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A Lovely Evening

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A lovely evening with Ethan


I continued to stay in contact with Ethan over the past few weeks. We would text, kik, or snapchat off and on - usually when I got off work and he was done with his internship at a research lab. I have to admit that I am turned on by his physical appearance and his naive innocence when it comes to sex. Though our sexual encounters were brief, they were always interesting. Ethan certainly wasn't the most confident lover I shared a bed with, but his enthusiasm and energy made up for a lot (but I still craved his uncut cock satisfying my pleading pussy). I think that us being unable to have successful intercourse has been weighing heavily on my mind and increasing my sexual arousal, something that I have not experienced in the past with other men in my life.

One of my hobbies is cooking, so I invited Ethan over for dinner one Friday evening for homemade pasta and maybe a little pinot to take the edge off. I was wearing a skirt that afternoon and an apron while preparing the meal. Thoughts of Ethan coming over early and bending me over the table in the kitchen and taking me from behind kept creeping in my mind. I decided not to wear panties just in case my fantasy had a chance of coming true. Ever since Ethan and my first encounter I have been keeping my vulva cleanly shaven. It always feels sexier to me to be completely bare to my lovers and I love the feeling of my thong rubbing against my clitoris all day, even at work when I cross my legs or walk down the hall to our conference rooms. There were moments when I was cooking that I felt like running to my nightstand and grabbing a vibrator for a quick jilling. I was already a little wet and Ethan wasn't getting to my place for another hour and a half.

A few days ago, a former ex-boyfriend, Justin, recently moved back into town. Our relationship ended poorly, but he sent me a few messages letting me know he was in the area. A few times I thought heading over to his place, but didn't want to go down that road again - despite him being a fantastic lover. I think the stress of my work and the lack of sexual release has been getting to me over the past few months. Ethan has been a nice distraction, but I am still searching for some stability in my life.

Finally, I had everything ready: the food was on the table, candles lit,and the lights were dimmed. I poured a little wine in a glass and waited for Ethan to arrive. I'm not sure what I was anticipating, but I was a little nervous. I had on a navy blue skirt, a creamed color top (that showed a bit of my cleavage - even though my breasts aren't the biggest), and some sandals. Ethan rang the door bell and I rushed to answer. He looked great, wearing some nice jeans and a collared shirt. Ethan even brought me flowers that only added to my desire to bed him immediately. Dinner conversation was good, talked about work and his job prospects after finishing an internship. We moved to the living room and Ethan started flipping through one of my photo albums laying on the coffee table. I didn't think much of it. In the album, there are quite of few pictures of me at my friend's wedding (and I attended it with Justin). Ethan asked me who that was and I could tell he was slightly jealous. Justin is quite tall, fit and tan. I changed the topic as quickly as I could so he wouldn't ask me any follow up questions.

Later, after watching finishing a glass of wine I moved towards Ethan and sat down next to him, gently stroking his hair. He moved to rest against the arm of the couch and I laid my head down on his chest. Ethan kissed the top of my head and I started to slide my hand down to his thighs and began unbuckling his belt. He lifted his hips off the cushion so I could slide his jeans down. He was wearing white boxer shorts and I could see his penis poking through the material. I slid his briefs down and saw that he was also completely shaven and already starting to get erect. Ethan's cock looked bigger being shaved and I could see the tip of his foreskin glisten with some precum under the dimmed lights of the living room. My head was still resting on his chest as I started to masturbate his uncircumcised prick making sure to make comments on how large it was, how the foreskin was sexy and how it turned me on so much. Ethan had confessed to me on multiple occasions how shy he was about being uncircumcised so I made sure to pay a lot of attention to it to show him how much it made me horny.

I continued massaging Ethan's cock and rubbing his balls which were smooth and tight against his body. His foreskin tip was leaking precum and I could smell the sweet tang of his manhood under the hood. My pussy was beginning to get wet and I could feel the bud of my clitoris swelling against my own hood. As I continued to jack him off I could feel my inner labia lips begin to spread, even without any direct stimulation. Without thinking too much, I started rubbing my lips and vulva by reaching under my skirt. I was so glad that I chose not to wear any panties. Ethan was stroking my head and running his fingers through my hair as I held on tightly to his erection. He was harder than I have ever felt him, the foreskin fully retracted over his head, and his testicles begin to loosen up. I continued to tend to my own desires and started fingering my folds in preparation for Ethan to hopefully enter me.

His cock continued to stay swelled as passion poured over me and I took his entire head into my mouth. I still was masturbating his shaft and pumping it up and down while orally pleasing him. His precum was now flowing as I peeled his skin back and forth. I still would make the occasional comment on how his cock was huge and how his hood made my pussy leak. Ethan then, and unexpectedly, flipped me over so I was laying on my stomach. He got behind me a pulled my skirt down, exposing my ass. Ethan reached under me and began fingering me as he pressed his body against my back. I could feel his cock pushing against the back of my leg as he entered one the two fingers deep into my slit. He continued to massage and finger-fuck my hairless cunt as I ripped off my top and slid my bra over my head in the most un-eloquent way possible. I started rubbing my nipples as the palm of his hand ground the tip of my clit. Ethan then lifted me up in doggy-style position and positioned his face right behind my ass. He started eating me out from behind, something I have never experienced in my life. Occasionally his tongue would flick against my asshole which I am self-conscious about (as I am sure most women are!). My legs were spread apart and my ass cheeks exposed me in the most vulnerable way possible.

Ethan then laid under me as I straddled his face with my womanhood. I could feel his tongue penetrating my pussy and looked back and saw him stroking his own cock. That made me so horny that I didn't realize I was grinding against his face really hard. I reached back and massaged his testicles as he stroked his cock while continuing to flick his tongue back and forth over my clitoris. It was too much and I needed more. I moaned loudly, "Ethan, I need you to take me from behind. Take your uncut cock, peel your foreskin back and have your way with me." I moved off him, got on the floor on my hands and knees awaiting his pursuit. He tore off his shirt and walked towards me. I was rubbing my aching cunt with my fingers and spread my lips waiting for him to come penetrate me with his five-inch uncircumcised cock that was stiffer than I had ever seen it. My pussy was ready to be had, ready to be fucked for the first time with him, ready with wetness from deep inside. I needed to cum, I needed him to take control, I needed him to sex me and take away the months of stress.

I could see his erection as I looked behind, foreskin fully retracted, I was still in the doggystyle position. I spread my labia open, closed my eyes, and waited...

Thanks for reading, Solotoucher! I wish I could write more, but want to make sure I follow the rules of the site. I have to admit that I had to take breaks while writing this to masturbate. Even got into doggystyle position with my favorite dildo to recreate the moment. Please feel free to give feedback, send messages or just chat! I have received so much positive support and will continue to submit my experiences if you wish! Let me know!




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