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Blind Date

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I go on a blind date to a college hockey game and see some hot action.


I was one of those geeks in college focused on my studies. I had accepted the fact that the only hand on my cock would probably be my own until graduation. But then a married couple I hung out with asked if i wanted to go on a blind date with them. They had the perfect girl for me. Sure I thought, how bad could this turn out to be. I was going to the hockey game with them anyways and to be honest, I really wanted to find someone I could go to the games with when they were busy. We started out meeting at their apartment on campus. Their friend sure looked good - blonde hair, twinkling blue eyes, very nice smile, and nice tight jeans over a perfectly sculpted round butt. She was a student at the cross-town university majoring in Biology. She was easy to talk to and actually knew something about hockey. I also liked the fact that she was not hung up when the conversation turned to sex. My friends knew I was still a virgin and would always tease me by flirting with each other and saying what they would be doing later in bed. Their friend played along and joked that maybe we would be joining them after the game! Oh boy that got my mind racing. (This will be a story for next time)

Well it was time for the game so we finished our beers and headed out. I guess they noticed I stood up slowly because they all joked about the bulge in my jeans. My new friend smiled and gave it a quick rub saying it looks like I enjoyed all that talk. Now i was really embarrassed but managed to laugh it off.

The game was a lot of fun. Our team was playing well and leading after two periods. The four of us were all having a good time talking with each other and sharing some personal details. During the second intermission, my buddy nudged me and pointed to a couple standing at their seats down in the corner. Wow, she was very casually rubbing the crotch of his jeans as everyone around them was also standing and dancing along with the pep band. This sure got my juices flowing and i could not look away. My new friend asked what I was looking at. And then she saw them too.

I was stuttering to say something cute, but she beat me to it, joking that it looks like someone will be shooting and scoring real soon lol. She then checked out my crotch and whispered in my ear that she will take care of me later. Damn now I was so hard it was hurting and that's all I could think about. All four of us kept watching the couple and after a few more minutes, his body stiffened, she rubbed faster, then he relaxed sharing a very passionate kiss with her. I was pretty obvious that she had succeeded in satisfying him and he probably had made a nice mess in his pants. Well we all laughed and said that sure was fun as my new friend and I shared a quick kiss.

I forgot what the final score turned out to be but do remember the ride back to their apartment. My new friend and I were making out passionately in the back seat. I found out that she was not wearing a bra and i was in heaven playing with her breasts and tweaking her erect nipples. Meanwhile she managed to unsnap and unzip my jeans freeing my hard cock. God I loved her soft hands on my hard cock. She clearly had done this before and knew just what a horny college boy likes. Meanwhile I managed to open up her jeans and started playing with her wet pussy hoping my awkwardness would not ruin the moment.

Our friends up front were enjoying the show too and joked that we better not make a mess back there. Mmmmm the feeling was so good i could not understand why I waited so long. My fingers were dipping in and out of her magical love box and she was starting to move her hips in response. We kept kissing, more deeply as we moaned louder and louder. She was grasping my cock tighter and cocker. I kept fingering her, more quickly, deeply, and intently. She broke our kiss, moved her face into my shoulder and let out a muffled sound as her body shuddered and i felt her muscles tighten around my fingers. She then turned her total attention on me as she jerked me faster and faster. I was so close. It was feeling so good. She sensed what was about to happen and quickly moved down, her lips around my head as i shot spurt after spurt into her warm mouth. Ohhhhhhhhhh yes. She milked the last drops out of my shaft, and without missing a beat, moved up to my lips and shared the warm cum with me as we locked lips and she pushed the cum into my mouth. We each swallowed.

We broke the kiss and she whispered, "Well they told us not to make a mess in the back seat."



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