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In the Still of the Night

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This is as it happened. Nothing is omitted, and I have never in my life had a sexual thought about another woman before.


I am restless tonight and unable to sleep in the insufferable heat of the cabin. Even with the windows open, the air is lifeless. The thin cotton sheet covering me is sticking to my body and, in my fruitless attempt to get comfortable I have kicked it almost off me. In the moonlight, I look across at Claire. She too is partially covered, and I see the thin sheen of sweat on her body. My eyes track slowly over her. As if alerted to my gaze, she shifts slightly and her small pointed breasts seem to strain to the skies. A softness comes to me from her caused by her movement. I can smell her fresh perspiration as the barely perceptible eddies bring it to me. My eyes travel lower over the flatness of her tummy and the small gold piercing to where the sheet lies over her hips and tantalizingly over her mound. I realise I am breathing deeply and in and almost shocking revelation, I realise that it is not only sweat that is making me wet. Claire moves again and the sheet heeds my unspoken wish and it falls to the floor.

I now know that Claire is shaven. She looks like a pubescent girl, although in fact, she is my age. Again she moves and again the benificience of the movements of the air carry her scent to me. This time, it is not just her perspiration that reaches me. With a jolt, I realise that I can sense her intimate scent on the air. At the same moment, I realise I am fully aroused. Strange, and to some extent frightening, because I have never before felt such things for another woman. I let my hand track slowly down my body to the soft flower between my legs. I explore myself with an inquisitive finger wondering at the same time how Claire likes to be touched. I insert a finger and arch my back as my own sheet falls to the floor. I begin a slow gentle but firm fingering. I imagine is it Claire's finger inside me and I want to open myself fully to her. Her sleeping face is turned directly to me so, holding my breath, I open my legs and hold my precious lips apart so that when she breathes out, a little of her breath will enter me.

Perhaps it is only in my mind that I imagine I can feel the subtle coolness as her breath kisses my wetness. My eyes again take in the whole scene before me. I know I am close, but I wish to hold off for a little while yet. Again, I resume my fingering. Claire stirs and licks her lips in her sleep. I notice her nipples have hardened and now stand firm on her rock hard breasts. My eyes graze the floor and I see the panties she discarded last night. Silently, like a thief in the night, I scoop them up from the floor and hold them to my face. Her scent swamps me and makes me dizzy. I finger the panties until the very crotch is against my lips, and I lick, just once, the full length of where her sweet vagina has rested. My orgasm wave approaches the shore and, as it splinters into a myriad of shards of light, I press her panties deep inside me and convulse upon them.

The following morning, Claire awakens. As usual, we are very late and we hastily grab our clothes from where we threw them last night. There will be time enough to shower and change when we reach our accommodation. Claire tells me as she dresses of the sexy dream she had last night and how, in it, she had sex while I watched her. Jokingly, I tell her that it is ok if, next time she has a sexy dream she wants to masturbate. She tells me that she may well do exactly that.

I have to turn away as she takes the panties from the floor and slips them back on.

On the long drive to our holiday home, Claire tells me of the details of her dream. I tell her that it is making me wish I was more active in the dream with her and her lover. In time, we arrive at our villa. Claire shrugs off her clothes, heading for the shower first. Half way across the lounge, she pauses and peels her panties from her. She looks into them and remarks that she must be more horny that she imagined. I too, by now, have stripped naked. I look at her and slip my hand between my legs and start to masturbate in front of my friend. My heart leaps in my breast when, far from turning away, she walks toward me, takes my hand, and leads me into the shower.



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