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I am married and have been to the same woman for many years. Up until this happened, I have been a faithful husband and father to three grown and beautiful children for many years. When I was a child I lived near the ocean. There was a very nice tranquil bay nearby. I had a friend who's dad had been in the navy and was a pretty good sailor. One day his dad left to run an errand in town, he gave us permission to take their two man sailboat out in the bay. We took the boat out for a warm summer sailing. We were out for about 30 minutes when the talk turned to sex. Before long, we had erections that needed attention. He took his out by pulling the leg of his bathing suit up, and I did the same. His was cut as was mine, he was about 7 inches and thicker than mine. There we were, sitting across from one another with our erect penises in the warm summer sun. We didn't do anything else until we got back to shore and went skinny dipping. Still hard, we touched each other under water, but that was about it.. That memory kept coming back, even more after my wife turned cold and lost interest in sex. Once while on a business trip out west to a very liberal city, I found myself in an adult bookstore. I noticed a section off to the side that had video booths. Taking a deep breath I decided to see what it was all about. I discovered glory holes. Before I knew it, a fully erect penis came through the hole in my booth. It was cut and angled in an upward bend about 7 inches long. I thought it was my chance to finally do what I wanted with some one else's penis. I touched it in every way that I had touched my own. I was gentle with it, I touched the head with my full hand and fingers wrapped around it. I pulled the skin back on the shaft and gently stroked the head. I stroked it fast and then slow. I stroked it with one hand and then with two. I tickled it with my fingers. I did every thing I knew that felt good when I played with mine, except oral, I would not do that in this kind of situation. After about five to ten minutes, and without warning, he ejaculated with a shot of about 18 inches into my booth. It surprised me but I must have been doing it right. I had finished what started a long time ago. I was so excited went back to my hotel and whacked off THREE times. Not bad for somebody my age. Will do it again? I don't know, I'll tell you this, I remember it as a hot night in the video booth.



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