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Observation at a Sperm Bank

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A most incredible sight.


I have a very interesting story to tell about male masturbation, especially one guy in particular. Due to professional etiquette and procedures, this guys name cannot be revealed. His name here will be referred to as John Doe.

I am a nurse at a sperm bank where sperm is donated or collected for IVF procedures. The usual practice is to have gentlemen come into our office and enter a booth where they can relieve themselves into a conical measuring glass. Some of the guys do get quite embarrassed or nervous and many cannot produce semen at will. In these booths, we have an array of porno magazines and even some porno movies, in order to help the guy get excited and discharge his load.

A normal guy will deposit anywhere between three and ten ml of seminal fluid when he ejaculates. An amount of 15 ml or more is rare for a guy. John Doe was booked in with us one day for a sperm test and collection for future use with his wife, which is not uncommon. When sperm tests have to be done, it is essential that the sperm is ripe, otherwise conception will not occur. I ushered John Doe to his private booth on this particular day and showed him where the magazines and videos were if he needed any help. I also left a 40 ml measuring glass on the table to catch his ejaculate. Normally, the semen is frozen instantly after an emission, as it dies off very quickly away from warm humid conditions.

I left the room and waited in the next room for John to come out after he had finished. He must have been in there only three to four minutes before he came out of the booth, rather red faced and apologetic. He said 'I am very sorry nurse, but the container was not big enough to hold all my cum. Is there a cloth that I can use to clean up the mess?'

I looked at him quizzically and looked at the specimen contained which was completely full of cum; a whole 40 ml of it. On going inside the booth, there was almost an equal amount splattered over the table. There was cum everywhere. I was shocked. I asked him if he produced all that by himself and he said yes. I thought it must have been some sort of practical joke or something. I told him to stay there for a moment while I saw the head nurse there and discuss what had just happened.

The head nurse said it could not be possible, but if a medical condition was responsible for the volume, then the semen may very well be contaminated. She suggested that he make another appointment the following week and have the collection verified by an observer. This procedure only happens on rare occasions. The reason for the weeks break is to give the new semen time to ripen, in order to be right for use at a later date. I went back to John and told him that the test had to be redone and an appointment made the following week. I also told him there had to be an observer present unless he had some objections to that.

He was happy to come back the following week and I made sure that I was there to witness his huge volume of sperm being ejaculated. Seven days later John returned for his sperm donation/collection. I took him to the booth and asked if he minded me watching him do it. He said 'Be my guest, you can do it for me if you like.'

I replied that it would be totally inappropriate and unprofessional for that to happen, but would help in any other way I could. John unfastened the belt from his trousers and took them off, folding them over the back of the chair. He then removed his jocks, revealing an enormous cock that made me tingle inside. It must have been somewhere between 7'-8' long and very thick and was circumcised. Just looking at his cock made me a little damp between my legs. He had an erection, but was unable to cum. John said that I made him nervous and needed a little time. He also asked me if I liked what I saw.

My reply was that it's certainly a lot bigger than the average guy and bigger than I had ever seen. He was still unable to cum, and asked for some help. All I could professionally offer him was that I sit in the other chair with my legs apart, and give him a full view up my skirt. He was happy with that and put some more lubricant on his hand. He was making slapping noises as he viewed my panties and before long said that he was about to cum. Standing beside the table in the booth, John held the collection container in his other hand. His first squirt went right across the table like a shot of water out of a water pistol. A 6 ft sticky rope of cum settled across the table, his next two ropes landed inside the specimen container and filled it. Five or six more squirts on the table left a huge mess of sticky cum. I have never witnessed anything like that before and probably never will again.

John apologized once again for the mess as I started to clean it up. I was very wet myself by now having experienced this deluge. I took the container and gave it to the laboratory for analysis. I wanted to go back and ask John if he was doing anything that night, but he had already gone. I told the head nurse that what happened the previous week was all legitimate and no joke. I then told her I needed to go to the ladies to clean up. I went there and frigged myself until I came as well. I have never been so horny ever.



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