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Nipple Pinch And Hot Pain

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My bestie Tami and I play sexy nipple games!

Hi gang, Melody S here, piggybacking on adverti's account to bring you another horny chapter in my life and times as a teenage masturbator!

Let me introduce my BFF and neighbor Tami T, my sex play partner since we were 13 years old. Tami is an exotic girl, product of a Swedish father and Korean mom, tall and exotic, five feet nine or ten (as I am five feet nothing on my best day, she towers over me when we're standing side by side -- but lying down, we match up pretty well. 


Tami has pure white skin, flawless, with long black hair and 'foldy' eyes (her term) and lots of crisp black pubic hair that she girlscapes into a pattern she calls 'Bird in Flight.' I guess it's a Korean thing...



Most important to the current state of sexplay is her nipples; she has those rich dark brown areolas and thick, peglike nipples that many Asian women seem to have. I love to play with them and she loves to have them played with!



Our favorite game is called 'Hot Pain.' Here's how it works...



I warm up Tami's nipples with a lot of licking, sucking, and mild biting. I know I'm getting through to her by the little squeeks and moans she lets out. She wants to touch her pussy but that's forbidden at this stage of the game. I can feel her big meaty nipples getting nice and hard in my mouth...



When she begins to writhe and bounce her bottom on the floor I know that it is time to switch from mouth to fingers; I grab hold of Tami's nips with both hands and punch hard! Really good and hard, thumb and forefinger, like crab claws, squeezing and rolling, out and around...



She's tearing up now, begging me to let her rub her clit, but no, it's still not yet time, more torture is required, I punch and pull and twist until my tiny paws are cramping. With one last yank on Tami's rock-hard  erect tit-tips I softly ask the question, "Hot Pain?"



Tami replies in a strangled voice, "Yessss!" 



Now it's time for the nails. I keep my fingernails trimmed pretty short -- avoiding laceration during sex stuff, doncha know -- but I keep just enough nail on my thumb and forefinger to get a good grip on the captive nipples, not drawing blood but pinching like Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



And it is a hot pain; I know because I have had Tami do it to me, it's like there is an awful electric wire running from your nipples to your sweet clitoris, and you want desperately to cum before you lose your mind!



She groaned like a lusty fiend. I asked, sweetly, "Shall the girl be allowed to masturbate?"



"Yes, please, I am dying here! Pleeease let me cum!"



"Very well..." I dug my nails in just short of breaking the skin and *pulled* her nipples out to about an inch and a half and gave one final savage twist. Tami flailed at her clit like a mad little girl and quickly rump-bumped to a big orgasm, squirting all over the place (and me.)



Then we after cared for one another, exchanging kisses and sweet words of kindness and love. I smooched her sore nips until she made me stop -- too much touch too soon.



Hot Pain!? You betcha! Next time it's my turn...



Luv and pinches, Melody.




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