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Older Man's Fantasy About a Boy Became Real

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Another story from a client. First he told me it was 'rather complicated,' and asked whether I wanted to hear it. Of course I did. As with pretty much all my clients, he was aware I'd post it here, and gave permission. In fact, I've become a sort of a vehicle for some of my people to get their stories aired out, which seems to be good all around.


OK, so I'm a 60-year-old graphic artist, in a small specilty print shop that employs 29 people. We only make labels that go on boxes that have complicated shapes. Our product is the printed sheet that is cut and is folded over the complicated boxes.We also assemble the boxes, and in some cases, we pack the various manufacturers' products into the boxes. As you might expect, we have unusual machinery, and it goes out of adjustment and breaks down often. We lost our mechanic due to retirement, and couldn't find another with the right qualifications.

Then, along comes this gorgeous 19-year-old, tall, thin lad with long red hair, a whispy beard, and a big 'can-do' attitude. It turns out, his father owned a similar but smaller print shop, and he didn't have mechanical ability, nor did he have a mechanic. Since this boy, we'll call him James, once he was old enough to turn a wrench, he was at his father's side, figuring out how to fix the presses, cutters, folders, and all that stuff. Somehow our boss got wind of the situation, and interviewed the kid. Turns out James' father was retiring, and the kid would be out of work. (I don't know why the father didn't just give or sell the business to James. I'll have to ask him about that.)

Anyway, James came to work for us, and he was brilliant from the start. Lots of equipment that had been gathering dust was pressed back into service. He and I hit it off right away. No generation gap, to my surprise, even though I'm a bit more than three times older than he is.

From the start, I have to admit, even though I'm married to a wonderful woman who has been not only my friend but my great sexual partner forever, I've had sexual fantasies about James. Oh, I'd never act on it, or so I thought!

I told my wife about my fantasies about James, and that made her horny. She said I ought to see whether anything could develop with me and James. I was like "No Way!" at the time.

However, sometimes conversations with James when no one else was around got rather raunchy, talking about fucking, dicks, and all that. One time, I brought up that I've been to nude beaches. His response rather surprised me.

He said he 'likes' nude beaches. Now I didn't press it. I didn't know whether he's actually been to a nude beach at his age or not, nor whether he was just kind of agreeing with me, or whether he was really a nudist at heart. But my heart skipped a beat, I can tell you that!

Oh, and this conversation was after a previous one in which he defended gay rights in an off-hand way. I noticed he's never  mentioned a girlfriend. Hmmm, might James be gay or bisexual?

One day, about 4pm, my good sense was trumped by my foolishness, and I just came right out and said to James, "I'm going to the nude beach after work. Wanna join me?"

I figured he'd laugh it off, or decline politely. But no, he quite enthusiastically said, "Sure!"

Where we live on the coast, we have warm summers, and many long beaches. One beach is actually two beaches. The north side is the 'regular' nude beach. Around some rocks that sometimes jut out into the high tide and so have to be climbed over,, is the southern 'gay' beach. I've been to both sides. On the regular beach, only about half the people are naked and they tend to congregate around the northern end of the northern beach. Farther down are six volleyball nets, and nudists congregate there. Nothing of a sexual nature ever happens on that beach, that I know of.

Now the gay beach is an entirely different story. There are three little alcoves in the rocks. They're almost caves, and sometimes high tides brings in nice, clean sand, so they are good, shady, cool places to hang out. You often see guys there proudly standing at an alcove entrance for all to see with a big erection, sometimes stroking them a bit. Once your eyes adjust to the shade, you can see into the alcoves as you walk by, and you can rarely, but sometimes see guys in more doing sexual acts involving two, three, or more people, mostly men. Interestingly, there are some women who come to this beach as well, and I've seen them get quite sexual as well, although most just sort of idly rub their vaginas as they sun themselves on towels, while watching the guys.One time a slightly plump, but very attractive Asian woman was fingering her ass with about a dozen guys standing over her and jerking off. But that's another story.

So, we jump in the car and after a mile, I explain the two sides situation to James, that there's a straight beach and a gay beach. Trying not to sound shaky, or high-pitched due to a sort of nervousness, I asked James, "Which beach would you prefer?"

I was willing to go with whatever he wanted. Just to see this guy nude would be a treat in itself. Instead of answering, he asked me more about the two sides. Mainly, he wanted to know, "Where would a bisexual person be most happy?"

"The gay side." I said.

"Let's go there!"


So we pull into the parking lot, and take the long walk through the bushes and rocks down to the sand, carring our towels, and a couple of beers I picked up along the way. We hadn't even hit the beach yet - we were still thirty feet away, and James stopped, and took off all his clothes! Holy mackerel! I followed his lead, and we finished our walk down to the beach, and threw down our towels and bunched up clothing. There were probably around 20 guys spread out across the beach. No women this time, unfortunately..

I had some sun screen and offered to put it on James. He accepted.

I started by putting it on his back, his arms, his legs, and then, I was bold enough to put it on his neck, cheeks and forehead. Seeing that this ddin't bother James, I then put some on his butt, and making a quick joke about how everything needs protecting these days, I went so far as to start coating his scrotum and his uncircumcized dick with suntan lotion.

And he became hard. And I became hard.

He then grabbed the little bottle and said that he had to protect me from the sun also. His application of the lotion was slower and much more sensual than mine. When he got to my dick, I squirted almost right away, like an adolescent kid. That was kind of embarrassing. By this time, there were around six guys watching us from a discreet distance. Two of them were just openily wanking as they were standing about 20 feet away.

I knew what I had to do, and I was all too glad to do it: I started in on a proper and grand massage on James as he laid on his towel. First his upper legs and butt. Then some good work on his back, neck and shoulders. I had him flip over, and there he was with that wonderful penis of his sticking straight up. The thing had to be 8 inches, if it was anything at all, where as my circumcised thing is only about six inches. I couldn't help myself. I was supposed to continue the massage with his arms, belly, chest and all that, but instead, I just wrapped my fist around that thing and went to work. He held on for quite a while, with a lot of squirming, butt raising, 'oohs' and 'ahhs', but then he ejaculated several nice big squirts severel inhces into the air, landing on my fist and on his belly.

Knowing a thing or two about this sort of activity, I didn't stop stroking him. Instead, I became very slow and gentle, watching his physiology to see if he was still enjoying it. He was! I took my time, but then, after a while, I had built up to some good, earnest stroking again. I was hoping for a second ejaculation, but that didn't happen. James finally had his fill after perhaps ten minutes of post-orgasm stroking, when he started to go soft.

So that was our first, and so far, only time together. He and I have both agreed that we don't want to make a 'thing' of this. On the other hand, it is not destined to be a one-off. We'll do it again, but we're in no hurry.



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