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My Brother's Friend

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Making my brother's friend happy


I have a brother a year younger than me that had a really good friend (John) who had almost become a part of our family. John and my brother were always really nice to me and my friends. John stayed at our house often and I knew he thought I was cute and I tried to make a point of dressing a little sexy when he was staying the night - often just walking around in my panties, no bra, and a t shirt. When I caught him taking a peek I always gave him my cute happy smile. I don't think John had much experience with girls just based on how always seemed nervous when he saw me and I was teasing. John stayed the night with my brother a few weeks ago when my parents were out of town. As I was sleeping I felt the presence of someone in my room and opened my eyes to see John masturbating while looking at me. I couldn't stop him because he looked like he was having too much fun so I just shut my eyes and pretended I was asleep. After he left, I felt how wet this made me and had to play with my pussy and get off. After I awoke, I had the feeling of this is a good day.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks and John was staying again. I knew he would visit so I took a great shower, sprayed on the perfume he always told me I smelled good in and put on my sexy black underwear, and slept topless. As predicted I awoke to find John standing in the corner of the room playing with his cock. He startled when I said good morning and shoved his cock back into his boxers apologizing to me. I told him it was ok and to come to the side of my bed. He did as asked and I reached into his boxers and pulled out a very lovely cock. He pulled away and I had to tell him it is ok - he kept saying I was like a sister to him. I made a few soft strokes and I knew after him feeling that he was going nowhere. I asked him to slowly touch my breast and he did but I could tell he was nervous. I took his cock and rubbed his head on my nipples for my pleasure. I felt some moisture on my nipples to look down and see drops of pre-cum had leaked out of his cock so I raised his cock to my mouth and licked it off. John let out a small moan of pleasure that made me happy as I enjoy pleasing. I kept my mouth on his cock slowly moving up and down and licking his head with my tongue each time I came up his shaft. My covers was covering my bottom half as I slid my hand under the covers and into my panties. I was so wet my finger slid right down my pussy and on my fingers way up it found my very nicely enlarged clit.

John was in so much bliss from getting a blow job he had not realized I was also playing with my pussy. I was so close to having a orgasm I had to slow down and refocus on John. He moved the covers back as I think it was a natural reaction for him to want to touch my pussy. He saw my hand in my panties and just stared almost like he didn't know girls did this. He moved his hand and I stopped him telling him 'not yet'. I was massaging his balls with my left hand and felt them tense with pleasure and knew he was close, I gave him a couple of more strokes with my left hand and he shot ropes of cum all over my tits. It was seconds later I felt the fingers on my right hand pick up intensity rubbing my clit and all of sudden my pussy was contracting and I was shaking in a crazy good orgasm. John just stared in amazement. I assured him I liked this and it was ok that I had fun to. I felt his cum start running down my tits and asked him to get me a warm wash rag. John would have done anything I wanted at this point although I don't think he realized the pleasure was mine.




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