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A Test of Trust (Pt. 5)

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More about that initiation of a boy on a Scout campout


'I have to pee,' said Leo, and he sat up. The three seated boys got up, and we stood looking at each other. Rusty's flush had gone away, but he was still massaging his penis and testicles. He had become an orgasm addict in a short period of time, and I wondered what I had started.

'Well, don't pee here on our playing field. Go on over to those bushes,' I said. Leo began rambling over, his large, still semi-engorged penis swinging back-and-forth.

'I got to pee, too.'

'Me, too.'

It looked like we all were going to go take a pee at the same time. We lined up at the edge of the clearing. I was standing to Leo's right.

'Leo,' I asked meekly, 'can I hold your penis while you pee? I want to know what it feels like to hold a real hose.'

'Sure,' he said.

I took my cock in one hand and Leo's in the other. I could feel the rush of urine coursing through his urethra and then spraying like the strongest stream I had ever seen. I was laughing at the sight and feel. Finally the yellow arcs subsided, and I shook our penises.

'What now?' asked Ike. The moon had moved more across the sky, but the light was still almost as strong as daytime. I looked from boy to boy. Everyone was looking at me, waiting for instructions. Allen yawned.

'It's been just a little while since any of us had an orgasm. What do you think? Who's ready for more? Or are you guys too tired?'

'I'm up for more,' chirped Rusty, though he was not actually 'up' in the sense that counted.

'Me, too,' said Ike. 'I guess so,' added Allen, though he yawned again. He was up way past his bedtime.

'Count me out for now,' said Leo. Yeah, I thought to myself. After four (was it?) orgasms in less than two hours you probably are finished for the night.

I racked my brain. Here I had three horny teenagers ready to follow my instructions, but I had run though the games I had planned.

I looked at Rusty. 'You've come a long way tonight, Rusty,' I said. 'You passed your initiation. What do you want to do?'

Rusty thought a moment and began tugging on his shrunken penis, which was only two inches in its present state. He shrugged his shoulders. 'I dunno. What's left?'

I sat down on the sand 'Over here, kid,' I said as I patted the sand next to me. Rusty crawled over on all fours, his small penis long enough to swing back-and-forth as he came. Maybe it was my imagination, but I think all the jacking was having an effect on the length and girth of his very white penis. And his balls seemed heavier and seemed to hang lower, rather than nested in a tight scrotum, as it was earlier.

'So now what,'' asked Rusty. I expected him to be tired-it had to be 3am-but he showed no signs of it.

I was having mixed feelings. On the one hand, my competitive nature made me want to win, to be 'the last man standing.' On the other hand, I could feel a congestion in my genitals and groin that back then I would have called 'blue balls.' I needed to scratch that itch, and maybe I needed that more than I needed to win.

'Okay,' I began, thinking quickly what new game was left. 'Rusty, since this is still your initiation, this will be for just you and me. Each of us will have three minutes to do whatever we want to the other. We'll take turns. In fact, you can go first. Allen, count silently three minutes... you know, 'one Mississippi, two Mississippi' for three minutes. If I don't cum in three minutes, then I have three minutes to work on you, and so on until one of us cums.'

'Okay. And I do you first, right?'

'Right,' I answered. 'Start when Rusty tells you, Allen. Rusty, where do you want me?'

Rusty scrunched his forehead in thought. 'Lie on your back, I guess.' So I did.

Rusty turned to Allen. 'Start counting now.'

Rusty grasped my soft penis in his right hand and began a pretty ordinary handjob. He played a bit with my balls and scrotum with his left hand. I was doing times tables again in my head and it was helping. I was getting a bit erect, but I had nothing like the hardons earlier in the evening.

'Time,' said Allen. Rusty stopped his pumping and fondling.

'That went fast,' he said. 'I thought I could get you there on the first try.'

'Three orgasms apiece so far, Rusty,' I said. 'I've never done four in one night. Maybe I can't get there. My turn. Lie down on your back.' Rusty and I traded places.

'Go,' I said to Allen. I'm sure Rusty expected me to begin jacking him as fast as I could, but I took the opposite approach. I looked at his body stretched out in the moonlight, his penis and balls more engorged now but still what I would call soft and in repose on his thigh. I leaned over closely so I could see the very blonde, downy pubic hair above his penis, still almost invisible against his white skin, but I could see now tangled in those wispy hairs bits of dried cum from the previous orgasms, white flakes sticking hairs together and hair to skin. Bent over, I began blowing on his penis without touching it. I wanted him to experience that strange, erotic feeling of being stimulated but not touched. I wondered if I could make him cum without actually touching him. Probably not. I knelt between his legs and began a very light massage of his legs with my finger tips, brushing them up, then down his legs, gently squeezing his calf and thigh muscles when I got to each place. Up and down, never touching his balls or penis, though his penis moved a bit on its own.

'Time,' announced Allen.

Rusty looked as me strangely. This was not what he expected. He didn't move for a few moments.

'How do you want me?' I asked.

'What?' he asked, as if wakening from a trance. 'Oh, uh, I don't know. Let me think.' Clearly I had disoriented him with my light touch and avoidance of his penis and balls. Then, 'Lie on your back again.' I did.

He stood, straddled my hips with his feet, and then sat between my legs with his legs over mine, facing me, with his genitals pressed up as closely to mine as he could. He was supporting himself with his left arm behind him and he wrapped both his hands around our two penises, holding them bottom-to-bottom. We weren't slippery enough for him to be jacking us together very effectively, and my 6 inches still were a mismatch to his 4, so while this movement was rubbing the sensitive underside of his penis head, nothing was rubbing mine. If he kept this up, he would blow faster than I would. Still, his pumping was stimulating my penis, tugging at my frenulum, so back to the times tables. I think I was on the sevens.

Somehow I made it to Allen's 'Time,' and Rusty let go with a disappointed look.

'Lie back again,' I said, and I took my place between his legs and with a 'Begin' to Allen I resumed my light finger stroking of Rusty's legs, but now sometimes rubbing his pubis, playing with his hair there, and sometimes moving to his lower tummy in circular motions, trying to make my touch as light and as erotic as possible. (The previous school year I had driven a girl crazy doing this to her.) About a minute left, I guessed. I leaned forward, supporting my weight with my left arm and stroking his whole stomach and chest with my right hand. I touched his nipples in light, gentle circular strokes with the pads of my fingers, and he rewarded me with hard little nipples, brown against his white skin, before Allen said 'Time.'

The three observers looked as confused as did Rusty. Rusty's penis had engorged with enough blood that it now lay flat on his stomach, maybe even raised a little in time with his heartbeats before relaxing. I thought I detected a pink flush in his chest. Rusty was enjoying the stimulation, who wouldn't, but I could see that he was beginning to worry that I had the power to make him come without touching his penis. He had guessed my goal.

For the next turn Rusty had me kneel in front of him and, on his knees facing me, he tried the finger-thumb technique that had worked so well earlier, but the three minutes did not give him enough time to get me near the edge. When we switched again I had him lay back and I kneeled at his side. His penis really had never subsided from the last session, as his work on me was exciting him as well, so I put my mouth down close to his right ear and, while I lightly stroked his stomach, chest, and nipples with my fingertips, I blew into his ear. Then I touched his ear with the tip of my tongue. He flinched, but I held his head still with my left hand while I began pinching his nipples harder with my right hand and twirled my tongue in his ear. Instinctively he reached for his now erect penis. 'Uh, uh,' I said. 'No touching yourself.' He let got of his penis and I reached under his thighs, first the right and then the left, to pull his legs into a position with his knees up and his feet still flat on the sand. I stroked the backsides of his upper legs, not as lightly as before, but now with firm kneading of his muscles.

'Time,' said Allen. Too bad. I thought I needed just another minute or two. Rusty lay there breathing heavily. I was sure that his chest was not as red and flushed as it had been earlier in the evening just before he came the second time. Or was it the third? Maybe he had been close to cumming and needed to come down from the brink.

'How do you want me?' I asked innocently. I could see on his face that he was running out of ideas.

'Umm, okay, get on your back again,' and I complied. Rusty kneeled between my legs. 'Start,' he said to Allen, and with that he took a leg in each hand and started to roll me back on my shoulders. When he got my legs back over my face as far as they would go, he saw that I was not limber enough and my penis was not long enough for him to force my cock's head into my mouth. So he began pumping my penis, trying to make me cum on my face.

But things went wrong two ways for Rusty. That position was uncomfortable for me. Not painful, but uncomfortable enough that it did not feel at all erotic. But by leaning on me that way, I could feel Rusty's erect penis poking my back. That had to be stimulating him. He realized that this position wasn't working. 'How much more time?' he asked Allen in desperation.

'A little over a minute,' came the reply.

Rusty backed up on his knees and let my legs down. He pushed them together and then straddled me, lowering his butt on my pubis. He reached behind him with his right hand and placed my almost limp penis in his butt crack. I don't think he wanted my cock in him (he probably hadn't even heard of such a thing), but he probably thought that clenching my penis in his butt cheeks might do the trick. He wasn't far wrong. My penis was getting hard with all the handling, and a bit of my precum was making his butt slicker. At the same time, I could see that he was playing with his erect penis with his left hand, probably unconsciously. Allen's 'Time' arrived just in time.

'Dang,' said Rusty. That's how cute he was; he said things like 'dang.' He knew from my hardening penis that he was onto something. He just didn't have enough time.

I knew that he would go back to this position the next chance he got, so I had to end the contest this turn.

'Get in the exact position you were when we ended last time.' He lay down again on his back, with his knees up and his feet flat on the sand. His erect penis angled out from between his thighs. 'Begin,' I said to Allen, and I began strong massaging of the backs of Rusty's thighs with my right hand while of began firm pinching of his nipples. He was squirming a lot. I took both hands and began opening and closing his legs. 'Keep that up,' I said, as I leaned over him again to rub his belly, pinch his nipples, and once again twirl my tongue in his ear.

'Uhn, uhn, uhn,' I could hear him vocalizing softly. He had increased the pace of his opening and closing his legs, and I knew that he was pumping extra blood into his pelvis and genitals. I increased the pace of my tongue and nipple attack.

'Time,' said Allen.

'Don't......stop,' whispered Rusty. And I didn't let up.

'Time, I said,' warned Allen, louder this time, as if we had not heard him the first time.

'It's okay,' gasped Rusty, louder so that Allen could hear him. 'Don't stop.' Suddenly he kept his knees locked together and pulled them up to his chest. His chest and cheeks were a bright red. 'Don't stop' he urged, and then I could see his penis, now harder and longer and redder than I had seen it all evening, begin throbbing with his fourth orgasm of the night. It was a dry orgasm, as I expected, with just a little clear liquid leaking from the slit, but what I had not expected was the spasms wracking his whole body. He kept pulling his knees up together and higher on his chest, wrapping his arms around them and capturing his pulsating penis between them and his pubis. I admired his restraint. I think I would have reached for my penis in his place and tugged out the orgasm. He relaxed and stretched his legs out again, panting.

'Man, how did you do that?' he asked between breaths.

I leaned over to whisper in his ear. 'You did it,' I said. 'You gave yourself that last orgasm.'

Allen, Leo, and Ike looked amazed. I had won the contest without ever touching Rusty's penis.

(to be continued)



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