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NSA - Total Joy

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NSA: Simple This is a real event of pure spontaneous sex-nothing more or less-after a chance meeting at the movies Ok picture this - out with a few guys for a 9.45 pm movie around the corner from my inner city apartment seeing 'Me before you’ and you connect with the most adorable girl you have ever laid eyes on. Short dark hair, olive skin, petite, stylish yet modest, gorgeous dark eyes, skin so perfect and then all wrapped up in a classy black dress, shiny flats and a smile that could melt ice. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++


“Hey there-like the movie?' I initiated nervously after staring at this adorable girl lining up for popcorn.

“Hi-hmm…yep so romantic’ she replied with interest at my attention. 

'I'm Dave and you?’ I asked in nervously. 'Nora’ she replied in questioning yet suggestive way.  Instantly as if possessed by her allure leant over kissed her cheek and said ‘For you – just how our hero would have liked it in the movie-why did she not do that earlier to him right?’

Nora grabbed my hand and pulled me tight to her tight firm body - then planted the hottest kiss I could wish-full, wet and tongue seducing me right there in line OMG. Her boobs pressed hard against me and I could feel her heat and sexy fragrance. Taken by her confidence and need I whispered.

‘That's how he would have wanted it Dave’ she purred back. Her boobs pressed hard against me - her heat, need and essence hit me like a bullet. Our fingers inter locked. Our heat and desire soared. 
‘Nora do not take me the wrong way -I live around the corner - want to show me what else our hero wished for?’  I asked lamely not expecting her reply.

‘Sure do’ Nora replied without delay. 

We smiled and quickly exited the reception area. Our sexual tension was beyond intense as we laughed and flirted all the way home. 

Three minutes later we were at my apartment. We stepped inside when Nora grabbed me and stole another kiss. ‘ Been dreaming of this type of hookup Dave!’ 

All I could do was smile say ‘Yes’.  I could not hold back any longer. I touched Nora's neck, running my fingers from her ears then softly down to her neck as we continued to kiss in horny need. Goosebumps formed don her arms. She was aroused and ready. Then my lips caressed her ears, cheeks, neck and shoulders. My butterfly kisses continued to roam and then fall to her chest and collarbone dimples. Nora now rocked back in uncontrolled desire, her womanhood throbbed as she could feel moisture ooze between her petals an ill her panty’s gusset. 

Blood pumped fast and hard as her nipples now began to cry in lustful need. Nora’s back arched in pleasure. Her core was now aroused like a volcano ready to blow. She longed for such a spontaneous interlude- pure, desirous, lustful no strings attached moment-any couple’s dream.

My hands wondered down her stunning body. Gently sliding down her zipper first then easing off her tight dress sliding off her shoulders down to her feet, revealing perky boobs, firm tummy and silken legs. Nora's boobs were something else held in by a sexy tight bra. Still kissing her face I now slipped off her panties, my fingers lightly grazing her delicate outer p^ssy parts and mound as she allowed them to fall. Next to come off was her bra - OMG she was divine in every way as we smiled at each other and I then gently kissed her aroused nipples. She removed my shirt- button by button- then jeans. Her touch was magical effortless and experienced. In response her boobs now swayed as I gently tweaked one nipple at a time between my thumb and index finger.

‘O god yes, yes, oooooh don't stop Dave’ Nora groaned as her inner core and needs surged. 


Each stroke making her shuddered, her hips sway and grind uncontrollably against my growing manhood – hard aroused and ready. Noar trembled as my kisses and fingers continued to please her core. 

My tongue now took control and wrapped around her rock hard nipples and puckered areola. With each passing my pressure increased till my tongue, lips and teeth gently nipped and caressed her into total submission.   

‘Dave more’ Nora groaned  “I want to feel you everywhere, take me baby.’ 

As if obsessed Nora pushed me to the bedroom and fell onto her back in total submission. Vulnerable, needy and ready for more.

I removed my last remnants of clothing revealing my pulsing manhood. Nora wrapped her hands around it and started to stroke me as I continued to explore and please her every crease and fold.            

My fingers next gently spread her legs wider enabling my fingers to touch then parted her wet pulsing petals–like an awakening-folding back a page to read the next. I could feel Nora quiver at my touch 
just as Lou would have done if Will willingly adored her. Nora started arching her back and raising her hips to meet my fingers at every movement. Shocks of joy hummed across her core as she moaned in greedy need ‘Oooooh babe more…more’.

Her eyes closed tight and she clamped down on her lower lips to hold back her uncontrolled desire. I continued my assault, my fingers making her every nerve ending crying for more. Nora’s breathing quickened, heart raced and was magically transported to another world.

My fingers circled and caressed her hard, swollen aroused bud. Nora pushed her hips out to meet my fingers for more pressure, friction and pleasure-I knew she was ready for more. Instinctively I eased my form wide middle and index fingers into flower deeper and deeper.  Her pussy walls instantly tightening in craving pleasure, lifting her butt almost entirely off the bed!

Intense feelings screamed deep in her core now as my fingers continued to curl, rub and tweak her deepest needs—her g spot now aroused and swollen. Pearly bud hard, g-spot awakened and ready for more. It now was time for my ring finger to join in and bring Nora greater sensitivity, friction and pleasure. It worked instantly as intense wave after wave f joy surged across her sex.
Nora’s hips pumped, legs squeezed tight in desperation as her edge now raced to a reality.  My fingers hit her every need, her pearly bud was beyond control, g spot so hard, swollen and then an insatiable sensation to pee and release pressure after 45 minutes was too much. No guy had every made Nora feel like this before or even spent 45 minutes with fingers and their lips on her. 

Nora could take no more as she gasped, swallowed in desperation and then cried in ecstasy her legs quivered, body shook and finally arched in orgasmic delight. Nora’s first time to be brought to this level before. She longed for this moment to never end.   

‘Ooooooh god Dave – ooooh’ as she shook, froze and then released her honey in blissful need covering Dave’s hand and arms with each pump. 

Nora and I laid there for what seemed like an eternity until she wanted more.  Her sex was pounding, hungry for more and it was time for Dave to feel her power and lust in return. 

Nora sprang up like a needy lioness and straddled me. I responded by sitting up and wrapping my arms tightly around her gorgeous firm back and pushing her perky breasts hard against me.  Nora then knelt on her knees and eased her hips wider and eased herself over my firm needy manhood-coaxing and gliding me ever so subtly over and into her wet sex.

I then assaulted Nora’s boobs with my fingers as she writhed in joy.  It was then that Nora glided my hard shaft to her centre and eased herself downwards coaxing me to fill her. 

She thrust downward again cm by cm as her knees –controlled our depth angle and speed – the intensity was too much for me now as my arms grabbed her back and shoulders and drew her harder down on to my throbbing muscle.  

‘Nora so, so good baby…..more’  I groaned in greed. 

Nora then fully impaled her flower, taking my manhood deep in one full blown thrust.  Our hips met and flattened out. Nora screamed in bliss.

“Ohhhh god..Dave’  as she started to riding me deeper and harder with each thrust. I now hit her deepest tip again and again as she cried in pain and joy each time.

‘Ooooh babe, oooh more…’ she cried in desperate need. 

We then began our rhythmic thrusting moving in perfect sync. Searing heat and pleasure surged across our cores’ –Nora’s tightness and my friction creating agonisingly blissful pleasure – cross our heart , body and soul.  

We both were coming so close to our edge now-Nora’s second time. 

‘Come on baby finish me now ok…’   she grinned as she continued to ride me like there was no tomorrow. 
Nora knew she had me now and was but seconds away to explode inside her. Nora saw my eyes were closed and instantly increased her speed. 

I groaned in desperate need ‘Yesss…’ as I released my hot thick juices deep into her hungry sex.  Nora’s pussy muscles contracted tight around me with each pump - milking me dry.  I jerked and quivered in sheer delight as our bodies collapsed in blissful joy. Sweat flowed , our juices mixed, heart beat raced and we both lived for that moment of true, pure, uncomplicated NSA love. Just as Will should have done for Lou.

This was more, so much, more that Nora and I have expected. Our NSA affair was magically deeper, stronger and purer that felt before. 



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