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Nude Beach Fun

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This is the story that happened while my husband and I were on our honeymoon in Fiji.


After a stressful day at work, I came home pissed off and needing to relax. I would usually have a glass of soda while chilling in the hot tub, but I am watching what I eat and drink now that I'm pregnant. That being said, I used a different method of relaxation-masturbation.

When I get myself off, I like to imagine fantasies of mine or past experiences. This particular evening, I was in the mood for something tropical which made my brain drift off into a flashback of the ecstasy my husband and I shared while on our honeymoon in Fiji....

We sat on our blanket and ate our lunch and minute by minute began feeling more and more natural being naked. It felt wonderfully free and liberating.

Even though I never mentioned it, I noticed that Josh's penis was remaining semi-hard the whole time we were eating. He occasionally caught me looking at it, but I only gave him a sly smile.

I can be such a minx sometimes. At one point, I bit into a slice of fresh papaya and some of the juice dripped onto my left breast. I cupped the perky titty with my hand and exclaimed, "Ooh, look. It's all juicy."

Without a word, Josh moves over to me and begins licking and sucking the sweet juice from my skin. His tongue danced over my tit-flesh, and curled around my stiff nipple. His lips closed over the hard little nub which made me moan and I found his cock. I began slowly stroking him as he sucked on my sugary nipple for a while. He let it slip from his mouth and as he pulled back, I moaned again, this time in disappointment.

"Mmmm, don't stop," I begged, "Please, don't stop."

"Let's get packed up and move down to The Dunes," Josh says with slight urgency in his voice. "Remember what the lady at the hotel desk said? We can do anything we want down there!"

After gathering our beach gear together, we walked hand-in-hand towards The Dunes. We elected to stroll along the water's edge and let the waves rush over and around our feet. The wind blowing in off the ocean occasionally caught the crest of a breaking wave and sprayed our naked bodies with a fine, cooling mist, and filled our nostrils with the fresh, briny fragrance of the sea. The sun, the wind, the water, all teased and tickled our exposed skin. The physical sensations we felt added to the anticipation of what we will be free to do once we reach The Dunes.

Kissed by the sun and licked by the wind, my nipples were sticking out stiff and long, just like they were when Josh was sucking on them a few minutes ago. In fact, he had noticed them poking out against my t-shirt even when we were in the car driving from the hotel. It's easy to gauge my degree of horniness by my nips. They are relatively stiff most of the time, but when I'm "feeling good," they become even more erect and more sensitive.

Though not what you might call erect, Josh's penis was swollen with excitement, arching out from his body and curving downward slightly, wagging in front of him as he walked. But seeing my stiff nipples, feeling my hand in his, seeing me smile and hearing my soft voice, aroused him more and more each moment. As a result, his cock slowly lengthened and hardened to a semi-erect state. Watching it wave back and forth with each stride made me smile even more.

What really surprised me, is discovering how much I enjoyed being seen naked by others. As we walked along the sand, occasionally we encountered other beach-goers, and having my naked body on display for them was quite a thrill. I also got a charge out of them seeing Josh in all his nakedness. There was a definite feeling of pride and satisfaction in being seen with such a hot guy. What are those people thinking? Are the men jealous of Josh's body? Are the woman turned on by him? I couldn't blame them if they were. But he's all mine and that makes me happier.... and hornier than I can say.

Some people we pass hardly look at our bodies at all, but just smile and nod a friendly hello in our direction. Others look us over to varying degrees. A few stare quite openly and I find it's them I like the best. My ego basks in having my boobs looked at by men and women I don't know.

One young couple we pass look to be in their early 20's. He's rather tall and thin with a long, thin penis. The woman is very tiny and petite but with high round tits that are rare on such a small frame. She's really cute and has a big, sunny smile on her face. As we get closer and closer to them, her eyes are fixed on Josh's semi-hard cock sticking straight out in front of him.

"The Dunes are a little way further," she volunteers, as we're about to pass each other. Then, pointing directly at Josh's dick, she says, "Just follow the arrow!" She laughs and looks up at me, "Looks like you're in for some fun, honey!"

We continued walking and began to encounter more and more people as well as see more naked bodies scattered on the beach. The space between people varied, probably depending on how voyeuristic and exhibitionistic each individual was. Singles of both genders, couples, and even groups of three or four have staked out their place on the beach and openly displayed their nude bodies to the sun and anyone who glances their way.

We walked up over a small rise in the sand and saw the area of the beach known as The Dunes for the first time. Stretched out before us was an expanse of beach dotted with naked people. At the far end of the expanse, the shoreline curved inward. A prominent lava rock jetty beyond provided protection from the ocean waves and formed a calm lagoon of crystal clear water. As the hotel desk lady had described, the beach had many small hills and valleys in which some people, mostly couples, had taken up residence, presumably for the purpose of some modicum of privacy. However, we discovered as we walked discreetly past one of these shallow depressions in the sand, that it's almost impossible not to see into it. And in this case what we saw was a young man and a woman engaged in an intense doggy-style fuck.

Passing more of the sand pits, we find many of them empty but also a fair number occupied with people enjoying a variety of sex acts. In one there was a shapely long haired red-head girl doing a sultry, sexy dance to some music on a radio. Her naked body spinned, twisted and shimmied in front of a naked man reclining on a towel with his legs spread. He smiled a contented smile and watched her intently as he slowly masturbated his thick cock.

In another hollow a little way along a man was receiving a blowjob from a girl. We're several yards away but because he's standing up we can't help but notice. The girl is kneeling in front of him and her head is bobbing up and down on his hard cock as she fondles his balls. Josh and I try to look away, still unsure of proper beach sex etiquette, but when we hear the man gasp out that he's about to cum, our heads involuntarily snap in their direction. Two seconds later, the girl pulled her mouth off the man's cock but kept stroking it with her hand and pointing it straight at herself. With a groan, a thick rope of cum spurted out over the girls face, followed by another and another. She kept jerking him off, taking some of his cum on her face and aiming some at her tits. The girl smiled up at him as he rubbed his now softening penis over her shiny tits and nipples.

At the same instant, Josh and I realized we should move along before this couple noticed they had an audience. But before we can take a step, we noticed we're not the only one's watching the show. Opposite the couple but closer to them than we were, was a beautiful woman about 35 years old, with an all-over tan watching what we're watching. Yet she's standing there brazenly fingering her pussy and fondling her tits as she stared openly at the couple. They soon notice her and when they turn to look at her she starts cumming, dropping to her knees and rubbing her pussy frantically as her orgasm washes over her.

Josh's penis had been semi-hard during our entire walk along the beach. Now, seeing all this sexual activity displayed openly had him at a raging 100% hard. He soon discovers that I'm as turned-on as he is.

In a hoarse whisper I demand, "C'mon, let's go!" And off we go along the sand, with me leading the way frantically searching for a place of our own on the beach. I spy a depression in the dunes and peering in, as we get closer, we find it unoccupied.

"In here!" I command and we climb down into the shallow hole. We toss our bags and picnic cooler aside and I quickly unfurl the blanket.

"Oh god, I need you to fuck me," I hiss. "I'm so damn horny, I need you inside me right fucking NOW!"

With that, our bodies crash together and our arms clamp down on each other. Hot, wet, naked skin slides against hot, wet, naked skin. Lips meet in fevered kisses. As if on strings, we float to the ground, me below, Josh above. I wrap my legs around him pulling Josh tight against me. He peppers my face with kisses and nuzzles my throat and I repeatedly whisper in his ear, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, oh please Josh, fuck me, fuck me now!"

He's close to doing just that. Shifting up slightly, his cockhead finds my hungry pussy and he slides easily into me. My vagina draws him in and then clamps down tight around his shaft. I exhale loudly with pleasure and starts humping my hips up against him. Totally consumed by the moment, I'm quickly working myself up to orgasm. His cocis so hot it almost feels like it's burning my pussy.

Amid much panting and moaning I start cumming. The trembling begins in my molten pussy and I could tell that Josh could feel the vibrations through his cock by his moans and gasps. It's all he can do to keep from cumming himself because he wants to enjoy my orgasm along with me from beginning to end. His will surely follow soon after.

Impaled on his prick, my entire body is now shaking with release. My breathing coming in gasps, my perky breasts shimmying on my heaving chest, my head now tilted back, eyes glazed staring at the blue sky. My whole body is cumming and it's earth shattering.

I ride through my orgasm fucking myself on Josh's dick. He kisses my throat and his hands rush up and down my body touching and feeling as much of my nakedness as he can, adding to my stimulation.

My body begins to relax as my climax subsides and for a moment, my thoughts return to Josh's needs. He's so close to cumming, it would be so easy for him to bring myself off. With a few long, deliberate thrusts, Josh's cock would erupt inside my molten depths. But a look on my face causes him to hold back. My eyes remain unfocused and my head lolls from side to side as if in some kind of erotic dream. Josh can tell that no matter how satisfying my orgasm was, I still desired more. It won't take much to bring me back to the summit of ecstasy. So Josh resolves to bring me to orgasm again before he experiences his own.

He slowly withdraws his cock from my clinging hole, and I moan in disappointment as I feel it slip free. But Josh begins moving down my body, kissing, licking and tasting my skin as he goes. My neck, chest and perky titties. He licks all over one of them, including the stiff nipple, with the tip of his tongue, and then does the same to the other. Then in turn, he places his lips around each nipple and sucks them firmly yet gently into his mouth where his tongue dances wetly and furiously over the stiff, sensitive bud. This makes me sigh and whimpers with pleasure. My arousal is again beginning to build.... again.

Continuing down my body, he licks and nibbles along each of my ribs and down onto the flat expanse of my tummy. He slowly and languidly licks my satiny tummy skin with the flat of his tongue as if licking an ice cream cone. No square inch of my sexy belly goes untouched. He licks teasingly around my bellybutton and watches my tummy quiver with excitement, before plunging his tongue directly into my navel and feeling him squirm beneath me as he probes inside with the tip. The spray from the ocean has given my skin a deliciously salty tang.

Lower and lower he licks, positioning himself between my open legs. He rakes his fingers lightly over my inner thighs and plants teasing kisses there as well. I moan and sigh woefully as I thrust my hips spasmodically in an attempt to bring my desperate pussy in contact with something, anything that will take me over the edge.

"Oh, pleeeassse!" I gasp, my body twisting with pleasure.

He takes pity on me, reaching both hands under my ass cheeks and lifting my pussy to my mouth. He plunges his tongue inside and starts munching like a man in a pie-eating contest. My body goes stiff for an instant, jerks hard once -- twice -- and then begins quivering uncontrollably with orgasm. I moan, squeal, cry out my pleasure and Josh feels my vaginal mouth clutching at his tongue. I cum and cum.

Unable to hold out any longer, Josh places my little butt back on the blanket and quickly moves his body up and over mine, taking his twitching cock in hand and plunging it into me with one smooth stroke, making our bodies mash together. Josh moans deeply against my neck ad powerful bursts of semen gush out of him and into me. He starts pumping his prick in and out in order to prolong my ecstasy and his, as we are both still cumming.

Eventually our climaxes begin to subside, yet Josh can feel me squeezing and milking his cock of every drop of cum. He rolls to one side and I roll with him, We end up lying on top of each other as we hold, caress and kiss each other. Josh's deflating penis stays inside me for a while before slipping free. We lie together for quite some time before we realize just how hot we both are.

We gather our belongings and walk towards the lagoon to cool and refresh ourselves. On our way, we select a spot in the sun to call our own and dropping our gear there, we walk hand-in-hand into the calm, blue water.

I'm moaning and heaving now after fucking myself with my vibrator and dildo as my husband walks in from his day at work. "Wanna have some fun, honey?" he asks as he sees me playing with myself. He didn't know if I needed help orgasming or if I'd already done it. Through heaves I replied, "If you would've been home sooner, then yeah, I'd love it. But I think I pumped myself exhausted."



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