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I was 13 and had just joined what my parents thought was the Boy Scouts, but in reality it was a group of boys my age and older, up to about 15, formed by what I later learned was a paedophile uncle whom my parents trusted.

One weekend we went on a camping trip to a hardwood bush area and we were being taught about stuff growing in the bush, and how to survive etc.

There were six or seven of us mostly close to my age.

That night we were sitting around a small campfire we had been taught how to make, and the assistant leader who was about 17 began talking about how he could make some white stuff come out of his cock. Nobody believed him and told him so. In those days parents didn't teach kids my age about sex, and we were all really clueless.

The assistant leader said he would show us and that we could do it too, so he pulled down his shorts and told us to do the same.

He showed us how he rubbed and stroked his cock and had us do likewise.

I was sitting there puzzled looking at his cock, which was about six inches long and very thick. I was half that size and just starting into puberty.

All the boys including me were following his lead, and we were all strangely fascinated.

He continued instructing us, and after about five minutes or so, he started moaning, then let out a grunt, and sure enough some thick white stuff shot out the end of his cock about a foot.

We were all wide eyed with surprise and talking about if that was going to happen to us.

We were wondering if he was all right, and he told us it felt great and we should keep stroking.

We all did and although it felt good, nothing happened for me, except I began getting sore so I quit. Two other boys did also, but three kept going and within a short time had orgasms with small ejaculations. The only feelings I had were confusion and wondering if that would ever happen to me, so when I returned home I tried it by myself in bed, and again it didn't happen so I gave up.

About six months later I woke up in the middle of the night with this strange really wonderful feeling in my loins and a gooey mess in my pyjamas. I recognized it as the same stuff but wondered how could that happen when I hadn't even touched myself.

I later learned about wet dreams and that if I tried stroking again I might be able to make it happen this time. I did, and it did after just a few minutes and shot about two or three feet in the air.

I then knew what a joy masturbation could be, and did it every time I could and added variations. Of course when I started dating girls I learned to let them do it for me, which was even more fun.

I am married now, both my wife and I masturbate alone or together and don't let it interfere with our sex life. She told me she sometimes does it in the shower when we are getting ready for sex.

Neither of us feel anything wrong with masturbation and feel that it makes us better lovers.

I look back with fondness to that night around the campfire and how it helped me figure things out.



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