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What Happens in Vegas

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This happened very recently and is entirely true. I still can't believe it happened. Only the names are changed.


Myself and a couple of friends went to Las Vegas for a weekend. We did what everyone does over there, lost a bunch of money. We had a hotel room for the three of us, this is where this story occurred. Full disclosure here, I still can't believe this happened. The whole weekend was a blur, but while neither of us mentioned anything afterward or during the rest of the trip, it did happen. Anyone who's had an experience like this probably had trouble believing it themselves even though they experienced it. Ok, now on to what happened:

I went to Vegas with my friends Bruce and John. We were up all night enjoying the city and woke up really tired. We had about 30 mins to go check out so John decided to go take a shower. We had been talking for about 15 mins before, and for some reason, Bruce was next to me on my bed (we had three beds for three people, naturally). He was over the sheets and I was in them, though we both fell asleep in our street clothes. The night before the conversation had turned to circumcision and how Bruce had never seen an uncircumcised penis, and I had gotten the impression he wanted to see either mine or John's but nothing came of it. But this morning he said it again and I told him what it looked it (he's cut, I'm uncut btw.) It all happened so fast that I'm not sure exactly what he said, but I know he initiated it. He said something along the lines of 'show me your dick I want to see what an uncut one looks like.'

I should clarify at this point that we both consider ourselves straight, but there is nothing wrong with a little bi-curious experimentation. Ok, so he asked to see mine and I responded 'no way.... well, only if you show me yours first.' After saying no a couple of times he said ok, and undid his jeans, showing me his flaccid penis. I told him I could barely see it so he took it out of his jeans. It was maybe 5 inches long, not that thick, but with a fairly large head. I was very surprised but decided what the hell and pulled down my pants (we're both still laying on the bed) and showed him my now somewhat hard dick. I must confess, I've always been very fascinated with my cock. I've measured it several times actually, it's about 6 to 6 1/2 inches, somewhere in the middle of that, and is rather thick, about 5.5 inches in girth. Needless to say, I'm pretty proud of my dick and the opportunity to compare with another (I had never seen a real life penis in such close proximity) was exhilarating.

As I looked at his cock my own started getting much harder, which prompted Bruce to blurt out 'wow you have a pretty big dick.' I know that sounds made up, but he did actually say that. My response also sounds made up, but it's not. Though it is odd since I'm a big fan of Solo Touch and as it was happening I thought about posting the recap of the events on this site. I guess your mind goes to weird places when you do things like this. Ok, back to the story. After he told me that I had a big dick (which was extremely flattering) I started jerking off. While jerking off I responded 'Thanks...my dick is bigger than yours, that makes me feel good actually.' I recognize it was sorta mean, but he didn't take offense, and I was just living in the moment.

I don't know if it's a circle jerk if it's only two people, but that is what we did. The night before he had mentioned it and while I was jerking off in front of him, his cock had gotten harder. I could see his balls too, which were pretty big, bigger than mine. I asked him (I still can't believe it) if he wanted to touch my dick. He said ok, and grabbed it. He told me to grab his and he started jerking me off. It felt pretty good, except that he kept accidentally rubbing the head, which is way too sensitive for me and sorta hurts. I told him and showed him to only use the foreskin to go over the head when jerking, and it began to feel really good. I started jerking him off and it felt weird not to feel a foreskin going up and down as it had done for me. He was very dry and I told him to put on a porn and get some lotion. He said he was too lazy so we just layed there and kept jerking each others cocks. I felt like I was chaffing him so I let go and told him I'd finish myself off. I came on my stomach while again, still awed by the fact that I knew my dick was bigger than his and telling him so. *I don't want to sound like a jerk, but it is all that came out of my mouth at that time. I don't think my dick is huge, as a matter a fact, any readers dick is probably the same or bigger. I just want to clarify that it's all that could come out verbally, it was such a strange moment* I also told him that this was 'so weird' and he said 'its not weird, its just something that happens, curiosity. Don't tell John, he'll freak out though. Like the commercials, what happens in vegas stays there.'

We haven't mentioned it at all, though to be honest, it wouldn't surprise me if we end up trying it again. I think he may be bi, but I'm pretty sure I'm straight with a hint of curiosity.

Sorry if the story was too long, but I wanted to get the details in, because I still can't believe it happened. I think everyone should at least try a mutual masturbation session, even if you're straight, it is still an experience worth attempting.



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