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My Step-son

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The first of many good times with my Step-son. I hope that you enjoy. Comments or thoughts are welcomed


It was getting late and I went to tell my 17-year-old step-son who was on the computer chatting to get ready for bed since we had to get up early the next morning. Our computer is against the wall and faces away from the door, so he didn't see or hear me when I walked into the den. What I saw on the screen came as a big surprise, he was video chatting with a guy who had his cock out and was jerking off. I looked at my step-son and he had his hands in his lap and was also jerking off. I backed out of the room, waited a few minutes and then made noise as I went back in so that he could hear me coming around the corner. By that time everything was off and he was getting ready to go to his room.

I went to my room and lay on the bed wondering and thinking about my step-son, he is a very handsome young man who had all the girls calling and running after him. But to see him watching and jerking off to another guy was a complete surprise. As I lay there in my bed thinking about this, I began to get hard and I started running my hands across my nipples which are really sensitive and the feeling goes straight to my cock. After a bit of twisting and pulling on them, I reached down and stroked my cock which by now was rock hard. As I slowly stroked since I was in no rush and I wanted to really enjoy this thinking about my step-son, I reached down between my thighs and began to tease my little puckered hole inserting just the tip of my finger in, but at this point I wanted more. I reached into my drawer where I have a nice nine inch dildo and began to tease my asshole with it after lubing it up. I was on my hands and knees slowly inserting the dildo into my waiting ass when the door opened and in came my step-son!

He stopped dead in his tracks seeing me on all fours with a dildo in my ass. I hurriedly turned over and tried to cover up while he ran back to his room. I didn't know what to say or do at that point. After a while, I decided that we had to have a talk about what he saw. So I went to his room, he was back in bed and didn't say a word. I sat down and asked if he was alright and he said that he was ok. I asked if he wanted to talk about what he saw and he said no. So I thought that I would tell him what I had seen earlier and how it had got me excited. I told him that I saw him chatting with a guy jerking off and that I saw that he was jerking off as well. That seeing him do this really surprised me and aroused me. He was really shocked at this and turned beet red. I told him that it was ok and normal for guys to jerk off together or want to look at another guys cock. I asked him how he felt about what he saw when he walked in on me and he said that he was shocked but that it got him excited. When he came back to his room, he stripped off his clothes and began to play with his cock. He thought that I was too embarassed to come out of my room. I then told him that there are quite a few guys that like to have their ass and nipples played with while having sex or playing with themselves and he said that he feels the same way. I then told him to come into my room if he wanted and that we could masturbate together if he wanted to. Inside I was hoping that he would say yes and not be too embarrassed. After a few seconds he rolled out of bed and I got my first chance to see my step-son totally naked. He had a beautiful body and a very NICE large cock. The thought's going through my head at that point!

We went into my room (the dildo was put away before I went to talk to him) leaned back onto the bed and just laid next to each other. I asked him if he has ever really jerked off with another guy other than on the computer and he said that he had with one of his friends. I asked what they did and he said that they pretty much just watch each other jerk off and sometimes they would do each other. I then reached over to him and ran my hands across his body, feeling the softness of his skin but the hardness of his muscles under that skin. I began to play with his nipples, teasing them, I then lowered my head to suck on his nipples. His breathing became harder. I asked if he enjoyed this and he said please don't stop. I then felt his hands slide across my body, down to my cock. He began to slowly slide his hand up and down the length of my cock. It felt so good, but I wanted this all to last. I let my hands slide further down his body until I reached his cock. It felt so good in my hand. It was a bit bigger and thicker than mine. I could not get my hand around the whole thing.

We laid side by side stroking each other and I rolled him onto his back. After a few minutes of this I wrapped my legs around his waist and he began to hump his cock against me as I held him there. His breathing began to get harder and faster. I stopped him and we again rolled side by side, but this time we laid head to foot. But our cocks were right in front of each other's faces, and then we began to jerk each other off again. He started to buck his hips and I could feel as the cum in his balls began to move it's way up and out of his cock. He shot one of the biggest loads I have ever seen, then he stuck his finger deep into my ass and that was it, I shot my load all over his chest. We towelled off and laid next to each other not saying a word for a few minutes. Then he started giggling and I asked what was so funny. He said that after seeing me earlier with the dildo in my ass, he knew I would love it when he rammed his finger inside of me and with that we had a good laugh. We slept together that night and woke to another great session before heading out on our trip.

It's a good thing my wife (his mother) goes out of town for business trips quite often as we have explored other areas and things that guys like doing to each other as well.



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