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My Turn In The Saddle

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I finally get to try out the Bucking Saddle!!  It's even better than I imagined. 


On Friday Kris and I flew back to Florida. I have decided to rent a condo and stay a few weeks.

When we finally got there Bethany was waiting on us in a stunning white lace teddy that looked amazing against her dark, toned body. The Bucking Saddle was set up in the living room floor and we each had a glass of chilled wine waiting for us. 


Needless to say it didn't take long before Kris and I were out of our clothes and we were all making out. 


When the time come I was the first one in the saddle and I chose vibration only for the first round. 


I'm not sure what setting it was on because Bethany was in charge of the remote but OMG I was in heaven. 


From all the excitement and anticipation of getting to try this out it didn't take long for the first orgasm to peak. And I was ready for another one. 


Somehow Kris and I both ended up in the saddle, her sitting behind me, grinding right along with me as she reached around and tweaked and pulled on my nipples with one hand and teased my clit with the other. 


I looked up at Bethany and said, "Do the back bend thing."


So here we are Bethany doing a back bend, my face between her legs sucking on her engorged clit and massaging her g spot while I'm humping Kristine's hand and the vibrating machine between my legs while Kris is playing with my nipples and talking dirty to me while she is humping right along with me. 


Just as I can feel orgasm #2 building good Bethany says, "Don't stop, please don't stop, I'm gonna cum," and in my ear I hear Kris moan, "Me too." Of course I'm not going pull my face out of the sweet, warm, delicious puddle it is in long enough to say anything but I'm sure they can both tell by my actions and the noises escaping my trembling body that I'm there too. 


In less than a minute we are all convulsing and moaning in unison as our orgasms roll through us like a train going down the track. 


Kris then adds the phallic dildo and says, "Time for round 2, guests first."


I slide down on the fake penis (no lube needed of course) and Bethany turns it on. 


They are both right, the first setting would be perfect for those days you want to be fucked for hours, but that isn't the vibe tonight. 


"Faster please," I announce. 


"As you wish dear," Bethany says as she turns it up fast enough to have my ass bouncing off the seat. 


Kris gets on her hands and knees in front of me (slacker lol) and has Bethany lay on her back under her in a 69.


As I'm being pounded Bethany and Kris are exploring each other's love tunnel. I lean down, give Bethany a passionate kiss and then run my tongue from Kris' clit to the top of her ass. As my tongue grazes her tight bum hole a moan escapes her lips so I pause and flick my tongue back and forth a few times before continuing. 


I take turns between burying my face between her cheeks and giving them a decent smack, leaving my hand print in red. 


As my orgasm starts to build I reach down and turn it up causing it to vibrate my clit faster and pound my pussy harder. 


It didn't take long before I announce, "Fuck I'm gonna cum."


As quick as orgasm #3 subsides orgasm #4 courses through my body and I end up on the floor in the fetal position, my body feeling like a bowl of jiggling jello. 


But I bet the smile on my face would tell anyone what fun I just had. 


Bethany and Kris both take turns in the saddle as I lay in the floor and watch before we call it a night and go off to bed. 


I can't wait to climb back in the saddle again. 


I already have one in my cart waiting to order it when I know I'm headed back home. 




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