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My Stepsister is Naughty

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I have enjoyed reading many letters on Solotouch and I have been whacking off while seeing how others have shared their exciting experiences. Reading these encouraged me to send in my story about my sexy stepsister Britney.
I am 16 and when my dad remarried 2 years ago to my stepmom Stephanie I did not really care for her or her daughter Britney. I thought my stepmom was marrying my dad for his $$$ and her daughter was an ice cold bitch. They both moved in from out of state and Britney who is now 18 and a senior had alot of trouble making friends. My town was much smaller than where Britney lived before and she spent much of her time 'bitching' about how she hated it here.
Last summer I was home alone and I decided to whack off. I got the idea of checking out Britney's room and sure enough I found some sexy panties, a vibrator and some sexy pictures of her in a white bikini in her top drawer. Since noone would be home for awhile I spread out on my bed and began to rub her sexy silk panties on my now growing cock. The panties felt smoooooooooooooth and I was soon working up to coming. I decided to turn on her vibrator and as I held it against my shaft it vibrated wonderfully especially on the sensitive underside. When I held it tightly against my cock it felt great! Just as I was ready to come in walked Britney and she had a shit fit when she saw me whacking off with her panties and vibrator.
First she yelled at me for getting in her room and going through her drawers then she yelled at me for using her panties to whack off with. Even though she was upset and yelling I kept whacking off because I was so excited. Britney told me what a pervert I was and then she sat on the edge of the bed. She asked me how many times I whacked off a day and I told her 2-3. She asked me if I always came and I told her of course. To my suprise she slowly took hold of my throbbing cock and began stroking it herself. I didn't care if she was pissed or not my hard 8 inch cock had seemed to excite her. Britney told me if she told her mom I was sneaking into her room and stealing her panties to whack off in I would be in a shitload of trouble. I begged her not to tell as she continued to stroke my cock. She told me she had trouble reaching orgasm and asked me if I had ever made another girl come. I told her yes one of my girlfriends used to come all the time when I fingered her pussy and clit. Britney said she would not tell her mom if I promised to help her come. I told her if she would finish me off I would also help her come.
Britney began to massage my balls with one hand while stroking me with the other. My shaft was throbbing and my cock head was purple and bulging. Britney told me she wanted me to come on her tits so I stood up and after a few seconds of stroking with her lovely hands I shot stream after stream of hot steaming come all over her lovely tits and pert nipples. I was exhausted but Britney told me I had to come to her room and get her off. Although Britney did wear some sexy clothes around the house her bitchy attitude had kept me from noticing how hot she was.
As Britney laid down I gently pulled her pink panties to one side and began to rub on the outside of her pussy lips. As she began to get wet I gently put one finger and then two into her tight pink pussy. Britney began to squirm and as I rubbed her clit she came for the first time. She grabbed the back of my head and told me to eat her pussy. Even though my experience was very limited I began to lick up and down on her now swollen pussy lips. Britney had shaved her pussy lips leaving a little tuft of pussy hair at the top of her pussy. As I stuck my tongue into her sweet pussy I felt her come again and this one was more intense than the one before. I continued to 'fuck' her with my tongue by sticking it in and out and she came again. Britney was now squealing and telling me I gave her the best head ever. To finish her off I decided to suck on her clit and Britney pulled her legs straight up in the air and squirted come on my face. I have never seen a girl come like that before but Britney was hot.
It has now been over 7 months that Britney and I have been getting each other off but she continues to refuse to let me fuck her sweet pussy. She does love to whack me off however and she begs me to eat her pussy. Some nights I sneak into her room and since our parents are downstairs she likes to sneak in my room and then stay there all night. Britney has also learned to give me super blowjobs and she has sucked me off in my room, in the shower and one night while I was driving her around town. Britney loves to be naughty with me and cause me to get a hard on. Just last week when I was begging her to let me fuck her she said no but she told me to 'spank her pussy' with my hard cock. I thought she was nuts but as I positioned myself between her legs and began to hit her with my cock it felt great!! When I focused on getting her clit hard with my fingers and then slapped my cock hard on her clit she squealed and came. I then shot a hot steamy load all over her stomach all the way up to her sexy tits. I have to say this was the most intense orgasm I had ever had. I'm still holding out for a good hard fuck but so far she make me comes so who am I to complain??



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