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My View of Our MFM Experience With My Wife

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You published your version of our exciting evening with my wife. Here is what happened from my perspective. We clearly all enjoyed ourselves and look forward to our next encounter!


You and I had carefully planned the evening. My wife and I would meet you in the hotel lounge and get to know each other. If we liked the vibes we would invite you up to our room and let whatever happens happen. But we agreed that I would remain in the room the entire time. My wife smiled at me when you walked to the table and introduced yourself. She was definitely liking what she saw. I could tell the vibes were good as you both were casually touching each other over coffee, laughing, and obviously exploring each other under the table. I could only guess where your finger had been when you brought your hand above the table, licked your fingers, and then stirred your coffee! I was so excited in anticipation.

After paying the bill, we were all in agreement that the evening together should continue. Being the gentleman you are, you helped my wife with her chair and then ushered her to the elevator with me trailing, desperately trying to hide the bulge in my jeans. The ride up was so hot as i saw your hands all over my wife and then squeezing her tight butt, her best feature in my biased opinion. I could tell she was enjoying the attention as her nipples were pressing hard against her blouse, and she leaned more and more into your caresses. 
I inserted the card to open the door and we all rushed in. Per our agreement i would be allowed to watch, but I did not remember agreeing to being tied up! You were definitely in charge as you forced me into a chair and pulled out some nylon cords from your pocket and told my wife to restrain me with them. She had a wicked smile on her face as she bound my forearms to each arm on the chair and then gave me a kiss and my hard cock a couple quick rubs.

With me positioned at the foot of the bed and powerless to interfere, you quickly turned your focus to my wife as you both embraced in a long passionate kiss followed by you stripping the clothes off of each other. I saw your amazement at my wife's full breasts and quarter-sized nipples fully erect. It did not take you long to lower your lips to each breast, suckling like a horny teenager on his first date. My wife lowered your pants and briefs and now it was my turn to be amazed - a perfectly shaped, fully erect cock of at least eight inches! I felt a few pangs of jealousy knowing how much my wife would appreciate your size having suffered with my 5.5 inches all these years. 

Watching you pleasure my wife was so exciting. You are a true romantic who knows how to satisfy a woman in all ways. Watching you kiss her entire body and seeing her writhe in pleasure as you kissed along her inner thighs and then slowly moved to her golden, trimmed triangle. Her scent was intoxicating to me as i watched you hold her open and plunge your tongue inside her delicious pussy. I was rocking back and forth watching your tongue slide all along her open lips, always ending at her growing clit which noticeably protrudes when she is super excited.  Seeing your fingers slide in and out of her wet pussy as you sucked on her erect clit made me moan as loudly as my wife was moaning. She was holding tight onto your head and thrusting her hips higher as she was approaching her first orgasm of the evening. i saw your fingers pushing further inside her as you were rubbing them against her G-spot guiding her through that orgasm and then enjoying all the wetness on your fingers. Watching her relax and then reach out to pull you up i knew she was ready to be fucked. 

As you moved into position over her and leaned down to share her juices she reached for your hard, thick shaft recognizing i think for the first time that she was going to be filled like she hadn't been since her teens. My cock was throbbing and soaking my briefs in pre-cum as I watched her guide your swollen cap over her opening and then you slowly started inserting it. I had the perfect view from my chair to watch you fuck my wife. And fuck her you did. You were pounding her tight pussy as she raised her hips to meet each of your thrusts and shouted out your name to fuck her harder and deeper! I could not believe that after 4 or 5 strokes you had all of your meat inside her poor pussy. I can only imagine how far inside her vagina you were reaching, clearly past her cervix. The sight, sounds, and smells of sex were unbelievable. You were each fucking each other like wild animals in heat and the bed was shaking and headboard pounding against the hotel wall. I can barely last two minutes inside her but you were giving her a pounding for what had to be 15 minutes. She just kept yelling how good it was and that she had not been fucked like this in ages. Her pussy was so stretched as you kept giving her all that you had. You turned to ask me where you should empty your load but before i could respond she yelled out, "Fucking breed me with your man-seed. I am not letting you out of me!".  With that i saw you arch your back and plunge in to the max, your balls fully raised in your tight sack. She whimpered as she felt your sperm shoot deep into her tubes, in search of an egg hiding in one of her ovaries. Her hands reached for your ass cheeks, holding you exactly where she wanted you, milking every last drop of cum out of your balls as she yelled out in wave after wave of orgasms. 

With that last thrust, I managed to snap the binding on my left hand, reach down and tear off my jeans and shorts and jerk my cock shooting a couple good ropes, one of which landed on your back. I managed to get the other binding off just as you were pulling out of my wife. I quickly lowered my head to your cock to enjoy her juices all along your softening shaft and scrotum. Your size filled my mouth but I wanted to experience all of you. Then I moved to my wife lying in the bed, fully exposed with a tiny trail of cum leaking out of her spent pussy. I lowered my head and licked up your warm drops of cum spilling out. I savored every drop, licking all along her swollen lips and butt crack, worrying about just how deep you penetrated and how fertile your seeds were...



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