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Kate.....oh Wow.....Kate

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Kate dressed is amazing. Kate naked is better. Kate opening up about her sex life was panty-wetting. 


Kate is sitting on my bed, her eyes wide in anticipation. I have her face in my hands and I’m planting little butterfly kisses on her lips, her eyes, her forehead. I know I’m deliberately teasing her, but what I have for her will be worth the wait. 

I’ve already stripped her....and redressed her. A few days ago, she had picked up one of my dirty leotards that had missed the gaping maw of my laundry hamper and had landed on the floor instead. She had made a chance remark. “I’d love to wear one of your hot and sweaty leotards, Becky”, and so this afternoon, that’s exactly what she is wearing. Straight from my body to hers. 

Oh, how she gasped with anticipation as I stripped her naked, thinking I was going to suck her off repeatedly, and oh dear, her eyes as she saw me strip. But then, when I made her step into the legholes on this green leotard, I actually saw, from my position kneeling in front of her, the way her cunt became wet. I eased the already wet material up between her legs and them over her bum before finally encouraging one arm, then another into it. Her nipples stuck out hard against the material, and now, as she sits on my bed with me kneeling between her legs, I can see a wet stain that is partly me, partly her. 

She is mewling now in frustration, desperate for me to get on with it. But I have a plan. I want to see just how aroused I can get her. 

I often wear a long t shirt over my leotard in class and this one is sweat stained too. I make her smell my fresh feminine sweat. It makes her moan. I lightly scratch her nipples through the material. Again a moan, a whimper of desperation.

Moving, I pull her onto all fours. I know she loves being dominated so I say “stay there, like the bitch you are”. I’m rewarded with a shudder. I kiss up the back of her calves, then her thighs, exquisitely slowly. Stopping short of that sweet spot between her legs. 

She is panting now, desperately trying to steer me to where she needs my touch. “Fucking stay still....slut.” Another gasp. I grip the leotard and pull it up hard and tight between her legs. The material gathers between her pussy lips and Kate almost screams out. I pull it to one side.

This time, softening my voice, I murmer to her, creating an image in her mind.  “your cunt is so exposed. All the other girls in the dorm are watching. They want to know what I’m going to do to you next. Some are masturbating already, some wish it was them up here. Look. See how they’re admiring your sex...your dripping, gaping sex.” I use both my hands to spread her arse and thighs as wide as I can get them. 

Poor Kate, she’s almost weeping with lust at this point. Desperate for a touch....any touch......to bring her off. 

“I’m going to use my tongue now.” A shudder runs through her body from head to feet. I extend my tongue. Slowly I inch forward until she feels my breath and I can smell her arousal. 

Delicately and precisely, I touch her with my tongue......right on her bumhole.....then I press my tongue into the soft puckered flesh.

Kate explodes inot an orgasm of immense proportions. I quickly let my leotard fall back into place because she has told me how much she wants to cum into my wet leotard. I stroke her thighs. Each touch makes her cum rumble on longer.

she kneels upright now. Over the towel I placed on my bed earlier. She sucks her thumb like a little girl, and pees, just a little. Something else she asked to do. 

Still clothed in my leotard, I hold her body to me and we embrace. 

Earlier, she had fulfilled a desire of mine. I’ve heard of triaging, where two girls rub their vaginas together, but I wanted something similar yet different. I wanted the sexual tension of being so close would could have done that, but not quite touching each other. I liked the idea of me cumming up her hole. My hole facing hers, and both of us masturbating, 

A vagina changes shape a lot during sexual arousal, and tiny puffs of air happen. If you’re already wet, you can feel them. Kate had held herself open while I came and squirted actually up into her vagina. It was a wonderfully erotic moment. 

And now, the favour was returned. 



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