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My Second One

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I had my first one of these kinds of dates at 16. Last week, ended up with another one.


One week ago I had a first date with this guy I met at work and he ended up being another one of those guys I had first experienced back when I was a very innocent 16 year old girl. Of course back then I didn't know what was going on like I did last week.

Referring to those dates that end up with the boy were out with is immediately after me for a hand job. Oh yes. My first at 16. Back then it was a 17 year old boy I knew from school. He picked me up at home and we no more than drove off from my house and he went to talking about me 'playing with it'. At first I didn't know what he was talking about. But, as the evening progressed it didn't take long to figure out what he was getting at. He ended up taking my hand by the wrist and placing it in his lap right on top his hard dick. He would then say 'come on May Lou. Play with it. You get me so horny'.

To get him to stop, I finally asked him 'what do you want me to do'? He replied 'give me a hand job'. I'd never even seen a boys erect dick back then and had only heard about boys jacking off and hand jobs from some girls at school. When Jeff found out I was new at this he really got excited. I guess he felt like he'd be getting a 'virgin hand job' and being the one to break a girl in about this act. Heck of it is, he was right.

Jeff parked in a lot and he got a small towel from the back seat telling me 'we'll need this'. He then took my hand placing it back in his lap and told me to 'come on. Rub on it a little. Make it feel good'. I did as he said and he laid back in his seat and raised his hips a little. He then reached down and undid his belt and undid his pants. He pushed them down and out it came. The first big hard dick I'd ever seen. I couldn't get over how big it looked. He then took my hand and wrapped it around it and showed me how to move it up and down and how tight to hold it. I still remember how good it felt in my hand.

I worked on it like Jeff said to do and in a couple of minutes he said 'faster. I can feel it coming. Faster'. I did and Jeff went to thrusting his hips and grunting. He then put the towel just in front of his dick and I watched the cum shoot out and into the towel. Jeff was almost yelling from the feelings he was having.

So, here I was 4 years later and out with another 'Jeff'. He too went to talking about his dick right off the bat and how much he needed a good hand job. At least now I was well experienced at giving them and knew exactly what to do. I opened his pants while he drove and went right for his dick pulling it out. This time this guy had jel and a roll of paper towels. I got several sheets of paper towels and lubed up my hand and went to work on him. Before long, he pulled over to the curb ready to explode. I brought the towels to his dick and he quickly soaked them with his cum. We then wiped up and buttoned up and ended up having a nice evening together. This guy wanted to come in and spend the night with me when he brought me home but I wasn't interested. As far as the hand job went that I gave him I just wanted to get it over with so we could get on with the evening. I don't mind giving my boyfriends hand jobs but this is something that should slowly come into play. I too want to be pleasured.



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