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The Coffee Club

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A couple of months after I got my diploma, I saw an opportunity to make a
fresh start with my life. I saw an ad in a trade newsletter looking for a
qualified person to work as a supervisor of electricians at a generating
station. The only drawback was that it required working straight nights, and I had to move to a town nearly six hundred miles away. But since I was single and totally disillusioned with the available local girls, I packed my bags and moved.
I spent my first few weeks at a motel with a kitchen unit, but the noise in the daytime made it nearly impossible to get any sleep. I looked around for
a reasonable apartment, but most of the ones I looked at had screaming kids
running up and down the halls. Finally I found this building.

It was listed as adults only, and the agent kept bragging about the indoor
pool, the sauna, the community recreational hall, et cetera. I was going to
turn it down when I heard the cost of the rent, but then I thought that I
deserved a little bit of luxury. It wasn't like I couldn't afford it.

The job was going really well, but the stress of keeping everything running
smooth was playing havoc with my muscles. I was really starting to feel
stressed out. So one morning after I finished work, I decided that, rather
than go to sleep after getting home, I would unwind in the sauna. Maybe the
hot steam bath would help me ease the stiff muscles in my neck and back.

I got home, ate a leisurely meal, watched a morning talk show, and then
changed and headed down to the sauna. The lights were all turned down, and
for a minute I thought that maybe they turned everything off during the
daytime hours. The pool area was deserted, as was the adjoining rec-room.
I nearly considered turning around and going back upstairs, when I thought
that as long as I was down there, I might as well check and see if the steam room was operating.

I was starting to get a little ticked off, because these luxury items were costing me in the outrageous rent and I sure as hell was going to bitch to the management if they weren't available for use at all hours. I got to the sauna, and as I opened the door, I was relieved to see billowing clouds of steam greet me. I groped my way to a bench and sat down. The steam was so thick that I couldn't see a thing.

I relaxed against the wall and was all set to really enjoy myself, when I
heard a muffled groan that told me that I wasn't alone.

I remembered that the room wasn't all that big, only about fifteen feet wide by thirty feet long, so I slid down the bench an inch at a time in the
direction I thought the sound had come from. I was halfway along the length
of the bench when, through the mist, I could see the outline of a body lying down on the same bench I was sitting on. As I strained my eyes harder, I could see that it was a naked body, and if it didn't belong to a girl, then maybe I had better quickly rethink my sexual preference, because that nicely rounded ass was definitely turning me on!

That's when I realized that what I had originally thought to be the woman's
arms laying beside her naked form was actually a pair of legs. Female legs!
This naked chick was going down on another girl! I quietly inched a little
closer until I could see the other woman. She had her head back and gave
out a small groan of ecstasy, but what really fascinated me were her tits.

Big monsters, they were, with big, hard nipples. She was pulling on one of
her nipples with one hand while the other hand was busy stroking the head of the girl between her legs. Since they hadn't noticed me, I reached into my trunks and started stroking my cock, remembering for the first time just how long it had been since I last had sex, much less seen a naked woman.

I was stroking my own shaft gently and slowly, trying not to make any noise, when I heard the door open. The two girls beside me didn't seem to hear - either that or they didn't care. I quickly tried to extract my hand from my swim trunks, as I felt a body brush by me.

"Anybody free?" I heard a female voice ask.

From across the room I heard, "In a minute, Lisa."

Holy Fuck! I hadn't realized that there might be more people in the room
than the two babes on the same bench as me. I heard Lisa's voice again as
she plopped down on the bench just inches from me.

"Shit," she said, "I knew that I shouldn't have gotten so involved with Dr.
Phil this morning. I hate having to wait."

I tried to think of how I could get out of the room now without being
noticed, when Lisa shifted her body and her leg brushed against mine. Her
hand went to my leg, and as soon as she felt the hair there she spoke up.

"Girls!" she shouted, "I think we should turn the steam down a bit. We've
got company. and it's a man!"

What followed then was a whole string of mixed curses, and I heard a
scrambling of benches as the steam valve was turned off, and as various
bodies sought out towels. As the steam evaporated I found myself in the
company of seven gorgeous women, all of them damp from the steam and
slightly reddened by either the heat or the fact that they were embarrassed. I thought that all hell was going to break loose now, but the tall leggy redhead who had turned off the steam took one look at the noticeable bulge in my trunks, smiled, and said, "Hi, I'm Ginny, wanna fuck?"

The other girls held their breath as I looked around at their faces to see
if this was a put on. Nope. So I looked Ginny right in the eye and said
"I'd love to!"

Ginny let go of her towel, and it dropped to the floor. As I stared at her
big tits, she sauntered over and dropped to her knees in front of me. She
told one of the girls to explain about their 'coffee club' and its rules,
while she prepared me for my initiation.

Lisa, the one who had discovered my presence, started to talk, her eyes
following Ginny's hands as they pulled my trunks off. My cock was as hard
as a flagpole, and Ginny's lips were about to become the flag blowing on the end.

Lisa explained that there were presently ten members in their little club,
all women who didn't work. Over the course of the last few years they had
discovered the one thing they all had in common was that their husbands
usually were too tired or too busy to fully satisfy their needs. Ginny and
Tammy were the first ones to make it the lesbo way in the sauna, Tammy being the brunette I had first seen when I entered, and that Lisa had discovered them nearly the same way I had about a year and a half ago. Lisa had been intrigued and had been invited to join the fun. She told one of her friends
how great the multiple partner scenes in the sauna was, and before too long,
word spread around.

Now it was regular thing for them to spend Monday to Friday mornings in the
sauna working up a real sweat!

By now, Ginny's lips had me breathing hard and my cockhead twitching.

"Can you get it up more than once?" Lisa asked me. I just nodded so Ginny
released her oral grip on my tool and pumped my piston until I shot my goo
all over her big boobs!

Lisa stopped talking and bent to Ginny's tits to lick my cream off while
Ginny continued the story. None of the husbands were wise to the 'coffee
club' she told me, and I would be the first man ever to be invited to join
them. "If the woman you choose any particular day is willing, and you don't
play favorites, you'll always be a welcome guest. We've often said that we
enjoy ourselves, but it would be nice if there was a man around now and then
to fill the gap."

I explained that since I work nights all the time, I could be around a lot.
Ginny smiled and said, "For your initiation, you have to lick every one of
the members present to a climax!" My cock was twitching with the
anticipation of having regular sex again, especially with such an assortment
of beautiful women to pick from, so rather than speak; I dropped to my knees
and started to lick at Ginny's hot snatch. I figured that since she was the
one who had started the 'coffee club,' and was obviously its undisputed
leader, I had best start making her cum! As I started licking hard and fast
at Ginny's slit, the other girls soon dropped their towels and stood around
us watching and playing with each other. Ginny came hard and furious,
spraying my face with her hot cunt juices. She held my head firmly against
her hot box until her knees buckled and she pulled away from me. My cock
was throbbing again - which did not go unnoticed by most of the other
girls - and I turned my tongue's attention to Lisa.

Lisa sat on the edge of one of the benches to allow me the easiest access to
her juicy lower lips, and I stuck my tongue in deep and twirled it around
before I focused on sucking on her clit. I felt a hand grabbing my tool and
softly explore the length of it while I felt cool breath on my back. Lisa
moaned in orgasm, and before I had a chance to pick another cunt to lick,
the hands that had been exploring my dick pulled me away from Lisa and
rolled me onto the floor. A very hot and juicy cunt slid down onto my shaft
while another hot box lowered itself to my face!

One woman was fucking my cock while another was fucking my face! I reached
up to play with the tits of whoever was riding my face as my cock started to
spew forth its second load of cream. I noticed that some of the other girls
were getting it on together again while I licked the gash on my face to
climax. She sprayed me with her juices while the one on my cock convulsed
in her own orgasm. The one on my face moved aside quickly so that another
could take her place. As I went to work on the fresh cunt on my mouth, I
felt hot breath on my now shrunken prick. Then a wet tongue started to lick
my balls and shaft while I kept sucking on the twat hovering over my face.

I was starting to lose track of how many different delicious box lunches I
had so far, but my cock was telling me it wanted more. I finished off the
woman riding my face and sat up to see who was trying to bring my cock back
to life. I was surprised to see it was Lisa licking my shaft, which was
growing by the minute.

Another woman had her head between Lisa's thighs, licking away while
fingering her own clit. My cock hard once again, I searched out Ginny, who
was busy licking at a woman seated on a bench in front of her. I came up
from behind and guided my rod into her steamy gash. Ginny moaned right into
the other woman's muff, which caused her to orgasm. Ginny braced herself
against the bench while I jack hammered away at her cunt with my cock, my
hands kneading those big tits of hers. As I shot yet another torrent of cum
into that hot little box, Ginny climaxed again. I was spent!

Ginny and a couple of others showed me to the showers, and we showered off

That was two months ago, and I haven't stopped coming, I mean going to the
sauna since. Monday through Friday, every morning till noon I fuck and suck
myself silly. I know every woman now by name, shape, taste, and smell. My
muscles don't hurt one bit anymore, and any stress I might feel from the job
is soon fucked away by the ladies of the 'coffee club.



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