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Five Hippies in a Tiny Shower

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Another story from a client.


In the 1970s I lived for a year in a three-bedroom house with two campers in the driveway, near the southern California beach with four other young people. Each had their own bedroom or camper. One camper was a VW van, the other was a tent camper. The camper people had full access to the house. You might call us hippies, because we all had long hair, and it was in that era. None of us had much money although all five of us had minimum-wage jobs. Because it was warm year-round, and we were all open-minded, we typically wore no clothes in the house, and in the somewhat private front yard. Sometimes we'd shock the hell out of a delivery person, or better yet, a religion pusher. They'd always try to act so normal around us, as we stood conversing with them totally naked.

Of course the five of us were horny all the time. We each had an assortment of boyfriends or girlfriends that would visit with one or another of us in our own rooms or campers, but somehow, we had never interacted sexually with each other.

One day, we were hanging around in the living room and tall, red-headed Lisa said she was going to take a shower. Her sister, Cathy, blond, plump but deliciously curvy, said she'd join her. We started kidding them about fooling around in a lesbian sort of way, and they sort of surprised us by saying they had done just that a time or two before. I said I'd love to see that. Cathy said "come on." I threw an immediate boner. Erik kidded me about that, while I balanced between mild embarrassment and pride. Lisa invited Erik, a thin, medium height fellow with strikingly black skin, and almost in unison we invited Linda into the mix. We expected her to decline. We had been worried about Linda. She seemed sort of a loner - a bit stand-offish. But that all changed this day. Linda was a very thin, awkward-looking girl, with the shortest hair among us. Her hair was dark and curly, atop a skinny frame with almost no detectable breasts. She really looked more like a boy. At the time, I wasn't fat, like I am now. No, I had a full head of brown hair. Shoulder-length in fact.

So, in a loose clump, we all headed into the bathroom, with Erik and I walking with our now fully erect penises waving in front of us, and the girls with erect nipples. We were all horny indeed! This was an older home with a single small bathroom. The shower stall was really small, like the size you see in motorhomes. Barely enough room for one person to lean down and grab a bar of soap from the floor. Lisa reached in and adjusted the water temperature.

She then stepped in, with a beckoning look on her face. It didn't take me a second to join her, even though the two of us were rather crowded in there. Linda stepped in next, and now the three of us were slightly pushed up against each other. It took some doing but finally Cathy and Erik squeezed in also. We were pressed tight together. It was delightful. I was pressed against Cathy's back. She was a tall redhead, and some of the water was rolling off her right shoulder and down onto my upper chest. I'm guessing she could feel my penis pressing against one side of her butt. Erik was squished between the door and me, and I could definitely feel his cock pressing against my hip. The other two girls were a bit farther away, but we did have our arms all wrapped around each other.

As it turned out, the shower didn't last all that long. We decided the experiment was fun, but not particularly comfortable, so we all stepped out, and each of us grabbed our own towels and toiletries and dried up, combed our hair, and so on, while the cat looked on, wondering why humans are so strange.

Lisa called from the living room. She had spread a blanket on top of the carpet, and thrown a half-dozen pillows around. There was no doubt about what she had in mind, and everyone was in agreement. With great excitement, all five naked people reconvened in the living room. Lisa and her sister Cathy got in a 69 position and started licking each other. To my delight, Linda reached for my penis and started giving me a handjob. Eric and I looked at each other. I'm pretty sure he was thinking the same thing as I: Is it OK for us to touch each other, maybe do something like Cathy and Lisa? We were hesitant, and so didn't do anything. Linda then switched her attention to Eric, giving him the same handjob treatment I had been getting, while Cathy and Lisa continued their attention to each other. Linda then let go of Erik and stretched her against Cathy and Lisa, who both said "Hmmm" in a very appreciative way. I started licking Lisa's nipple, the one I could reach, and at the same time, started very lightly rubbing her hairy pussy.

At this point Erik pressed against the three of them the way Linda had done, and I figured, 'While in Rome..." So, we were now one big pile of people on the blanket, all pushing and squirming against each other. If time stopped in that moment, I could easily be happy for the rest of my life. But it got even better. At one point, I felt Erik's penis pressed against my left shoulder. I could no longer help myself. I reached with my right hand, and gently touched his penis. His whole body stiffened, and I thought, "Oh, oh!" But then he relaxed, and said "Hmmmm," again in a very appreciative way. I started giving him a handjob, while Lisa had converted from her sister to me, taking my penis in her mouth. at the same time, Erik started fondling my scrotum. The rest of the story is out of the range of SoloTouch, but I'm sure you can imagine what happened.

We repeated this several times, sometimes with additional friends. One time, it was two young girls who worked in the doughnut shop who joined us. They were fun. Another time, the remarkably tall, thin 40-something UPS guy threw off his uniform and joined us. We thought of him as terribly old at the time, but once we all got sexual, we realized he was a great teacher of sexuality. He became a good friend and joined us often.

And speaking of sexuality, we weren't really sexual. Not in the classic way. At the time, we were concerned about STDs and pregnancy. AIDS was starting to be talked about, so we all decided to simply enjoy the mutual masturbatory things, with no need to do any sort of penetration. Good decision, don't you think? And, we didn't really miss, or miss out, on penetrative sex. We were having a blast without it. These mutual get-togethers brought the most deliciously fantastic orgasms for all of us.

Like so many good things, the situation came to an end in a year or so. The house was sold, and we all had to move out. We looked for another affordable house to rent, but the prices were all out of our league. We ended up all going our own separate ways. Years later, I heard that Erik had moved to Kentucky and started buying homes, one after another. He did very well financially. Cathy had returned to France, and was lost in a single-engine airplane accident. Lisa is a member of a coop that owns a natural food store in Ohio. Linda went back to Florida, eventually going to college, became a psychologist, and has three children.

You know about me. I've been divorced for five years. My kids are doing well. My photography business keeps me fat [he laughs] and happy, and sometimes I date one of my female or male clients.

[He is asked whether he'd ever like to organize something like that again: A house of free spirits, or maybe even getting a group together for sexual play]. Sure, but how in the world would I begin? How does one organize such a thing? I've thought about buying a bigger house [he lives in a one-bedroom apartment] and getting some roommates, but it would be no fun at all, if they weren't interested in playing in that way. I guess that it is just fear that keeps me from doing what I'd really like to do, but as I get older, well maybe. I could imagine finding a handful of friends who would like unattached sex. Yes, thanks for reminding me of the possibility!



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