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My Sexual Education

Posted by: Age: 13 at the time Posted on: 6 comments
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This story's about how my cousin taught me about sex and masturbating.


I wasn't like most 13-year-olds. My mom died when I was 10 so she wasn't there to teach me about sex. Because of that my dad asked my cousin Katie to teach me. Katie's like a mom to me in so many ways. I really look up to her. 

A month or so after I turned 13, Katie had me spend the weekend at her house. On my first evening there she told me she wanted to have a talk with me. At first I thought I was in trouble. After she sat next to me Katie told me it was time for me to learn about sex. My interest definitely increased. I'd heard friends talk about it but was too nervous to ask. 

Katie first started by giving me the basics: what sex is for, how it feels, stuff like that. She explained each part that a man and woman has that is used for sex. As she was telling me all I could think about was the little tingle I was starting to feel between my legs. I guess Katie could tell I was distracted so she asked what was wrong. I told her I had a weird feeling between my legs. 

She told me, "That brings me to my next topic. Would you like to learn to masturbate?" I figured it would be something really good so I said, "I'd love to!"

Katie had me get naked from the waist down and sit on my bed. She did the same and sat next to me. She told me I needed to run my fingers along the length of my pussy for a few minutes so it would be ready to accept my fingers. She also had me flick my clit with my thumb. I was feeling so good at that time!

Katie looked at my pussy and told me it was ready for my fingers. I slowly put in a finger. The tingle increased so much! I moaned without meaning to. Katie had me move my finger in and out slowly. I looked at her and said "This feels too good!"

Katie told me, "Just wait a few minutes. This is nothing compared to the feelings you'll have going through you."

She told me to put in a second finger. It hurt a tiny bit but I kept going. A few minutes went by and the tingle went all over. I knew that whatever was gonna happen was gonna happen soon.

I spent a few more minutes fingering myself then it happened. It felt like my whole body exploded in a great feeling I couldn't describe. Katie had me keep fingering until I couldn't handle it anymore.

After a minute or so I had to stop. Once the feeling stopped I asked what that was. Katie told me that was my first orgasm. I hugged her and kept saying "Thank you!" over and over. 

I went to sleep and woke the next morning with a box next to me. Inside was my first vibrator. Katie put on a note with it that it would help me with my masturbating.



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