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My Poor Balls

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I have been reading Solo touch ever since it was established back in 1998 I was one horny teenager back then. And I was always looking for hot stories with girls in them. And now even though I am happily married with a great sex drive I still read Solo Touch. But now I read it mostly to see how other people discover how to masturbate and with whom. But I still seek out stories with girls-girls activities.


Believe it or not this happened to me after I've read the My Crazy Sister story linked, and now I can fully understand the feeling of its author after he had his balls busted and checked out by his sister. However my incident conditions were different and more private. After my incident I immediately remembered his story (you will see why if you read both of his and mine) so I decided to share mine as well. So here goes:

This happened to me about couple of weeks ago. My wife was really in the mood that night and while we were goofing around she decided to give me a lap dance. She told me to sit on the edge of our bed so she can give me a better performance if you know what I mean. And while she was pressing her ass up and down against my penis shaft she got a little carried away and accidentally sat on my balls really hard. I've never had my balls squashed before but believe me it hurts like hell.

As a natural reflex I actually pushed her away (almost knocking her down) and cupped my balls in pain while curled up into our bed while holding my crotch and naturally I totally lost my hard on. She was so scared and horrified when she realized what she has done. Actually it was her first time she saw me getting hurt in my balls. My wife was so scared and she kept asking me if I was OK? At first I couldn't answer her but after a while I was able to take my breath and tell her: I will be fine just give me few more minutes to recover. And after few minutes of this and still holding my balls she got worried and then she told me that she wants to take a look at them to see is everything is OK. I re-assure her and told her that I will be fine and prefer that she just gives me few minutes to recover. But she insisted and told me she will be EXTRA careful, probably she was only curious just to see my balls in this state.

She slowly and gently proceeds to pull my underwear off me so she can take a good look at my balls. By this time the pain was subsiding but my balls were so sensitive. Here I was legs spread and my wife sitting right in between them inspecting my balls. Then she proceeded to check on them VERY gently (one at a time) with her fingertips probably looking for any swelling. To be honest this was new to me because even if my wife wants to give me a hand job she ALWAYS sits next to me. After a little while of this she asked me again if everything was OK with me down there and I told her I think so but it still hurts. I can see the disappointment in her face because obviously she was still in the mood. After seeing her face (and to my amazement) my penis starts to respond to her fingertips touching my balls!!

Obviously she noticed it because my penis was right next to her face. This got her confused a little but then I noticed a little devilish smile on her face and then she told me: looks like your friend is good to go. Still with my balls in her fingertips I told her that my balls still hurt and I don't think I can even sit down without even holding them. Obviously still in the mood she just told me: 'well at least let me give your balls a nice gentle massage to make them better....just sit back and relax'. By this time I had a semi-hard on but still horrified from the idea that I might cum because my balls were still in a little pain and also so sensitive from the squashing incident.

Without waiting my approval my wife brings up the massage lube and pours it on my semi-hard on until it reaches my balls and proceeds to gently massage my balls with her fingertips. I don't know why but I went with it maybe because I was feeling horny again or maybe because my balls really needed a massage? After a few minutes of this my penis was rock hard again and my wife started to give my penis gentle strokes with her right hand and still massaging my balls with her left hand. By this time I was in so much pleasure and yet in pain at the same time. You see with every wave of pleasure I felt in my penis there was a little pulse of pain in my balls.

I didn't tell my wife about this but I think she knew what's going on but with the pure lust in her eyes she continued with her massage therapy. I think she was enjoying it too seeing me tortured by her massage because her gentle fingertips massage to my balls turned into full hand cupped fondling massage. And here her soft strokes to my penis turned into medium pulling and squeezing strokes. She even gave my penis head a few rubs. This went for about 15 long minutes! and at this point I was in heaven and yet so much in trouble, because I can feel my cum building up in my balls which was painful at every stroke. With her other massaging my balls it made it even worse and yet so enjoyable at the same time. Of course my wife knew I was getting close so she automatically speeds up her strokes and her ball massage at the same time.

This of course had made things worse for my poor balls. Because in each vibration from her stroking it was causing more pain on my balls. Of course this had made me reach the point of no return quickly and made my balls tense up which caused even extra pressure and pain on them. Except for my moaning I was speechless the whole time. Because although I was in pain I didn't want my wife to stop or otherwise I would get blue balls and that is the last thing I needed right now. By the time I ejaculated my cum I was in so much pain even the pain of relief was causing extra pain at the time I was cumming. I was actually screaming the whole time and for some reason was holding on to my balls while cumming. I never did this before which was why it made my wife scared again. To my amazement I ejaculated so much cum that even my wife was shocked by my production, which of course made the pain last even longer. Obviously my wife was so proud of her massage therapy because of all that cum I produced.

But let me tell you something for the first time in my life I wasn't able to stand up after cumming and believe me I tried it didn't work. Because my whole package was so exhausted from that painful experience and I could swear I could feel my prostate swelling. So all I could do that night was to go to sleep and hope that I could stand up and walk by tomorrow, which I did.

The next morning I didn't even had a morning wood and I had a hard time peeing because of my swelling in my prostate. At breakfast my wife asked me how were things down there after last nights massage therapy? I told her everything...all the painful things that I experienced during her so called massage therapy. I think she knew what happened to me. But after I had explained to her (in a sex tone) exactly what did she did to me and I how I felt the pain the whole time. She just turned red and laughed at me telling me that I deserved it.

Take it from me guys (lol) don't cum if your balls are busted



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