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My son's best mate (Part 2)

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The second part and I hope not too lengthy.
Some teasing, some shaving and some mutual masturbation...


For the next few weeks at every opportunity we play the same game. We both pretend like nothing is out of the ordinary as we occasionally slip our hands down the front of our underwear for a bit of a fondle and a grope. Each watching the others eyes dart down. My hand slipping beneath the waistband of my Y fronts and feeling my fingers against my cock as we stand chatting about the same ole shit.

I feel my cock swell and press out against the thin white cotton and I let my gaze drop to where his hand mimics my actions. Fondling, groping, stroking. There are short moments of silence between sentences as if we each lose track of the conversation, distracted by our own display and the display of the other.

Aarons hand slips lower and he is clearly cupping his bollocks and exposing his freshly shaved pubic bone all the way to the base of his cock. I can just see that part where one meets the other and my cock twitches.
I follow his lead now and cup my own ball sack and see his eyes widen as they look down.

"Jeez that is some undergrowth you got growing down there", Aaron comments with a grin.

I look down to where the unkempt course curly hair hangs out on display and I teasingly push down a little further exposing the base of my own flesh rod, "Yeah needs some trimming maybe" I reply still looking down as I squeeze my balls and see the clear outline of my cock underneath the thin fabric. I know he is still looking and I tense my muscles purposefully making my cock pulsate and tent against my underwear.

" A trim? I think you will need the garden hedge cutters to sort that out" Aaron says with a cheeky laugh.

I look up to see his hand has slipped further down and a good portion of his own smooth shaft is on display without a single hair in sight. If he moves his hand any more his cock will be straight out.

"Well you keep offering to do something about it but then never do" I reply

"I offered once and you said maybe"

"But you never said when did you lad"

I see him smirk. He may be a full grown man but he is still a lad to me, all be it with man size equipment now.

"Well I got some hair clippers, you could start with those and then I will wet shave you"

"I thought you waxed" I replied

"Bollocks to that. I done that once and it fucking hurt like hell and left a fucking rash"

"Yeah I remember the rash both you and Jamie had doing that."

There is a moments silence as Aaron wonders if I really am going to let him do it and I let him simmer a bit.
I approach Aaron.

"Come on then what you waiting for? fuckin Christmas" I say as I slap him around the cheek using the same hand that has been rubbing my dick and nuts.

Upstairs Aaron hands me the rechargeable clippers he uses with a number one guard on.

"Here you go. That will get rid of the bulk of it and then I can go in with the razor"

Aaron watches as I slip off my underpants and he sees my cock has gone down to a semi. I clipper off around my ball sack and the thick crown of hair above my cock and apart from the few stray hairs that I have missed it don't look too bad. In fact I could get used to it. Aaron has run some hot water in the sink and changes the blade on his safety razor. Just thankful it isnt a cut throat razor. He splashes some war water around my groin and then starts putting some shaving gel around my bits which quickly foams to a thick lather. My cock reacts to his touch and I close my eyes as I try desperately not to groan.

The fucker is down on one knee rubbing the foam in and I can feel my left thigh quiver with excitement as my cock quickly rises like a drawbridge. Aaron does not mention it, he just continues rubbing in the thick white lather.

"Guess that bit felt better than I expected" I say to break the ice about my obvious arousal

"Well you just be careful when I start shaving you. I don't want an eyeful of jizz"

I feel my face blush as I imagine him getting a mouthful as opposed to an eye full and he just looks up at me with that cheeky lad grin. I can see his briefs tenting like crazy and a damp dark wet patch against the light grey fabric where the tip of his dick is pressing. Aaron holds my cock to one side as he begins to shave the other side and I feel my dick pulsate against the warmth of his tender grip. My thigh is shuddering and I look away as he makes a smooth path through the stubble. Aaron continues slow and meticulous taking care to remove every single hair.
I look down to see one side complete and a strand of pre cum like a web going from my cock head to the hand he is using it to hold it out of the way.

Aaron finishes of above my cock and begins the laborious task of getting all the hairs on my nut sack. My cock bounces freely in front of his face as he stretches the skin of my sack and begins to shave it.
I watch as he uses his palm to hold my dick upright out of the way so he can tackle the hair at the base of the under shaft. He grips his hand gently as he proceeds to shave and now has my aching cock in his loose grasp. I am aware of his hand moving ever so slowly as he shaves and I begin to slowly motion my hips into his grip.
Aaron looks up at me with those big puppy eyes

"Nearly done now" he says as I push my hard dick against his hand
"How does it look?"
"Yeah looks pretty good"
"Hope you done as good a job as you do on your own"
"Well you can see for yourself in a moment."

Aaron examines closely ensuring not a single stray strand is left and all the while his hand is grasping my cock which is fucking throbbing like crazy. I watch as he looks back admiring his handy work with a smile, his hand still holding my erection as he moves it from side to side and then up and down to check for any hair he might have missed.

"About fucking time" I reply as he lets my cock go
"Much longer and you would have had a face covered in my man batter" I say with a mischievous wink.
Now is see Aaron blush at my bluntness.

"So how does it compare to the job you done on yours?" I ask
Aaron slips his briefs down and his cock springs up with force as it is released.
We stand face to face and I step forward so that the tips of our dicks just touch
"Yeah good job, well done lad"
I reach down and rub my hand over the smooth skin above his cock and watch as his dick jumps
"Nice, smooth"
A strand of pre cum connects our dicks and it is hard to tell who it belongs too or if it is a blend of both.
I wrap my hand around his shaft and look up to Aarons face to see his eyes closed tightly and his mouth open as the tip of his tongue sticks out
"Very nice indeed. You have certainly grown"
"Ah yeah" Is all Aaron can say as my grip tightens and slides up and down his length
"You like that do you?"
I press the underside of my cock against the underside of Aarons cock and wrap my hands tightly around them both as I start to stroke, our cocks throbbing one against the other as our streams pre cum blends.
All the build up to this moment has taken its toll and I can see by Aarons face that he is struggling to hold himself back. He wants this moment to last but he can feel the pressure building up. The pressure that has been building up since the moment I exposed my cock.
"Oh fuck please no" Aaron whispers, his face tensed up as he quivers
"Let it go lad"
"I dont want to cum yet, please no"

The expression on his face makes him look so vulnerable as he almost begs me to stop.
"No" he says his mouth opening wide as he inhales deeply and holds his breath in.
I increase the speed of my hand movement just a little but that is all that is needed to tip Aaron over the edge and I watch him gasp as his load releases up over my stomach and chest, a healthy spray of white cream splattering over me as I grip our cocks even tighter together feeling the warmth of his cum dribble over my own cock.
I know I am close now and hear him breathing fast and laboured as the last few drops are squeezed out. His hands are behind his back and his eyes looking down now aware that my own eruption is imminent.
"Yeah go on" he encourages me, his pupils dilated as he watches.
"YEAH!" I cry feeling my own load pump out...
I let out a deep guttural laugh which I do sometimes after such a release and Aaron just grins like a Cheshire cat, a Cheshire cat that has just got the cream.
"Fuck that was good. I needed that" I add as I reach for a towel.
Aaron takes the towel off me and begins to mop up the cum that splatters my torso.
"Can we do that again sometime?"
"Sure, why not."



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