pulled my bottoms up and did my buttons up, covering my still swollen tits as we signed off. When I stood up, the chair was soaking wet.

He smiled a funny smile and said, Yeah, good thing, as the monitor went blank.

As I went to the door, I noticed the cat had pushed it wide open. I looked back and could see the webcam pointed right at the door. I stepped into the hall and started down the hall, I wondering what that was all about.

Suddenly, I stepped in something warm and sticky. I stopped. Oh my god, it wasn't the cat. Steve must have been in the hall, watching. And he had seen Steve watching me as I masturbated on camera!

Obviously, Steve had done more than watch, too. The evidence was on my foot.

Good thing they would be gone before I got up, I thought as I wiped my foot clean on my pajama leg. It's going to be uncomfortable next time I see Steve. But even as I thought that, I felt the familiar tingle start between my legs. Well, I didn't need to get up early tomorrow.



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