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Nipple Play

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My experience with nipple clamps


Note: This can apply to both men and women, and I have kept references to genital techniques vague as this is not the focus here.

I have long wondered why people who love to masturbate ignore their nipples. Men especially tend to see their nipples as useless leftovers from the womb that serve no purpose. However, despite being male, I believe my nipples serve a very special purpose: they have become one of the greatest sources of pleasure in my life. I first tried putting binder clamps on them when I was a teenager. I instantly fell in love with the intense, powerful sensations they created in me and in how they made my nipples more sensitive for hours afterward.

Ever since then, I have tried several variations on the theme, and trained myself to find more pleasure in the pain so I could last longer against the urge to release myself. Today, my sessions can last over an hour with the sensations that much more intense. Clamping my nipples remains my favorite sexual thing to do.

I start by removing all of my clothes and taking a pair of binder clamps. I attach one to each nipple just above the base of the areola so that they fill most of the space within the clamps. This produces a sensation strong enough to bring me the pleasure I crave, but not to the point of needing to take them off right away.

I lie back on the bed, allowing the intense sensations of pain and pressure from my tightly-pinched nipples to flow into me. I take deep breaths and allow myself to relax, mentally converting the incoming pain into pleasure. At this point, my nipples have turned a pale white inside the clamps. I reach my hand down to bring relief to my aching genitals as needed, but I do not allow myself to finish this early. As the incredible sensations wash over me, I start to lose my awareness of everything else from the intensity of it all. A dreamy smile spreads across my face and I sometimes even find myself drifting off to sleep from the sensations overwhelming me.

Eventually, the sensations continue to build in intensity until I am no longer able to hold out against the pain. If I fell asleep before, the feelings in my nipples have awoken me by now. It is at this point that I am finally ready to bring it to a close. I release the clamps one at a time, wincing as a sharp pain flashes through each nipple. I take each nipple between my thumb and first two fingers and play with them, tenderly at first. The clamps have made them unbelievably sensitive (I called them "super nipples" in this form when I was younger), and stimulating my nipples in their altered state makes me feel like lightning is shooting through my body. In some cases when I have clamped them for a very long time and then played very roughly with them, it feels like the sensations are penetrating deep into my heart. Deep in the throes of pleasure, I finally move one hand to my genitals for the last time to finish myself off.

Afterward, my nipples remain sore and sensitive for at least a few hours, if not for a day or so. Hard, swollen "beads" also develop inside them at the points where the clamps were attached. I enjoy playing with them when they are like this as well, and have been known to do myself a second time in the aftermath of the first like this.

Hope you enjoyed reading that. Maybe some of you will try it sometime; it's really one of the best ways to spice things up that I know. Play with your genitals as much as you like, but don't forget the pleasure your nipples can give you.



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