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Nude Beach Antics

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The wife gets me worked up and abandons me!

My wife is an operating theatre nurse, specializing in cardiac surgery. She is also very nearly as horny as I am. A few years ago, before we moved, she and I often visited a nude beach. One particular visit we arrived at about 11 AM, set up our spot, stripped down to skin and settled in. My wife is very pretty and very voluptuously built, with a huge rack, nice grabbable ass, and a smoothly shaved pussy. This all adds up to her receiving quite a bit of attention on the nude beach. Fortunately the beach was scarcely populated that day, being a weekday, and we proceeded to fool around somewhat. We weren't completely alone however, so we did use a bit of discretion. While she lay on her belly reading, I slipped my hand beneath her and diddled her clit. She came a few times that way. I also sat behind her at one point, took her into my arms and rubbed her wet pussy until she orgasmed. Throughout the day I was getting more and more aroused, and by early afternoon I had a hardon that just wouldn't quit. Even swimming in the fairly cool water hardly put a dent in my erection. My wife's hands occasionally stroking and tugging lightly on it just poured gasoline on my fire. At one point my wife went rummaging through her beach bag and produced my lube, the jar of Vaseline and olive oil mix that I use to jerk off with. She propped it right out on the blanket in the sun and told me that later that afternoon, when the lube was all hot and slippery, she was going to stroke my cock and make me cum. I tried to ignore my erection for a while, willing the time to pass quickly so I could feel my sweeties fingers work their magic on my cock. At about half past one in the afternoon, I heard a voice that I was dreading. Geoff, the husband of a past colleague of my wife and a frequent nude beachgoer, had arrived. We heard him before we saw him, the man never shuts up, but it was only a matter of time until he discovered us. Naked, he plopped down on our blanket and made himself comfortable. We weren't particularly embarrassed, we'd seen the guy plenty of times at the nude beach, but I don't think that I ever had a throbbing, precum dripping erection on any of those occasions. We made small talk, chatted about his wife, whom he never brings but always makes some excuse for her absence. He did glance once or twice at the jar of grease that was displayed front and center. My wife kept her hand on my thigh the entire time, not quite touching my hard cock, but inches away. Geoff's cock rose to about half mast while talking to us. I couldn't blame him; the sight of my wife naked will certainly do that to a guy. At about 2PM my wife's cell phone rang. The hospital had an emergency procedure to perform, and the scheduled staff was already occupied. Being the dedicated professional that she is, coupled with the fact that unscheduled procedures paid at a considerably higher rate, she agreed to rush right in to work. She apologized profusely and promised to make it up to me. I asked Geoff if he would drive me home, and being married to a nurse himself, he readily agreed to. The hospital was in the opposite direction from home, and without the time to pack up our site, she quickly dressed and raced up to the car. After that whirlwind departure, I was left alone on the nude beach with a guy that I didn't particularly care for. And a giant erection. It seems that the events of the past few minutes hadn't phased my hardon in the least. And since Geoff had only recently arrived at the beach, he wasn't in any hurry to head home. We talked inanities for as long as I could stand it, but finally I had to come out and say it. Geoff dude, if I don't jerk off soon I'm gonna explode. Oh sure man, do what you gotta do. He said, looking at my swollen cock. I really appreciated his go-ahead, but that was not what I was going for. I wanted him to leave. But he stayed. So I went ahead. There was no one in our immediate area, so I grabbed the tub of grease and slathered up my hardon. And geez did that feel good. Sitting in the sun, the Vaseline and oil mixture had reached the consistency of heaven. I leaned back on my left side and began stroking my cock oblivious to my surroundings. At one point I looked over and noticed that Geoff's half-mast had grown to full staff, and then some. What the hell I thought to myself, and tossed him the jar of grease/ambrosia. He eagerly lubed up his erection, and we were masturbating together. It seemed like we were both watching the other jerking off, and for me the exhibitionist thrill was almost too much. It wasn't long before my balls tightened up and I knew that I wasn't gonna last much longer. I'm gonna cum I groaned. Fuck man, me too he said. I got up on my knees like I'd do with my wife, and pumped my cock hard and fast. Stream after stream of jizz jetted from my cock, causing me to moan in delight. Geoff stroked out his load as I was cumming, fuelling my excitement. We both groaned and collapsed onto the blanket. I grabbed Geoff's tee shirt and wiped up my cum and cleaned off my cock. He protested a bit, but when I tossed him his shirt/cum rag he laughed and cleaned himself up as well. Geoff drove me home, after a stop at his house, and further activities ensued. I may relate those activities in some detail upon request. As always, Thanks for reading!



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