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Getting Pressure Hosed By Danny

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My friend Danny and I jerk off again


I have written about Danny ("Challenged" here on SoloTouch) before. This was another time we jerked off together watching porn after the first sesh. This is also a true story.

We set this up to go to Danny’s place and jerk off to porn together. We have similar tastes in porn and talked beforehand about which vids might be good to check out. It was also cool if other guys wanted to join us but turned out none did. Although he is an otter in his 40s, I call Danny a “boy,” because he enjoys doing things that boys do, camping, canoeing, motorcycle riding, working on cars or repairing his house, but most of all because of his fun loving attitude. He is very adventurous and creative, and this applies to sex too.  

I arrived at Danny’s and we chatted for a few minutes . I complimented him on his legs in the shorts he was wearing. He said thanks, they were his son’s Lol. As soon as he settled down his frisky dog we took off our shorts and t-shirts and got naked . We decided to watch porn on his computer, which has wide double monitors. This way we watched a vid on one and he played a slide show of either big cocks on young skinny guys, or dudes ass fucking. We’re both bi so we enjoy str8, bi and gay porn.

He started a gay video of young German guys on a campout. Morning wood turned into a major distraction as the guys helped each other jerking, sucking and eventually fucking. There was a focus on feet as well which is a turn on for me. I started stroking and got boned right away. I had saved my load for 4 days and was ready for this! Danny had saved up too but busted the day before. He started working on his hard penis too as we watched the vid and made comments.  We kicked back next to each other in chairs, while enjoying glasses of wine, and I vaped. Eventually, one of us would drape a leg over the other, we were that close. One thing I appreciate about Danny’s body are his rock solid thighs.

The first video ran about 20 minutes ending of course with cum flying everywhere.  After a drink refill it was time for the next one. We picked out a hot MFM bisex 3way from my favs playlist. We talked briefly about how long we would go and decided on two hours. He had to pressure wash his roof after that. I also offered that if he wanted to he could cum on me, anywhere he wanted. This seemed acceptable and we started stroking again. Danny offered my some lube and applied some to his own cock since his hands are calloused from working. I said I would hold off because I usually cum pretty quickly once I add lube and I wanted to last. Danny said he’d also like to play with my cock some and I said sure.

At this point we started helping each other out. Danny stroked my cock while I did his. When he stroked  his own I also rubbed his large ball sac for him which he liked. I was getting a little raw so asked Danny for some lube which he squeezed out and rubbed in along my shaft and started jerking. Sure enough after about 5 minutes of his yanking I started getting close and told him to back off, which he did. He got to learn my sensitivity levels and that sometimes my cock will twitch and jump or I’d let out a gasp, but that did not mean I was close to cumming but was rather just jolts of pleasure that shot though my cock and body. If I was close to cumming I would just tell him and he’d stop or really slow it down. Danny was almost the opposite in that no matter how rough I jerked him or how much friction I used, which would be too much for me, he needed and appreciated this much stimulation on his cock. It’s important for guys to learn the level of cock stimulation, likes and techniques of their bate partner.

It went OK with he or I using lube on me. I discovered that once I start to use it, if it dries out, I need more to keep it wet and slippery or it gets too sticky, and as long as Danny or I paced the stimulation I could just ride the edge without shooting.  Danny started using spit on his cock, and mine. I liked the feel and the smell of the saliva. When I was a kid I almost exclusively used spit as lube so it brought back fond memories. I first thought my mouth was too dry but I worked my saliva glands and got a mouthful then drooled into my palm and grabbed Danny’s cock with a handful of spit as I jerked him. I kind of liked this and repeated the process several times.

The next video ended, with cum shooting everywhere. We both liked it a lot and decided to stick with this same genre. We picked out another bisex MFM from my playlist and started it. At this point we were just going with the flow, jerking each other, jerking ourselves, one guy taking a break while the other worked on him and vice versa. I liked when Danny leaned back and closed his eyes and just enjoyed the pleasure I was giving his cock. He took over again from there. He took his hand away a few times and I appreciated his totally hard boner. We had compared once and found we are about the same length. He is a bit thicker. He said he was getting close and had to slow down. In this state I was getting off just seeing his long, thick, blood engorged member sticking straight up and proud. When Danny is this excited his dick gets really stiff and his mushroom head bulges. He also has a slight upward banana curve which I find hot.

We were both getting close to finishing. Danny kept stroking himself while I rolled his balls in my hand, pressed on his taint and ran my fingers in his bush (which he had recently trimmed he said). At one point he grabbed his cock said “too late!” in exasperation. However, he was able to hold off his ejaculation just in time. As soon as he calmed down he started again. He confirmed that I wanted it on me and I said I did.

He stood up facing me and straddling my legs. At this point the moaning and heavy breathing started followed by the first splat which landed on the left side of my chest. After a couple more strokes I wasn’t sure if that was the grand finale but it was not. That was followed by a literal spray cannon of shots of cum that spurted everywhere on my chest. Mostly from left to right, but all over. He went crazy shooting white sticky jizz. I had never been close up on the business end of a big shooter like this and it was an amazing sight to see each rope leap out of my friend’s dick right in my direction.  

Danny finally stepped away, panting, and holding his junk, which must have gotten very sensitive, in both hands. He asked if I wanted a towel and I said hell no. I grabbed a glob of Danny’s cum and started wanking off furiously using it as lube. It felt fantastic and sent me over the edge. Now it was my turn as I got verbal and shot my own ropes of cum up in the air landing on my leg and stomach. We both had big grins on our faces at how much fun we’d just had and the incredible feelings of pleasure. We both said it was awesome. I finally wiped off and took a quick shower. We chatted for a few minutes including about what worked for each of us the best. We might invite some more guys next time.

I got dressed and ready to leave as Danny prepped to continue his pressure washing activates, this time up on his roof Lol.

Leave comments if you liked hearing about our experience and I will be sure to add more stories.



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